How To Successfully Handle Being Sick While Traveling

When you go to the grocery store, you can see cashiers blowing their noise.

“I’ll make sure I wash my hands right away…..”

You walk around the office and you start to hear a chorus of sniffles.

“I got hand sanitizer at my desk, I’ll avoid it…..”

You get on a flight. As the airplane door closes, you turn to greet the person sitting next to, when all of a sudden they burst into coughing.

“Oh Oh…..”

There’s no escaping it…’re going to get sick!

No matter how much we try to prevent it from occurring, it’ll inevitable show up when we least expect it.

There’s nothing worse than being on a trip and becoming sick. That first moment when you have your first big sneeze and sore throat, you know your trip is about to take a turn for the worse!

We’ve all experienced being sick while traveling at one time or another in our lives. Here’s some tips on how to quickly handle the situation.

Pack a Travel Medical Kit

Whenever you travel you should always pack a travel first aid kit. Especially if you travel international quite often. You never knew what medical supplies your destination will have available, so it’s always best to be prepared.

A basic first aid kit should at least contain:

  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Ace bandage
  • Antiseptic
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Cotton-tipped applicators
  • Anti-fungal and antibacterial ointments or creams

Basic first aid kits normally do not include medicines. That is why you need to add the following to a basic travel kit:

  • Cold & Flu medicine (pill/gel form is easier to carry)
  • Upset stomach medicine (ie: Pepto Bismul, Antiacid pills)
  • Aspirin/anti-inflammation medicine
  • Anti-diarrheal medicine
  • Laxative
  • Cough suppressant and/or cough drops
  • Antihistamine
  • Sedative and/or sleep aid
  • Water purification tablets

You can find basic first-aid kits in the first aid sections of most drug stores. Use that as your base and add more medicine to it to personalize it for your needs.

If you fly business class or first class internationally, just repurpose one of their free amenity bags into a travel medical kit.

Airline business class amenity bag

Having this travel medical kit is a vital step in making sure your illness doesn’t get worse. It will allow reliable relief no matter where you travel.

Rest and Recover

Don’t be ashamed of feeling tired while sick & traveling. Lack of rest is a major reason why infections spread in the first place. The more sleep we get, the healthier our bodies become due to it being able to heal itself properly.

Don’t try to stay up super late, go to bed early when sick!

Eat When Hungry

Should you feed a cold and starve the flu?

That debate has been around for decades. The sad truth is that there is no definitive answer. It’s just a “it depends”.

What you need to do is eat when hungry. Being sick is not the time to be counting calories. If your body is hungry, it’s ok to satisfy it while sick. That’s your body’s way of telling you that it’s undernourish and requires refilling to battle the cold or flu inside.

Try to pick healthier options but don’t beat yourself if you stray a little bit from your normal healthy diet routine. Having noodles in your chicken soup isn’t going to kill you!

For some good advice on what to eat when sick, check out this infographic chart from Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition:

Precision Nutrition's infographic on what foods you should be eating while sick
Infographic is courtesy of Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition

Listen To Your Body

There’s a reason why having a healthy exercise program and a good diet is vital to your long term success. If you’re not eating properly it’s only a matter of time before you’re going to get sick. Our bodies was not designed to have the wrong nutrients in them daily.

Whenever you overdue excess fats and junk food consistently, your body’s immune system becomes weaker. A weak immune system makes it easier for you to become sick.

The same thing happens when you under eat. If you’re not eating enough, your body will begin to break down and being sickly is one of those breakdowns.

Keep that in mind while you live your life. It’s a great reminder of why you should be eating and exercising in a healthy way. You will start thinking twice about eating at that shady looking fast food joint during your travels!

Exercise With Caution

In addition to the “Feed a cold, starve a flu” mantra, rumors state that you should sweat a cold out. That saying just means that you should exercise as much as possible to get the cold out your system.

Again, it’s not as clear cut as it can appear. Here’s another great infographic from Precision Nutrition breaking down whether or not you should exercise. Use this as a guideline to determine what type of exercise you should be doing based on how you are feeling.

Precision Nutrition's chart explaining what exercises you should do when sick
Infographic is courtesy of Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition

Stop Wasting Time & Start Investing In Your Body!

How much money is your health worth? In this video, MicVinny begs you to start investing in your own body!

