Should Travelers Try The Velocity Diet?

Have you ever heard of the Velocity Diet??

Unless you follow the hardcore bodybuilding site, Testosterone aka, you most likely have not heard of it.

That’s ok because Mr. Travel Fitness is here to break the diet down for you.

The Velocity Diet was created to help weightlifters finally see their six packs in a short amount of time.

The diet was designed to have people drink 4-5 protein shakes a day with one solid meal at the end of your week.

Over time, the simple concept has evolved into a more sustainable approach.

The current version of the diet requires dieters to:

  • Drink 4 high quality protein shakes a day
  • Drink 1 workout drink (on workout days only)
  • Eat 1 healthy small meal (HSM) a day.

The idea of drinking all the protein shakes is to ensure that you will get all the quality ingredients your body needs while significantly reducing your calories for 28 days.

In addition to the meal plan, The Velocity Diet comes with a 4 day workout plan that’s designed to help you burn calories while maintaining your lean muscle.

Many weightlifters have attempted The Velocity Diet over the past decade. The ones that last the full 28 Days, typically report excellent results.

So the big question is, should the frequent traveler attempt the Velocity Diet?

Nothing but protein shakes on a trip sounds like the dream scenario compared to the fast food that most travelers are forced to eat.

In this video, MicVinny breaks down his own experience with the 28 Day Velocity Diet and whether or not travelers should attempt the Velocity Diet.

Velocity Diet Video Highlights

  • The old Velocity diet vs. the newer version
  • Supplements needed to do The Velocity Diet
  • Learn how to build good eating habits
  • It’s more than just protein shakes that gets results
  • My first Velocity Diet attempt while traveling
  • What to expect on your first couple of days on the v-diet
  • The realistic results you should expect
  • Who should/shouldn’t try this diet
  • How I feel about the Biotest’s periworkout drink Plazma

How To Confidently Eat Healthy During A Business Dinner

While working in the corporate world, business dinners are inevitable. If you’re a person trying to get a new deal, most likely you will have to wine and dine your potential client and/or customer.

Jack’s Business Dinner Scenario

Time: 6:30 PM

Jack is anxious as he drives his rental car in search of a parking spot outside the restaurant. He is meeting up with two work colleagues and three managers from Santech Industries.

Santech Industries is a potential new client that could help Jack get a $2,000 bonus if he is able to complete this deal. Jack feels nervous about this dinner.

Not only is the pressure on from his job, but he also hired this handsome young guy named MicVinny to be his travel fitness coach. This was Jack’s third week of working with MicVinny and he was seeing awesome progress with his health.

But this night was different from the other nights. This was the first time Jack had to eat at a restaurant with his co-workers since starting his new fitness plan.

Additionally, Jack was going to be eating in front of strangers who he needed to do business with.

How was he going to survive?

Luckily, Jack remembered this exact article and pulled this page up on his phone!

Why is a business dinner stressful?

First impressions are everything. When out in the working world your job is to make money.

In order to make money you have to work for a business.

In order to get money into a business you have to have a service that others would want to pay for.

For most of us, business starts through networking and conversations.

Work dinners are a key aspect of doing business for most traveling professionals. It literally allows you to break bread with others.

The problem is that after eight hours of being at work, you like to think of the nighttime as your time. That’s why business dinners are more intimate than lunch meals.

You’re giving up your night for your job. Not having that typical evening “alone time” causes you to feel somewhat stressed out.

Peer Pressure

The way you talk, dress, joke and eat is controlled by those you spend the most time around. If you work a typical 8 hour day, you spend more time around co-workers than you do your family.

If they follow a crappy diet, guess who else is going to follow a crappy diet?

When out at a dinner, everyone is trying to impress everyone else so everyone is going to do what comes easy. What comes easy is to order what everyone else is having.

In the case of the healthy traveler that means you’re going to have to resist peer pressure.  That means you will most likely look like the odd man out.

Or will you…….

How To Prepare For A Business Dinner


If you know there will be an important dinner meeting with prospective clients you have to get your head right before it even starts.

Pay attention to whether or not you exercised for the day. If you’ve had time to lift weights 1-2 hours before the dinner, then you know your food choices should include lots of protein and some carbohydrates.

