6 Helpful Ways To Keep Your Physique While On Vacation

The problem with most people is that once they go on vacation, they abandon everything they did to get their physique.

Imagine spending months preparing for that moment in the sun. All those hours of squatting, running and jumping are now going to pay off as you go on vacation.

You can see yourself now at the beach feeling good about your physique!

But now that you’ve worked so hard to get that physique, you’re worried that you’re going to lose it while on vacation.

Remember that last time you went on a cruise?

Remember how one “All You Can Eat” dinner buffet turned into five pounds of instant weight gain?

You try to tell yourself that will not be the case this time around. Never while on vacation again!

I know you work hard to look good, so I’m here to help. Here are six helpful ways to keep your physique during your next vacation.

Drink Lots of Water On Vacation

We know we should be drinking at least 8 cups of water. But when we go on vacation, it’s easy to forget this rule.

Maybe it’s the fact that you have to pay for water bottles at most vacation destinations. The fact that you’re paying makes you think that you should just go ahead and pay for the fun stuff like alcohol, soda and juice.

More pina coladas please!

No! You still need lots of water in your system.

Water keeps you hydrated as well as curbs your appetite to prevent you from going overboard during mealtime.

If you followed my 9 Mandatory Fitness Items You Must Have For Your Next Trip advice then you know you should be traveling with a water bottle with you.

Having your own water bottle is an easy way to make sure you always have water available.

If staying at a hotel/resort, be sure to visit the gym. Most likely you’ll be able to find free water. Whether it’s a bottle, water fountain or filtered water system.

That’s been my secret free water spot for years while traveling.

Get Some Sleep

You’re on vacation!

Vacation means you’re taking a break from your daily life and having some time to yourself and family. Use this time as a way to get that sleep you always said you wanted to get.

Too many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of trying to do so much stuff that we sacrifice sleep during our vacations.

Stop it!

Use your vacation as a way to challenge yourself to get more sleep than you normally do. By the time your vacation is over, your body will be thanking you!

Learn How To Relax

We live in a work, work, work society. So much so, that many of us have no idea on how to relax. Even I’ll admit that when on vacation it typically takes me a day to get into vacation mode.

That first trip to the beach is always awkward as I struggle to let go.

We are so use to feeling like we always have to do something. Well the sooner you can get into “relax mode” the better your body will look and feel once the vacation is over!

Learn how to appreciate the art of doing “nothingness.” If at the beach or pool, learn how to calm your mind down and just be in the moment.

If you never mediate, learn how to while on vacation!

Meditation is an art form that you should be doing on a daily basis. All you need is at least two minutes to get you started.

There’s no perfect way to mediate. The purpose is to be able to appreciate the moment.

Not the past.

Not the future.

You just close your eyes and focus on this moment in time. That’s the present.

That stillness is you becoming aware.

When you are aware of what’s going on, it makes it easier to relax your brain’s activity.

Having a relaxed mindset will help you have a much better vacation and life!

Embrace Activity

If you’re at a destination in which you see options for physical activity, hop to it! It’s a good idea to get a good mix of activity and relaxing while on vacation.

Look for fun activities.

If you’re a person that’s been going to the gym for several months’ straight and only lifting weights, maybe it’s time to embrace an outdoor walk?

Does the vacation spot have a tennis court? Play some tennis. Never been golfing before.


Use this time to do activities that are healthy and unexpected calorie burners. The easiest overlooked vacation exercise is swimming.

If that’s something you don’t have at home, go swimming as much as possible. Even if all you do is doggy paddle, that’s still burning calories and having fun!

Other great activity ideas:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Classes
  • Beach sprints
  • Snorkeling
  • Rock climbing
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Playing catch

Get on a cardio machine that you typically never get on for 20-40 minutes

If you feeling too tired to leave the room but want to be active, do my No Gym No Problem Workout!

80% Full Rule

When on vacation you will want to try as many different foods as possible. That’s what vacations are about, enjoying good food.

No matter what you will be eating, you should start practicing the 80% full rule.

The foods you will be eating on vacation will most likely be higher in calories than what you were eating to get your physique.

What the 80% full rule states is that you only eat until you are 80% full. It’s a very powerful tool that I learned from Precision Nutrition.

80% full means that you should still be able to comfortably walk around after eating.

If you are at the point where you feel that you have to loosen your belt or unzip your pants, you’ve gone well beyond the 80% eating rule.

It takes between 15-25 minutes for your stomach to communicate to your brain that it’s completely full.