Are you actually investing in your body?

Would people actually want to pay money to have your body?

Think about your last 5 meals.  Are those foods helping or harming your investment?

When you buy clothes, do you only buy items under $5 that will last for a few weeks?

Or do you prefer quality and buying clothes that will last for years?

MicVinny’s here to help you change the way you perceive the foods you eat while traveling and at home.  

Video Highlights:

  • Start thinking of your body like a reliable luxury car
  • Stop waiting until next year or tomorrow…get started today!
  • Why investing in your eating and exercise now is the best investment you can make!
  • You are what you eat (i.e.: Cheap meals equal a cheap looking body)
  • Why you are WORTH the effort!

8 Undeniable Signs That You’re Just Lazy & Unhealthy

“Just Remember, it’s not a lie…if you believe it”

Do you remember that classic Seinfield quote?  It’s something that we unknowingly do daily in our lives.

When working our jobs and/or raising kids, we brainwash ourselves into thinking that there is never enough time to do anything. We will choose to complain instead of making time available.

We will make up every excuse in the book as to why our lives are the way they are instead of actually doing something about it.

The #1 excuse people have for not being in shape is that they do not have enough time.

Simply taking the time to make changes in our diet or exercise plan…….

NOOO, you’re not going down that path today!

It’s YOU again! Why don’t you just let me finish my thought…

STOP IT!! It’s time for me to take control over your stupid blog again

Not again… get away from my keyboard….

<fighting noises>

Ahhhh, IT’S SO good TO BE BACK in the house!

MicVinny the chump is currently locked away in a closet so that I can finally talk to you again.

If this is the first time reading this blog, let me say that you’re not crazy.

What just happen was that I finally got control over this blog post again!

You can call me Bubba. I’m the version of MicVinny that he’s been trying to hide away for years. I’m the result of all those skipped workouts and binges.

I’m the result of him getting a little too happy during Thanksgiving!

MicVinny always thinks he can leave me behind, but i’m always in the dark waiting for him to fall!


It appears that he was going to attempt to shame folks for not going to the gym and working out. Or for them just being human and not always having the time to be “perfect.”

There’s nothing wrong with some pizza every night! The more pepperoni the better I always say!

Join me in having some fun analyzing MicVinny’s 8 Undeniable Signs That You’re Just Lazy & Unhealthy. This should be fun!

You spend more hours watching TV in a day than you spend working out for the week.

There’s nothing wrong with watching TV. Does he not realize the amount of TV shows that are on!
We are living in a new golden age of television. We have cable TV, premium channels, netflix, hulu, video on demand, amazon, etc.…The choices are endless!!

Doesn’t he realize that we must watch it all!

If we want to be in the coolest social conversations we have to know what’s going on in ALL these TV shows. The only way to do that is by binge watching.

To binge we MUST sit on our behinds for 5 plus hours. That’s non-negotiable! Can we not be entertained! Who needs a workout when there’s more important stuff on TV.

The only time you’re outside is when you walk from your home to your car

Being outside is overrated. Who wants to hear the stupid birds chirp. Mankind was made to be indoors, if not we would have not invented HVAC systems to keep us warm in the colder months and cool during the hot months.

There’s no need to know our neighbors anymore. If there’s yard work to do, we can always just hire someone to take care of it. We work hard enough at our jobs. Why waste more time by going outside.

I’m going to avoid being outside until it’s warm again.

All your Fall/Winter clothes from last year are too small

Isn’t this one completely stupid. Of course last year’s clothes are going to be small. We’ve gotten ripped!

My muscles are HUGE now! My waist is bigger due to all that 6 pack in my abdominal area. I’m just too much man for those old clothes.

For others out there, I’m sure your clothes don’t fit because of that growth spurt you underwent. Its common for folks to go through growth spurts as they age.

We could always use some new clothes right? We have to keep up with the latest fashions so change is inevitable. MicVinny was so wrong about this!

You have snacks for everything


Kid with bag of Doritos on couchAgain..what is this dude talking about?

He doesn’t understand that when watching football, you must have some potato chips! While watching a good movie, it’s necessary to have that large tub of popcorn with the natural butter.

And if i’m eating chips and popcorn, who doesn’t wash it down with a good soda pop right.