Your body needs those macronutrients as fuel so you can properly recover from your workout.

If you worked out in the morning/lunch hours, then hopefully you already had a good post workout meal consisting of protein and carbohydrates.

Tonight is more about not going over your maintenance calories for the day. So you have your choice of a high protein, high fat meal (think paleo) or a high protein, low carb meal.

High fat, high carb should ALWAYS be out the picture!

If you didn’t workout then dinner is still all about maintenance and not going over your calories for the day. This meal should consist of as many healthy vegetables and lean protein sources as possible!

Other Business Dinner Prep Options

Practice Intermittent Fasting While Traveling

If you think that you’ll be surrounding be too much tempting food during your trip you can always practice intermittent fasting.

Just skip breakfast (and maybe lunch if you can handle it) and eat at dinner.

Intermittent fasting does not give you a pass to eat whatever junk food you want!

It’s just a good method to ensure that you stay within your maintenance calories for the day.

Your meal will be larger than the normal “3 times a day” template, but you’ll feel more satisfied and know that you stayed close to the amount of calories you needed for the day.

Drink A Protein Shake Before Dinner

A simple tip when eating out frequently is to drink 20-40 grams of protein before dinner.

Protein adds in creating satiety in your body. By drinking this beforehand your appetite won’t be as large.

Plus you had something your body truly needs which is protein! As a bonus it’ll help with that sweet tooth of yours if dessert is present!

How To Survive The Business Dinner

Now that you had a pre-dinner game plan, its time to head into that dinner like a Boss!

You want to display confidence because that’s what will garner the respect of everyone else.


Let’s get this out the way.

This is where most people get scared and cave in.

If your goal is truly to get in better shape, lose weight, gain muscle, etc., then you know alcohol consumption will not help!

“But what if everyone else is ordering alcohol, I don’t want to stand out”

Which is going to look more impressive to a stranger?

A herd of sheep with their heads down, or that one black sheep in the middle sipping some water with their head held high!

You need to remind yourself that:

“My dream is bigger than that drink!”

If that is true, then you wouldn’t care about what everyone else is drinking. If you really do get questioned why you’re not drinking, just tell them the truth!

“I’m currently on this workout routine where I can’t have alcohol.”


You just shut that down. The next thing they will ask is probably about your workout routine.

Guess what, you’ve just became the most interesting person at the table.

You’re not being like everyone else and caving in! That’s how you flip that around!

It’s all about confidence!

What You Should Order From The Menu For Dinner

When looking at the menu your eyes should go towards the salad options first (See: How To Confidently Create A Healthy Salad From Any Restaurant Part I and Part II).

If they don’t have great salad + protein add on options, go ahead and see what main courses fits the plan.

You want to go with high protein meat sources.

Do not order anything fried!

Look for grilled, steamed or sautéed versions. Expect there to be extra oil/fat on the meats cooked from any restaurant.

Always add a side of extra vegetables with your entree. Again, try to avoid butter/oil if possible.

Your carbohydrate sources should consist of rice and baked potatoes (white or sweet potato).

No extra butter, sour cream and/or cheese! Your carbs should be natural with no sauces.

When There’s No Good Healthy Food Options

If you’ve searched that menu and all you see is fat plus carb sources, I’ll give you a couple of options:

Order More Salad

Double up on the salads! If those are the best options, go for it.

Practice Portion Control

If the salads are horrible options, its time to practice portion control.

Try to pick the “best” option you see. Despite it having lots of fat and carbs in the same meal, you’re going to eat only one-fourth of the dish.

Yes, just one quarter of the dish.

You will stop eating the food for 10 mins. During this 10 mins you’re going to have conversations, listen to others and drink as much water as possible.

Once that 10 mins is up, see if you’re hungry.

If your stomach is not shouting at you with hunger, then that’s it for now. You don’t need to eat another bite. If still hungry after 10 mins, go eat another 1/4 of the dish and repeat.

If unable to finish the food, you can always take the food to go or you can just throw it away.

I’m a person that hates wasting food, but remember that in realty you’re not wasting food!

This is food that people should not be eating anyway! All you are doing is preventing someone from getting heart diseases.

It’s ok to toss it, don’t lose sleep over it!

