Helping Single Mothers Raise Successful Black Sons 

Is your young black son headed towards a life of success or failure?

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You Don't Need To Do It All By Yourself!

Single Mom Private Group

Exclusive group for single moms with young black sons that gives them a chance to connect, learn and share with single black moms from all over the United States

One on One Online Mentoring

Private Mentoring from a respectable black male role model who will help build your son's self esteem, confidence and relationships as he prepares him for the world.

Online Group Mentoring

Monthly mentoring program that allows your son to virtually hang out with other young black boys of single mothers as they all learn the skills and habits needed to become better men.

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We use our services to guide your son towards living an above average lifestyle

MicVinny teaches young black men and their mothers, methods to master the game of life and come out on top!

MicVinny’s main mentor is Michael V. Moore, a 39 year old inspirational Black Man with an Electrical Engineering degree. Michael was raised in a poor household that consisted of his mother, a few aunts and a grandma.

Michael’s mom worked 40-60 hours a week trying to provide. Michael’s dad was around less than 10% of the time. Since Michael’s family never checked in with him, Michael felt totally alone.

Michael tried to connect with friends and family in similar situations, but could see they only wanted to settle on being like most of the other single black family homes… Angry, hopeless and broke.

Instead of giving up and settling for poverty, Michael made a decision.

With no dominant male figures in his life, Michael decided he wanted a life better than the one his parents gave him. Using that motivation, Michael pushed himself into college and graduated with a electrical engineering degree. 

Sixteen years later, Michael has traveled the world, achieved a six figured income, written 3 best-selling books, and been happily married for nine glorious years.

Michael is now ready to push young black males all across America to do the same or better!

Is your black son ready? 


Discover how we make a difference in the lives of young black boys

As a single mom you currently have no idea if your decisions are helping (or hurting) your son.

By teaming up with a mentor with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) background, you can make sure your son is headed towards a path that will have him living the type of life you always dreamed about.


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Diamond Ferguson Financial Risk Manager

Ability to connect

Michael has a positive attitude and relatable story. I think his ability to connect with the young men that he will mentor will prove beneficial.

Mika-Tache St. Fleur Digital + Web Analyst


Michael is passionate about this cause and motivated to help young black boys achieve.

Ginnette Moore Realtor

Has a Passion

Michael Moore is an individual with a vision, mission and goal. He has faced many challenges throughout his life and has been able to conquer each obstacle. Michael understands the importance of having a strong support system and has a passion to create that environment.

Jewane Newman Flight Attendant

Be more and do more!

I met Michael online and took one of his travel fitness courses. The course was on target and I met the goals I wanted to achieve thanks to his superb guidance and easy to follow instructions.

Michael (aka MicVinny) has a sincere passion to help his students accomplish their goals but more specifically to be more and do more! His course instruction is on target and you would not go wrong entrusting him to guide you to your goals.

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