So if you’re eating high calorie foods, you most likely will be eating an extra 500-2,000 calories before your brain get’s the message.

By eating until you’re 80% full and learning how to enjoy your food, you will significantly reduce the amount of calories you will be eating for the day.

Yes you’re on vacation, but you will feel just as good when stopping at 80% full than you will be going overboard and eating until 100% full.

Don’t Abandon Everything That Got You Here

Remember those months of working out?

Remember how you felt?

That sensation that maybe you won’t get that ideal body. But somehow you stuck to your diet and exercise plan.

It’s ok to relax and enjoy your vacation, but don’t abandon what got you here!

Every meal doesn’t have to be filled with junk!

You can still follow your eating plan for the majority of your meals while on vacation.

Save the things you typically don’t eat as special treats. But if you treated every meal as a special treat, you will have nothing but regrets once that vacation was over.

Having some cake 3 nights out of a week long vacation is totally different than having cake, cookies, ice cream, and beer during every vacation meal!

The person, who remembers what got them here, will have a better-looking body once the vacation is over. The other will wonder what happened and repeat a vicious cycle all over again.

Be smart and don’t go crazy!

Have that perfect balance of fun and sanity during your vacation. You will feel much better on vacation and afterwards as well!

How To Eat Healthy During A Summer Party

A summer party is all about pools, ice cream, skimpy clothes and…BBQ!!

There’s nothing better than walking through a neighborhood and smelling the sweet aroma of grilled meat in the air. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel extremely patriotic!

The only downer is when you get invited to a summer party after weeks of working on your summer beach body. Instead of being thrilled, you begin to panic.

Do you know what to do when faced with eating someone’s barbecue at a summer party?

You don’t want to be rude to your hosts but at the same time you don’t want to destroy all your progress. The typical summer party BBQ food gang will be there in full force:

  • BBQ ribs
  • Burgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Potato salad
  • Baked beans
  • Corn on the cob
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Cookies
  • Popsicles

With such a list of summer party foods, who cares about the last couple of workouts!

You EARNED the chance to let loose! You desire to Release The Beast on that BBQ party’s delicious foods!

Slow down amigo!

There’s no need to go to that extreme. You can still achieve your body goals and have a good time as well at any summer party. Let me show you the way.

Here’s MicVinny’s guide on eating and staying healthy at summer barbecues:

Reduce Calories Before The Summer Party

Most likely the BBQ party will be during the late afternoon/evening hours. That means you will be having a late lunch or early dinner. Given that you don’t know the exact calorie count of what’s at the barbecue, leave some extra room for those excess calories by eating less for breakfast.

I personally perform intermittent fasting on a daily basis. It’s the art of fasting for 14-20 everyday before eating your first meal.

Some folks jokingly call it “Skipping Breakfast”.

Intermittent fasting allows me to eat bigger sized meals 2-3 times a day instead of a bunch of smaller ones. By reducing (or skipping) breakfast, it will allow you to eat more calories while at the BBQ.

Eat Green Veggies

The first food you should stack onto your disposable plate is vegetables. Seek green vegetables first. If there is no green vegetable, reach for any other vegetable that is not drenched in oil or butter.

You can never eat too many green healthy vegetables.

If all you see is salad, go for it. Just make sure it’s more vegetable than cheese, dressing or other.

We want to get our vitamins in, and veggies are how we do it!

Note: Corn should be treated like a starch source on this day (as well it should be on other days if you’re not already doing so).

Eat That Grilled Protein

There’s nothing quite like the smell of grilled meat fresh off the fire.

Just the thought of it makes me want to jump around and yell like captain caveman!

Speaking of cavemen, this is a day in which I would go with my Paleo diet practitioners and try to emphasize eating some meat!

The best tasting barbecue foods are composed of fatty cuts of meats. If all you see is ribs, steaks chops, brisket, burgers, dark meat chicken, wings; then embrace this as a high protein, higher fat meal.

If you see grilled chicken breast, white fish, or turkey then you can possibly make this BBQ into a high protein, high carb meal. Either way it won’t be perfect.

If it’s a higher fat day that just means all your other carb sources will need to go down for this day. If you’re eating leaner meats, that means you can empathize carbs as your energy source and avoid adding fats to your meals.

Avoid Processed Foods

Please make sure you eat meat that looks like it’s from a real animal.

You should try not to eat processed meats like hot dogs, sausages and brats. Those foods are mostly fat with barely any protein value so those are not your top dog choices for this day.