If you get hungry later that night on your way back to your hotel or home, you’ll be in a better situation to actually order a healthier food option than you were if you continued to eat that poor restaurant option.

I’m scared none of this would work, what if they keep asking questions

If they keep going deep and intimidating you I have a simple solution.

Tell them about me!

That’s right send them directly to this website!

My About page tells my history.

I have an electrical engineering and international business development background. Do you know how many business dinners I have been to in my life?


Do you know how many times I regretted caving in?


Do you know how I finally lost all that weight and stayed in shape despite traveling 24/7?

By using the advice above!

If you want to look different, you have to do things differently.

I work with high ranking professionals such as managers, CFOS and CEOs. I know how much they secretly want to live a healthy lifestyle but feel like they have to do what others at these business dinners want to do.

Stop giving into the game of business dinner peer pressure.

Take the lead!

Get the deal done!

Have some fun!

Be confident and make that business dinner work for you!

Pivot When Life Don’t Go As Planned

So what do you do when:

  1. You forgot to bring your lunch to work?
  2. You have no workout shoes in your gym bag?
  3. Your water bottle was left at home on your kitchen coutner?
  4. You get food poisoning while traveling?

You learn how to pivot!

Life will never go according to plan. The harder the goal, the bigger the distractions that will pop up in your life to prevent you from reaching your desired destination.

The weak minded will allow those distractions to trick their minds into thinking that obstacles are too hard to overcome.

What will happen to that person over time is a lifetime of regrets.

I don’t want that for you!

In today’s video, MicVinny shares the awful details of what happened that night he got food poisoning and how it affected his own fitness plans.

Instead of just giving up on your long term goals, MicVinny will teach you the mindset you need to immediately get back on track with a new plan.

While trying to achieve any dream, DISTRACTIONS WILL COME… just got to pivot!

Watch and learn how!

How To Pivot Video Highlights



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Junk Food Diaries: Giving His Soul For Real Young Love

Hey Super Star!

MicVinny will be back later this week with some travel fitness advice for all those busy professionals out there.

Until then, sit back and relax.

It’s time once again to dive back into those R&B moments of yesterday.  Prepare yourself for another entry into MicVinny’s Junk Food Diaries!

[Previous entries:  New Edition Of A Valentine’s Day Heart Break,Me & The Sweetest Bootylicious Buns Of Destiny]


Today’s junk food diary is focused on the tale of one young man who eventually gave his soul for the freckled girl with the cutest smile.


Once upon a time there were four brothers. Their names were Jason, Brian, Andre and Chris.

Their parents moved them from California to New York back in 1993. Jason (the youngest) was in his second year of middle school, while all his older brothers were in high school.

On the first day of school, Jason approached the bus stop alone. Like most new kids he wasn’t sure what to expect as he walked towards the group of unfamiliar schoolmates.

His nerves started to get the better of him, until a young girl named Misty Malone greeted him with a smile:
“Hello! My name is Misty Malone.
You must be the new kid to the neighborhood. What’s your name?”

Due to the friendliness of Misty, Jason’s nerves started to calm down.

“My name is Jason”.

“Hi Jason! Welcome to the neighborhood!” replied Misty as she shook his hand.

She had such soft yet firm hands. There was something about Misty’s smile and friendliness that instantly put Jason into a state of comfort.

As all the other kids greeted him, Jason felt incredibly lucky to have had Misty help him out on his first day….

My love do you ever dream of
Candy coated rain drops
You’re the same my candy rain

Weeks Later…

Over the next couple of week’s Jason and his brothers made new friends without a problem.

While at school, Jason and Misty sat next to each other at lunch. Since Misty was tight with all the “cool kids”, Jason instantly became popular.

As the school year went on, Jason and Misty were always known to joke around. Jason enjoyed seeing the freckles on Misty’s face as she laughed.

She had a great colorful personality that made everyone around her comfortable. Her personality had a way of melting anyone’s heart.

Throughout their remaining middles school years, Jason and Misty only grew closer. They were best friends.

The Awakening…

It wasn’t until they entered their freshman year that Jason took notice of a change in Misty’s appearance.

One day while eating dinner with his brothers, Brian jokingly asked Jason, “So how’s your girlfriend?”

Jason startled, said “Who Misty? We’re just friends”.

