Junk Food Diaries: New Edition of A Valentine’s Day Heart Break

I took a glance at the calendar when I awoke this morning as if it would read differently:

February 14th aka Valentine’s Day!

I couldn’t believe it was happening all over again. Last year, it was that incident with Ms. Hines.

This year my mind was messed up by someone new. Someone I would have never predicted making this huge impact in my life. This feeling came out of now where.

I jumped out of bed and put on my gym clothes because I had to meet the guys at the gym. We were working on this new potential new fitness dance class.

I was hoping my boys would help get me out of my funk. We had this special sort of brotherly bond since we were kids. They had been with me for years and knew all about my earlier crushes.

As I got the gym, the guys were already there. They were in the gym’s classroom studio doing a quick stretch.

“Hey Mike…..you doing good man?”

I lied and told Ricky that I was good.

Johnny could tell I was lying:

“Mannnn…Mike we know you lying! You got it bad! You need to talk about it”

I turned my head to the mirror and tried to remember how did I get to this place……

I don’t love her
I tried to tell myself
But you can see it in my eyes
So don’t deny
I can’t fool no one else
The truth is in the tears I cry cause

It started back in August. I was casually shopping when I saw her from the corner of my eye.

I had never seen anything like her in my life!

I thought she was one of the most attractive things I’ve ever saw!

She was such a sweet looking thing!

I approached her and was able to get her phone number. Several weeks later, we were spending Saturday nights together watching Netflix at my house. It was incredible!

I remember glancing into her eyes and thinking….

If it isn’t love
Why do I feel this way
Why does she stay on my mind
If it isn’t love
Why does it hurt so bad
Make me feel so sad inside
(If it isn’t love)

I had to make sure she didn’t know how I truly was feeling.

I wasn’t ready to settle down!

There were still other girls out there that I wanted to spend time with!

We made a pact that this would just be a casual friends with benefits type relationship. She even made me promise….

I told her I’d never fall in love
But now I know better

Sometimes I would go weeks without seeing her.

Which was fine, but she was definitely on my mind. I know we didn’t want an exclusive relationship but I was catching feelings hard as the days got darker and colder.

It even hit harder that day after the New Years….

How does it feel
I can’t describe this feelin’
That came when I saw her last night (Oh)
She got to me
I’ll let you know the reason
I saw her with another guy so

If it isn’t love
Why do I feel this way
Why does she stay on my mind
If it isn’t love
Why does it hurt so bad
Make me feel so sad inside
(If it isn’t love)

I confronted her and asked her how could she do this to me. She argued back and reminded me that we were not exclusive.

She was one of the finest girls in town and knew that. All the other guys would holla at her so she wasn’t ready to settle down.

That’s when I blew my cool!

I said some things, she said some things and next thing I knew I told her that we should break up altogether and never hang out because she was just bad for me!

It was right after Martin Luther King’s Day that I started to think maybe I was wrong. I tried to call her…..

Maybe she’ll take me back
(Hey girl he’s begging)
I made a big mistake
(Won’t you forgive him girl)
Now I can feel it
(He’s never felt before)
I really love her
(You love her…WHAT!?)

Yes, I truly did love her!

I realized that nothing else in this world gave me the incredible feeling she did when we were together! Sure, I would feel bad that next day but those minutes together were some of the best times of my life!

It took my heart
To shatter in a thousand pieces
Before I’d ever drop my pride
Losing love worrying about my image
Really helped me realize that

“Yo mike!! Where you space off too?”

Oh, sorry about that guys.

“Get back in line and let’s practice this dance! We only got 30 mins to get it right”

“Man Mike……who knew that you would act this crazy over some darn Girl Scout Samoas Cookie Ice Cream!

You know you had to cut it out of your diet if you were going to lose those pounds! Man up and get over it!”

Girl Scout Samoa Ice Cream from Edy's

Yeah, Ronnie was right. It was time to let go. I had bigger dreams for my body and that girl scout ice cream was poison. But still…..

If it isn’t love
Why do I feel this way
Why does she stay on my mind
If it isn’t love
Why does it hurt so bad
Make me feel so sad inside
If it isn’t love

Fast Food Survival Guide: How To Order A Tasty Healthy Burger At McDonald’s

Have you ever actually paid attention to the amount of calories that a McDonald’s hamburger contains?

If you are like the average busy person, the answer most likely is no!

Who has time to pay attention to being healthy when you’re at a drive thru?

When ordering fast food, you just want something quick and satisfying!


Well in those moments of weakness, MicVinny has decided to the the research so you can make a wiser decision during your next visit to the golden arches!

In today’s video, MicVinny breaks down the famous Big Macs, Double Quarter Pounders and other hamburgers from McDonalds to figure out which one is the “healthiest” to eat.

Video Highlights:

  • Nutritional information of McDonald’s top burgers
  • Why you should avoid Extra Value Meals
  • Why you should ditch the hamburger bun
  • Tricks to reduce the amount of calories you eat from McDonalds

How To Keep Your Strength During A Long Business Trip

Imagine being home for two months straight.

