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12 Quick Questions For Sugar Addicts

You wake up feeling groggy. You tell yourself “never again”. You start your new day with aches and pains that you know you did to yourself. “Today’s the day I get back on track” you try to convince yourself over and over again.

You reach for your favorite morning beverage to hydrate your system. With each sip you start to get your confidence back up. You truly feel that today is going to be the first day again. A new start.

You proceed to go out and about like a normal day. You complete all your errands for the day. You even eat a big healthy dinner with all of the vegetables and protein sources you know your body needs to stay healthy.

Towards the end of that meal you feel like you have accomplished something. “You know what I think I really did it”. You go to watch your favorite TV program as a minor celebration. You feel safe, and secure on your couch watching your program. That security won’t last too much longer!

It Starts With A Whisper

A couple of minutes go by and you hear a faint whisper. “Must be background noise on the TV”, you tell yourself. A few more minutes pass by and you hear a voice again. This time it’s more sinister. The voice is saying, “F-E-E-D me….”.

The voice is wickedly low at first but after five more minutes of nonstop pestering you can’t ignore its voice any longer. That voice convinces you that you need to be eating what it craves to make it go away. That’s when you realize “I still have some of that cake left over…I’m sure if I eat a small piece the voice will go away.”

That voice knows, as well as your rational side of your brain knows, that you will not be eating just that one piece a cake. It knows you will try to make yourself feel good by having a small slice at first. Then the voice expects you to go back for seconds and thirds and more and MORE! The final result will be you waking up tomorrow morning with a sugar hangover.

Hangover part 3 poster

With Halloween passing over the past week, there’s a great chance that you will have some sort of candy surplus in your home this week. Like I said in my previous post, I love Halloween. On Halloween this year, I bought some candy at the last minute. It was the weirdest feeling because I actually went to the grocery store to buy candy. Not healthy vegetables, meat and fruit. Just candy.

I bought a good five pounds worth of candy thinking that trick-or-treaters were going to stop by my door on Halloween night. To my sadness, there was only four trick-or-treaters the entire night! That meant that I bought $20 worth of candy for no reason! What was I going to do with all that extra candy.

Well like any former sugar addict of course I took a taste. What started off as one or two bite-size pieces turned into a mountain of mixed candy bar wrappers. I woke up the next morning with one of the worst stomach pains I’ve ever experienced in a long time. “What did you do to yourself”, I told myself throughout that day.

12 Quick Questions For Sugar Addicts

As a former sugar addict I know the routine. I know just how bad sugar can be for someone that’s addicted to it. I’ve been able to maintain my health for the majority of these last couple years due to my avoidance of excess sugar. The previous night can happen to anyone.

Does what happened to me, happen to you EVERY Day? Do you know if you’re addicted to sugar?

Answer these 12 quick questions to see if you’re possibly addicted to sugar:

  1. Do you put more than one serving of sugar or sweetener in your coffee or tea?
  2. Do soda, juice and flavored drinks take up more space in your refrigerator then vegetables and fruits?
  3. Do you drink more soda juice or flavored drinks than you do water in a day?
  4. Do you have to have dessert every day after dinner?
  5. Do you have something sweet at every meal (breakfast,lunch,snacks)?
  6. Does your breakfast normally come from a colorful box?
  7. Do you find yourself having headaches all the time?
  8. Do you feel like you have low energy most of the time?
  9. Do you have an odd sensation on the outside of your teeth?
  10. Do you eat baked goods more than you do fruit?
  11. Do you snack on candy?
  12. Do you have to refill your sugar dish more than twice a month?

Drinks with their sugar content next to them

The real truth is that all humans are capable of being addicted to sugar. There’s no question that too much of it is unhealthy for our bodies. We all know that, but how many of us apply that knowledge in our day-to-day lives?  I’ll get more into sugar, next time!