Heck, even a dachshund “hot dog” has more protein in their tiny bodies…but let’s not get any crazy ideas while at our friend’s house ok?

dachshund in hot dog costume
Where’s Sparky mommy?

Go Easy on That BBQ Sauce

Hopefully the grillmaster is skilled in their craft and knows how to season their protein properly.

Well-seasoned protein sources equates to you needing less barbecue sauce. The majority of barbecue sauces on the market contain lots of high fructose corn syrup.

You should not need more than one tablespoon of barbecue sauce. Try to eat pieces with as little as possible so you can control the sauce.

Go Easy On Other Condiments As Well

Your lowest calorie choices are mustard, salsa, hot sauce, & vinegar. When faced with other condiment choices, try to eat less than a tablespoon.

The problem is that you don’t know what’s in most of those condiments. Too many contain lots of sugars & additives. We don’t need all that garbage in our system!

Avoid Processed Carbs

Due to the high fat content of your grilled main dish, there’s no need to go crazy with your carbs. If there’s baked potatoes, plain white or brown rice available, go for it.

The processed carbohydrates we see at barbecues are just wasted calories that add no nutritional value. We’ve been brainwashed to think that we have to have these cheap goodies with our main meals at BBQs.

You don’t need them!

Whether it’s a pastry, cracker, chips or bread, they’re not worth the cheap temporary thrill they will give you. You’ll be happy the moment they touch your taste buds, but in the land of sorrow and regret by the time you swallow.


Avoid Sugary Drinks

The weather is hot so you should be getting some fluids in your body. Drink water and not sugary drinks. You already will be getting sugar from the BBQ sauce. Embrace water and unsweetened tea.

If you are just a sugar monster, then bring your own sugar free liquid drink mix to the party. Add to your cup as many times as you please during the BBQ. Just make sure that once the party is over, you write down that you’re still a recovering sugar addict and today was a win!

Eat Fruit for dessert

If you still crave sugar, reach for some fresh fruit! Feel free to devour watermelon, peaches, pineapple or whatever fresh fruit is served. Fruit is always a better option then engulfing half a pie.

Fruit is nature’s candy right?


Trying to be Mr. and Mrs. Perfect can be stressful and time consuming. If you’re stressing about every detail on this list then you’re missing the grand picture. You should be living your life to it’s fullest.

If all you do is dwell on the foods you can’t eat, you’re going to make life miserable for yourself. The food selection process becomes much easier if you arrive at the BBQ with the mindset that you will talk with your friends and family. You’re just changing your eating not your entire social status.

Laugh and have fun!

What you eat is only a minor part of this human experience!


How do you handle summer party BBQs? Leave a comment below.

How To Quickly Get Through Unexpected Bad News

Ever have your entire day ruined by some bad news?

Isn’t it amazing how your entire day can be changed by a couple of written words or even a 30 second conversation.

Think about that day you woke up perfectly refreshed from your bed. The sun was shining outside as you left your home for work.

“Today is going to be a good day.”

You get ready for your typical 45 minute commute to work. As you drive, you notice all the usually choke points have disappeared. Ever traffic light instantly turns green as you approach.

“Man, must be my lucky day!”

As you get ready to depart your car you see your umbrella in the back seat. With the way the sun is shining, you conclude that the 70% chance of showers was not going to happen.

You arrive to the front door of your office building with a pep in your step. Other workers seem to smile your way.

The day will be a great day.

You get to your office and notice an email from your supervisor. It’s marked urgent so you open it up.

“Love your hard work, but unfortunately I can’t grant you that vacation request. We need you for a big meeting on that date.

You owe me anyways remember.”

Bad News, No Vacation!

That email completely caught you off guard. What once was a smile on your face has now turned into a frown.

“You owe me? I’ve been working my butt off, what does he mean that!”

You then remember the weeks of planning with your family for your beach vacation. You promised them that you would be able to make it. How dare your job take away our happiness!

This unexpected bad news has now shifted your entire viewpoint for the reminder of the day!

Does this story sound somewhat familiar?

A single email from a co-worker can make you go from smiling to completely ticked off in seconds!

It’s amazing how often less than 1% of our entire day can make or break our mode!

Bad news can affect our appetites, our conversations and whether or not we actually work out that day.

It can feel like a punch right in the gut!

What to do about Bad News

I wish I could say that you should “just get over it” and move on.

Human beings are too emotional not to have bad news affect them in some way.