You have yourself on a dedicated workout plan and seeing excellent results when you look in the mirror. You’ve also improved your strength in the bench press and squat by over twenty pounds. You feel ecstatic!

Then your happiness starts to go away. The world comes crashing down on you because you find out that there’s a five day business trip you must go on.

“I guess I can kiss my muscles goodbye!”

That is the mindset of most people when they travel. They fear that when they go on their business trips they will have to start all over once they get back.

Do you currently have that same problem?

When travel is a frequent part of your life it becomes very easy to make up excuses for not getting in shape at all. Those traveling excuses starts a viscous cycle of either being fit and healthy or just being miserable and unhealthy.

To those who care about getting stronger, long trips feel like a death sentence to their progress.

I don’t want you to feel that way anymore! I’m here to help you with some tips on how to keep those muscles strong during long business trips.

What Is Strength?

Let’s make sure you first understand what strength is. Too many people get strength and hypertrophy (muscle building) confused. When talking about pure strength you are talking about the most weight you can lift for a certain amount of reps.

The term 1RM is short for one rep max. A 1RM is the max amount of weight you can lift for one rep.  Besides 1RM, you’ll also see 3RM or 5RM. Those are just short for your 3 rep max or 5 rep max.

When testing your strength you don’t always have to figure out your exact one rep max by only lifting super maximum heavy weight. It is much safer to choose a slightly lighter weight that you feel you can do for 3-10 reps before reaching failure.

When following that route, you can use a simple One Rep Max calculator to estimate your 1 rep max.

Here’s a great one rep max calculator

Types of Strength

There are two types of strength: Absolute strength and relative strength. Absolute strength would be the greatest amount you can lift at one time aka One Rep Max.

Relative strength is the maximum force a person is able to exert in relation to his or her body weight. If doing math it would look like this:

Relative Strength = absolute strength / bodyweight

It’s important to know the difference because as your body weight increases or decreases, you relative strength should get better not worse. If your relative strength gets worse, then you probably have too much weight (most likely fat) on your body.

Make Sure You Rest

Because of the high demand strength workouts take on the body, you need to make sure you get plenty of rest between sets. Resting anywhere between 2 – 5 minutes is good when lifting close to your maximum strength numbers.

The number of reps for strength should ideally be between 4-6 reps at an intensity that’s 70-90% of your One Rep Max.

What Are You Really Trying To Do?

Now that you know what strength really is, you now need to ask yourself if your goal is really to keep your strength, keep your muscles or just maintain your fitness progress?

It all comes down to reversibility. Reversibility simply states that your muscle will go away at half the rate it was gained.

Let’s say that you were consistently weightlifting in the gym for three months and gained 1 inch on your biceps. You then had to go on a trip in which you had absolutely no way to workout for three straight months.

How much would your muscle shrink after the trip was over?

Reversibility states that the muscle goes away at half the rate it was gained. So if it took 3 months to gain 1 inch, in 3 months you will only lose 1/2 inch.


How does that make you feel?

It’s not as bad as you thought, is it?

But remember that was for muscle size, what about strength?

It’s inevitable that if you take fa few weeks off from lifting heavy, that you will not immediately be able to lift those same heavy weights immediately. It will take a few sessions before you get back to those numbers.

If you did absolutely nothing, then yes you would be starting at ground zero. But that’s not what you are going to do from this point on!

What To Do While Traveling

Remember that something is always better than nothing. Even though strength and hypertrophy taps into two different energy systems, focusing on hypertrophy can still allow you to keep your muscle size while on long business trips.

When lifting for hypertrophy the plan is to increase the muscle size not necessarily the strength. It’s all about isolating the muscles and letting the muscle do the work in a controlled fashion. When lifting for strength your goal is simply to get that weight moving by any means necessary. The weight used during hypertrophy doesn’t matter as much.

When stuck in hotel gyms, this can be a good thing. You don’t have to worry about not having those big barbell weights because you’re going to be focusing on perfecting your technique.

While taking things slowly and focusing on your technique you’ll start discovering imbalances. Doing unilateral movements will help you identify weak points while you’re traveling. This will help out when you get back to your normal strength routine.

Now if you’re lucky enough to find a gym near your hotel, by all means go for it! If that gym has the equipment you need to do a strength focused workout, then do it!

Just be sure to set realistic expectations. If you know you will have a busy work schedule and that your diet might be slightly off then normal, go into the situation with the mentality that your job is to maintain your current strength level.

If you can come back from your trip in the same condition (or better) than you started. That’s a MAJOR WIN!!

Strength training is not a sprint, it’s a marathon! You have to think about the long term not just the short.

For those who cannot find a good gym near your hotel, I encourage you to embrace hypertrophy training so you can keep your muscle size. You will not be pushing big weights, but remember the principle of reversibility.

By doing some activity, your body will not be losing muscle or strength as fast as it would if you would be doing nothing.

Remember something is always better than nothing!

Stay strong my friends!