When eating my lunch I have to have me some Little Debbie snack cakes. Does he not realize that those snack cakes are what makes lunches special? I don’t care if I am an adult, their must be a sweet snack in that lunch box!

I use to be told that snacks would ruin my dinner, but now that i’m old it’s ok to have cookies when we get home from work. That just makes us appreciate the dinner even more. Snacks are awesome and necessary to survive a tough day!

You have sugar with a side of breakfast in the morning

Cute. Real cute.

I just want to slap that guy in the mouth some times.

He has the nerve to put down the daily breakfast routine. I ate some oatmeal yesterday so I bet he feels like an idiot now for saying that.

You know oatmeal is healthy right? It has all that good fiber and complex carbs that the commercials talk about. I even added some raisins to it so I could get some fruit.

That was a great healthy breakfast!

I felt so proud of myself that I only added 5 tablespoons of brown sugar instead of the normal 6. I washed it down with a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks.

Well it was a more like a frappuccino but I made sure there was a vegetable in it … getting the pumpkin spice version.

You eat less than a handful of vegetables a day

Veggie what? I just told him I had some veggies in my pumpkin spiced frappuccino. That’s a full days servings right there!

Not to mention the fact that I eat ketchup with my french fries. Two more quality vegetable sources right there. Then you can’t forget about the lettuce and tomato slice on the burger.

That’s a handful right there is it not? That whole burger fitted in my hand!

You think diet soda is healthy

You can’t be expected to go all day without drinking something sweet right? That’s blasphemy!

We should be given large amount of kudos points for even daring to drink something with “diet” in its name. I personally am a fan of the Zero drinks. You know Coke Zero, Pepsi Zero.

Between those and the diet sodas, there’s ZERO calories in those drinks! Zero calories is zero calories. We’re being healthy!

All the healthy folks drink diet sodas more than they do water. MicVinny needs to get up with the times. Water is for suckers and wannabe bodybuilders!

You spend more time looking for a closer parking spot up instead of just walking to the store

Who’s going to park their car at the first parking spot and walk to the store? You never see that so what’s this dude talking about? You better believe i’m going to find the closest spot to the store as possible.

Not only in that first row, but i’m going to circle that entire sparking lot to find that ideal close spot. Even if it takes five minutes because I earned that parking spot by looking so diligently.

Sure I could have parked and walked in the store by than but that’s not the point. My car deserves to be parked up front so I can be seen. I’m going to have a lot of bags and don’t need to do any extra work to put that in my car. No thank you!


So that was MicVinny’s list of items that was supposed to make us feel ashamed, lazy and unhealthy. I don’t feel any of those things!

As a matter of fact, while he’s locked in that closet I think I’m about to make a run to Dunkin Donuts for a snack. When I say run of course I mean i’m driving my car.

Who walks a quarter of a mile for a doughnut? Only losers like MicVinny!

He should be back next week….(if he can pick that closet lock hahahahaha)

Bubba out!

Thanksgiving Workout Plan For Holiday Travelers

Where do you plan on spending Thanksgiving this year?

Will you be staying in town or traveling across the country?

Will you be driving down the street or getting on a plane?

Whatever your travel schedule may be, you’ll need to game plan to help balance all these extra calories you will be eating on Turkey day.

Trust me, you WILL be eating your Thanksgiving feast! This is not an article telling you to “only eat white meat” and “avoid the gravy”.

Heck no!

You WILL be eating that pie!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s meant to be fun and festive. If you’ve been working out, you need the break. Just because you’ll be eating goodies, doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch your healthy habits. You always have a choice to do something or do nothing!

Here’s a plan that allows you to enjoy Thanksgiving while still making sure you keep up a healthy lifestyle.  You won’t fell guilty of enjoying Turkey Day as long as you follow the following Thanksgiving Day Workout plan:

Plan Ahead and Pack Some Gym Clothes

If you’re staying over family or friends, please make sure you pack some workout clothes! Without the proper workout gear, you’re not going to be motivated to workout once you enter holiday vacation mood as the smell of sweet potato pies cross your nostrils!

Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is just the simple act of skipping a few meals and keeping your body in a fasting state for 12-20 hours. You can drink as much water and unsweetened tea as you want. If you’re a coffee person, you can still have 1-2 cups. Just avoid the excess sugars and cream.