Instead of instantly moving on, I suggest you:

Give yourself five minutes of alone time

It’s time to embrace being human!  Use those five minutes to get all those negative thoughts & emotions out of your system.

For some, your thoughts and emotional energy will be nothing but anger.

For others it may involve some crying.

As long as you are not physically or emotionally harming another person, do whatever it takes to get it out of your system!

Call a buddy if you have to.

Tell them you need a couple of minutes to vent and let it out!

Once you have it out of your system by addressing it, it’s NOW time to move on by replacing those negative thoughts with positive memories.

Remember all those awesome moments you were having BEFORE you got that bad news? Rewind yourself and get back on that path!

Think about how awesome your day was and will continue to be.

That bad news was only a temporary glitch. Don’t allow it to control your life for hours, days or weeks!

Bad news is going to happen. The mark of being successful is not letting that information keep you from achieving your goals.

Whether that’s your diet, exercise or career goals, always keep your eyes on the overall prize!

Is It Possible To Make Dunkin Donuts Coffee & Frozen Drinks Healthy?

Welcome to MicVinny’s insight into Dunkin Donuts breakfast menu. We previously discussed  your eating options at Dunkin Donuts. This week’s post is all about Dunkin Donuts coffee and drink options.

Is Dunkin Donuts coffee a sugar trap or is it possible to get a healthy dose of caffeine from Dunk Donuts?

Most business professionals get their coffee from one of three places.
1) Starbucks
2) McDonalds
3) Dunkin Donuts

Those seem to be the big three major coffee chains in America.

Way back in 1990, who would have thought that any of these places would be known as coffee institutions?

Dunkin Donuts upper their game as the millennium started to approach. I guess some genius marketer saw the direction the world was heading.

Now even I’ll admit, that I’m not a huge coffee connoisseur. I’m still old school and would prefer to brew my own in a coffee maker

But even in going old school, you can find Dunk Donuts coffee at your grocery store. Amazing right! Fast food chains selling their own products for the masses.

We got it good right!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee For Busy Traveling Professionals

Think about the last time you went to a Dunkin Donuts. Did you see more people ordering Dunkin Donuts coffee or ordering donuts?

Whether it’s at the airport or on your way to the office, more people are choosing coffee over donuts as their preferred Dunkin Donuts ordering option.

With so many going that route, isn’t it time to really dive into what’s actually inside Dunkin Donuts coffee?

Watch the video to find the answer!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee & Frozen Drinks Video Highlights

  • What exactly is inside a flavored coffee drink?
  • Always bet on black!
  • Caffeine can be your friend (if used correctly)
  • Do you really need so much sugar?
  • Who decided to turn breakfast coffee into a desert?
  • Shots Shots Shots Shots…..Dunkin Donuts has flavor Shots!
  • Oreo flavored hot chocolate…Are you serious!?
  • The tragedy that is called Frozen Iced Coffee

What Should You Eat From Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu

Dunkin Donuts breakfast menu has been the best friend of busy traveling professionals for many years.

Think about it.

What do you normally look forward to at early morning meetings, that boring presentation or that box of goodies sitting on that table?

While waiting at the airport for your next flight to take off, what fast food chain can you depend on to be open no matter what time of day?

What fast food restaurant upped their coffee game to become one of Starbucks fiercest competitors to keep travelers wide-awake?

Dunkin Donuts!

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu

Who doesn’t like donuts?

There’s one for every different craving you may have.

You have glazed donuts, jelly donuts, chocolate éclairs, Boston crème, maple donuts, sprinkles, etc. When all are combined in a box, it’s awfully hard to resist!

As long as we follow a healthy diet, we can splurge on Dunkin Donuts every now and than.

Sadly, most people don’t really understand how to eat in moderation.

An innocent trip to Dunkin Donuts typically causes us more harm than good.

Luckily, Dunkin Donuts has helped people diversify from just eating donuts by providing more breakfast options to compete with McDonald’s for breakfast champion.

They look good to the eye but are these Dunkin Donuts sandwiches and wraps really worth eating?

If you’re a person that cares about your health, is it even possible to find something healthy at Dunkin Donuts?

Watch the video to find the answer!

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu Video Highlights

  • See the nutritional breakdown of Dunkin Donuts best-selling donuts
  • How to divide your protein, carbs and fats while traveling
  • Can you pronounce the ingredients inside your donuts?
  • Are Dunkin Donuts DD Smart options actually healthy?
  • Nutritional breakdown of Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches
  • Where are the vegetables and fruit options?

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