That’s when Andre said, “Ok if you say so. But if I were you, I would claim her quickly!

She’s not the same little girl you knew two years ago. Those older boys at school are noticing her transformation.

She always had those cute freckles, but now she’s starting to get a shapely body on her. She’s going to get thick in all the right places!

You better watch out! Those other guys are coming!”

Can They Be More Than Friends?

It was the first time that Jason realized they were right. Every since they started high school, more boys started to approach Misty.

What use to be private conversations between Jason and Misty, would always involve more boys hanging around.

It was by the end of freshman year that Jason realized his feelings for Misty had changed. He was falling in love….

Have you ever love someone so much
You thought you’d die
Giving so much of yourself
It’s seem the only way tell me
What you want and I
(And I)
Will give it to you
(You, you)
Cause you are

“Jason! Jason?? Hello Jason?”

“What did you put down for question #2 on that history test?” whispered Misty.

Jason realized he had been daydreaming in the line for lunch. He got back to reality and quickly told Misty:
“1865. The U.S. Civil War ended in 1865.”

“Of course!! For some reason my mind slipped and I put 1861 instead! Duh! What would I do without you?”

She wrapped her arm around his arm and they walked from the cafeteria line to their favorite table.

My love do you ever dream of
Candy coated rain drops
You’re the same my candy rain

The Start Of A New Relationship

During the Fall of their Sophomore year, Jason decided it was time to reveal his true feelings. He asked Misty out on an official date, and she said yes!

Their first date was at the movie theater. They both innocently touched each other’s hand in the dark.

Months later, they were hanging out at a barbecue picnic in the park. Andre, Chris and Brian were there as well teasing Jason and Misty.

“Man, you guys can’t get enough of each other? You guys spend so much time together that Jason’s starting to put on some weight!”

“Maybe you guys should slow down”

Yes it’s true that Jason was putting on weight, but he didn’t want this dream to end! He now understood what all the other boys saw in Misty.

She was no longer just that colorful girl that would hold his hand occasionally.

No…. their relationship had blossomed into something more meaningful!

No longer a small and round little girl, Misty had matured into a beautiful work of art!

Her colorful freckles still were adorable. It was just now she had a sexy tanned skin complication along with a perfectly shaped waist that exposed her curves.

She was beautiful!

My love did you ever dream that it could be so right
I never thought that I would find
All that I need in life
All I want, all I need
Now I know, I know
I found it in you
(I found it in you)
Cause you are

His Soul Belongs To Her

Misty Malone, the girl with the sweetest kiss that could melt Jason’s mouth.

Even though Jason had three supportive brothers, Misty was always that one “sweetie” Jason could always depend on!

M&M ice cream cookie sandwhich

Even now, at age 36 with type II diabetes, Jason always finds time to worship his favorite girl!

Misty is the only girl in this world that he would give up his soul for real, no matter the cost!

My love do you ever dream of
Candy coated rain drops
You’re the same my candy rain

Plan Your Meals To Match Your Fitness Goal

What exactly have you been doing to match your fitness goal?

The most successful people and companies in our world don’t magically become successful over night.  They don’t wake up one day and BOOM their dreams come true.

The only time you see instant success is when you win lottery.  But the truth is that 70% of those lottery winners will go broke within a few years.

What separates the lottery winners from those successful people and companies?

It’s called a plan!

The most successful people and companies in the world start out with a simple plan.

You should be doing the same when it comes towards your own fitness goals.  To truly understand what you need to do, you first need to know what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Run faster?
  • Eat better while traveling?
  • Reduce knee pain?
  • Gain 10 lbs of muscle?
  • Look good at the beach?

Whatever the goal is you must have a plan!  Only after having a goal in mind can you truly start thinking about how to get to that fitness goal.

When it comes towards changing your physical apperance, 80% of your success is what you eat.  The sad truth is too many people follow the wrong eating plan that’s not meant for the body they are trying to achieve.

Stop trying every diet under the sun! 

Start picking the one that’s right for your body & fitness goals!

Start planning today for your goal today!

Fitness Goal Video Highlights:

  • Fascinating fact about weddings & vacations
  • Pick a meal plan that matches your body goal
  • Know your lifestyle
  • Find go-to restaurants when traveling