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3 Seasonal Occurrences That Create Relentless Fall Cravings

It’s 10 AM on a Monday morning in September. Do you know where your children are? Hopefully they are at school, which means the adults own the daytime again!

Don’t you just hate how in the summer every time you want to do something in public there’s always an army of youngsters around? The simple trip to the store to run some errands becomes a hassle. Seeing kids back in school is one of the official symbols that the fall season is coming upon us.

I don’t know about you but there’s something about the change of seasons that causes me not to want to try as hard when it comes towards eating right. Each season brings upon different cravings.  The first weeks of winter makes me want stews. In spring it’s delicate cakes. In summer it’s all about ice cream and BBQ! Since fall is almost here, I want to explore some possible factors that motivate this season’s cravings.


I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I love American football.  While watching football you are exposed to a lot of commercials advertising nothing but the worst types of food you can imagine.  I counted twenty-one food & beer advertisements during one quarter of football last Sunday!

With so many advertisements going on it’s no wonder I get odd cravings. After hours of football, there’s nothing more I want in my mouth than some fried chicken wings, cheesy nachos, or XXL hot dog pretzel pizza! All bad for you but look so good on your TV.


Two pizza hut hot dog pizzas. One with pretzel dogs, the other regular. Both have pepporoni
Pizza + Hot Dogs + Mustard….Only in ‘Merica


Could it be the anticipation?  American football is a big time celebration.  Majority of the sports during the summer time are boring.  So once fall rolls around, it’s becomes a time for celebration!  What better way to celebrate then by getting your feast on!

As an American, I know we have this “Go Big Or Go Home” mentality.  The bigger an object is the better.  That’s why those commercials are so out of hand.  They are trying to give you a sensory overload of foods in our weakest moments.

We are already excited about the competition going on, the commercials are doing nothing but hype that atmosphere up even further.


Could it be the weather? September is one of those interesting months in which you normally start the month off in t-shirts and short shorts. But by the time the month is over, you’re most likely sporting long sleeve shirts and pants.

Seeing the clothing slowly change can get to you. I know us guys become gloomy once we start seeing the girls stop showing as much skin in their outfits. That’s a killer sign that the Summer of Love is officially over.

Once summer is over, we know the cold will be coming. So with all the excess fall clothing, maybe our brains feel that it no longer has to impress the opposite sex. If we aren’t displaying the goods on a regular basis, why be as strict on their diet! The cool fall air seems to activate that type of thinking.


Fall seems to be the ideal time to create those classic comfort foods.  As Labor Day turns into Thanksgiving, it’s as if you use your oven more often.  At least that was the case when I was a child.

Home cooked meals were a part of my after school memories.  I remember coming home to a house filled with wonderful smells.  There was nothing better than the smell of pot roast, lasagna, gravy, pies and other baked goodies.

Apple Pie in the Oven
Now This is Americana!


When it comes to comfort foods we all know that the colder months reign supreme.  It’s something nostalgic about just sitting back and gathering with family.  I can see images of the pioneer days with folks huddled in their wood cabins.  The Dad tossing wood into the fireplace as the kids huddle.  In the kitchen, Mom is fixing some type of heart-warming stew.

Comfort foods like stew were created to warm your body up.  Who doesn’t like the rich warmest of a good warm meal on a chilly evening?  Fall starts to resemble that chill.  I guess subconsciously I start to think about all the comfort foods that will be coming up in the months ahead. Could that be why it becomes harder for me to eat properly?

I’m going to need to figure it out because I have big plans for this fall. I can’t be getting too out of shape. I’ll be talking more about it in my next couple of posts.  Stay tuned!