Quick Summary

Hypertrophy training = Make Muscles Bigger

Typical Hypertrophy Setup

  • Sets: 3-5
  • Reps 8-12
  • Short Rest (20 – 90 secs)
  • 70-80% of One Rep Max

Strength Training = Make Muscles Do More Work

Typical Strength Setup

  • Sets: 2-5
  • Reps 1-5
  • Long Rest (2 – 3 mins)
  • 80-95% of One Rep Max

Who’s Secretly Forcing You To Eat THAT Food During The Super Bowl?

Are you actually controlling what you are eating while watching the big game?

If you have pizza from Papa Johns with a bag of Doritos and a tall glass of Budweiser…you might not be as in control as you thought!

In today’s video, MicVinny talks about the subliminal food messages that you’re probably aren’t even aware of while you watch and/or attend sporting events.

Video Highlights:

  • Super Bowl LI (51) predictions
  • Did you know advertisers are paying lots of $$$ to keep you fat & unhealthy
  • Why you need to start counting the number of junk food related super bowl commercials

The #1 Easiest Exercise You Can Do While Traveling

Raise your hand if you planned on working out during you last trip but felt too exhausted to actually exercise?

C’mon…..be honest!

You’re among friends here. It can happen to the best of us.

Finding a consistent exercise routine while traveling can be tough. When you’re in the comforts of your home, it’s easy to try to stick to a regular workout routine. That completely changes the moment you leave your town for a few days.

How will you be able to squat if there are no barbells?

How can you do a pull up if there’s no pull up bar at your hotel?

How are your legs going to get stronger if there is no leg press?

Wouldn’t it be magically if there was a consistent exercise routine that could stay with us no matter where we traveled?

Imagine not having to worry about playing Goldilocks & The Three Bears while searching for the same weights you were using during your normal workouts.

“This 15 pound dumbbell is too heavy, This 10 pound dumbbell is too light……This 12.5 pound dumbbell is jussst right!”

You would not have to worry about your exact treadmill statistics. The machines at your gym may say that you go at a pace of 3.7 mph but this new treadmill you’re on doesn’t quite feel the same does it?

What about your body?

No matter where you travel, the one consistent thing you will always have with you is your body. Your body is the perfect portable training machine. There’s no equipment needed when you just focus on using your body for exercise.

It’s easy to forget how functional our bodies truly are. We tend to look down upon bodyweight exercises. If it’s not some sort of gadget or object, we believe it’s not good enough to challenge our bodies. Who would want to do a bodyweight squat when a barbell back squat sounds so much cooler!

Its time to put your egos away!

I’m about to introduce you to an exercise that will get the job done no matter where you travel too!

This exercise is so easy that 99% of the people who will read this article will not even attempt to do it!

Why do we fall down?

The problem with this exercise is that it symbolizes life itself. During your diet and exercise programs there will be a mix of good and bad days. Most of the time when we encounter the rough patches of life we tend to give up. Those days are the ones we remember the most.

This exercise will make you realize that its up to you to get yourself up off the ground and get going again! You need to be the one that will push yourself to get to that next level!

It’s so Embarrassing

This exercise is so simple because it will embarrass you. Yes, it truly is embarrassing to do this exercise in front of others. Just like it’s embarrassing to walk on the beach when you had over six months to lose 10 pounds and you didn’t lose a single pound despite telling everyone how much you were exercising before the trip!

This exercise is not macho or cool enough to have an awesome name. You won’t find this on any CrossFit WOD or Muscle Fitness magazine because it’s not “real” enough for fads.

The #1 Easiest Exercise

Here’s the easiest exercise you can do while traveling. It is called Up-Downs.

All you need to do is get onto the floor. Then get yourself back up off the ground.

Complicated right?

Here’s why this is a great exercise:

  • It combines the whole body in its movement.
  • You have the upper body pushing off the ground like a push up.
  • You have your lower body pushing off the ground like a squat and/or lunge.
  • You will be testing your balance and agility when you rise off the ground and back onto your feet.

The first time I ever heard of this exercise was in this article by the great, Dan John. It seemed so simple when he said it. Who knew when I finally tried it out myself, that I discovered how much it truly worked the body out!

Imagine doing this exercise consistently while traveling. Not only are you building fitness but you are getting your body conditioned for old age.

Wouldn’t you like to be mobile and nifty when you get older?

How many of us have relatives who struggle to get up out of their seat? A person that does Up-Downs will have the strength and mobility to easily get up off the ground.

As easy as this exercise seems, it can be considered a cardio exercise. Try to do as many Up Downs as possible in five mins and tell me if you don’t find yourself sweating!

You can go up and down on one side of your body or you can utilize both sides (which I recommend) to get all areas of your body involved.

What do you have to lose?

I know I know this sounds super easy! Next time you’re in a room, why not give this exercise a try?

It’s just too simple, right?

I told you earlier, that 99% of the people reading this article wouldn’t try this exercise while traveling. Those will be the same people complaining about not having a traveling exercise to do.

Its time to think outside the box! Get moving today!