I know it sounds crazy but it’s actually easier than it sounds. From the moment you finish your last meal on Thanksgiving Eve, try to get a good nights rest. Hopefully that will be 8 hours.

Congratulations! When you wake up you’ve already fasted for 8 hours! Now all you have to do is skip breakfast and maybe lunch.

Most families have an early Thanksgiving Dinner. Knowing you’ll be having a big meal earlier than usual will give you the willpower to hold out longer than you normally would.

I highly suggest you give this method a try. I’ve been intermittent fasting for over six years so I know the benefits of it.

As a bonus, the fasting will make you thankful for the fact that you actually don’t have to experience hunger every day of your life. For many, fasting isn’t an option.

Be thankful you have the choice!

Go for a Walk

If the weather is cooperating, get out the house and go for an easy walk. Walking is a underrated form of exercise. All you need to do is go at a brisk pace for 30 – 60 mins.

That pace and time period will cause your body to go into fat burning mode. If you do this while fasting, you will be burning fat quicker than if you have food in your system.

Thanksgiving Workout

Most gyms will be closed on Thanksgiving. But don’t let that detract you, because you still got your body to play with!

(Hmmm that doesn’t sound right does it?)

Use this holiday to think outside the box, and embrace the MicVinny traveling workout lifestyle.

Here’s two sample Full Body HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts you can do in your room.

No Equipment Thanksgiving Room Workout #1

Do each exercise as fast as possible with no rest between exercises.

5 Rounds

10 Push Ups
10 Bodyweight Lunges
10 Mountain Climbers
Rest 45 seconds.

“Can”Bell Thanksgiving Workout #2

“Can”Bell instead of KettleBell or Dumbbell….get it?

Using cans for travel workout routines is one of the cool tips taught in MicVinny’s Travel Workout Master Course.

If 1 can is too light, pack as many as you can safely lift into a pillow case, purse, reusable shopping bags or plastic bags.

3 Rounds

50 Bent Over Rows per side
Rest 40 secs
25 Shoulder Presses per side
Rest 40 secs
50 reps of “can”bell swings
Rest 40 secs
25 Jumping Jacks

Rest 90 seconds.

No need for post workout nutrition due to the big Thanksgiving feast that’s coming later.

Exercise While Watching TV

While watching the parades and/or football games, don’t just sit, get some exercise in!

Look at 17 Fun Ways To Get Fit While Watching Football On TV and incorporate those exercises into healthy games with your family!

Eat and Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Meal

Cheat meals are an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve been dieting and exercising diligently for weeks, your body needs occasional breaks. Not only for psychological reasons but physiological as well.

I don’t know if you’re aware, but your body is an incredible machine designed to survive by adapting to situations. If you’ve been in a low calorie deficit, your body will eventually figure out a way to survive with those limited calories and your weight loss will come to a stand still.

That’s why it’s important to raise your calories and shock your body once a week. This throws you body off balance and allows you to start burning fat again as your body tries to figure out how to adapt to this change.

There’s no better calorie increaser than a hearty Thanksgiving meal! The key is to enjoy the meal and not feel guilty. The only shame you should be feeling is if you turn Thanksgiving Day into Thanksgiving Week!

There’s no need to turn one joyous day into a week long binge!

Gather with your family and friends and enjoy this wonderful day! There’s so much to be thankful for. Hopefully by following these tips, your health is one of them!

Now go attack that Turkey!

What One Year Of Calorie Counting Taught Me

Learn what happens when you spend a full year logging your meals in MyFitnessPal!

Ever wondered what would happen if you logged what you ate for a full year?

Using the free friendly food journal app, MyFitnesspal, MicVinny spent the past year recording every meal he ate. What started out as a method to help out the client mentioned in the #1 Best-Selling Book, Just Keep Going, turned into a full year of food journaling.

See what happened on the last day of the journey.

Video Highlights:

  • How I made sure I had enough protein/calories for my day of traveling
  • How I made a healthy choice while eating out at Panera Bread
  • A future idea for a fast food “How To Survive Video”
  • What happened on MyFitnessPal on Day 365
  • Why I don’t recommend you try this experiment
  • Why you need to keep showing up if you want to be successful
  • Stephen Curry & Michael Phelps inspirational commercials

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