How To Quickly Get Through Unexpected Bad News

Ever have your entire day ruined by some bad news?

Isn’t it amazing how your entire day can be changed by a couple of written words or even a 30 second conversation.

Think about that day you woke up perfectly refreshed from your bed. The sun was shining outside as you left your home for work.

“Today is going to be a good day.”

You get ready for your typical 45 minute commute to work. As you drive, you notice all the usually choke points have disappeared. Ever traffic light instantly turns green as you approach.

“Man, must be my lucky day!”

As you get ready to depart your car you see your umbrella in the back seat. With the way the sun is shining, you conclude that the 70% chance of showers was not going to happen.

You arrive to the front door of your office building with a pep in your step. Other workers seem to smile your way.

The day will be a great day.

You get to your office and notice an email from your supervisor. It’s marked urgent so you open it up.

“Love your hard work, but unfortunately I can’t grant you that vacation request. We need you for a big meeting on that date.

You owe me anyways remember.”

Bad News, No Vacation!

That email completely caught you off guard. What once was a smile on your face has now turned into a frown.

“You owe me? I’ve been working my butt off, what does he mean that!”

You then remember the weeks of planning with your family for your beach vacation. You promised them that you would be able to make it. How dare your job take away our happiness!

This unexpected bad news has now shifted your entire viewpoint for the reminder of the day!

Does this story sound somewhat familiar?

A single email from a co-worker can make you go from smiling to completely ticked off in seconds!

It’s amazing how often less than 1% of our entire day can make or break our mode!

Bad news can affect our appetites, our conversations and whether or not we actually work out that day.

It can feel like a punch right in the gut!

What to do about Bad News

I wish I could say that you should “just get over it” and move on.

Human beings are too emotional not to have bad news affect them in some way.

Instead of instantly moving on, I suggest you:

Give yourself five minutes of alone time

It’s time to embrace being human!  Use those five minutes to get all those negative thoughts & emotions out of your system.

For some, your thoughts and emotional energy will be nothing but anger.

For others it may involve some crying.

As long as you are not physically or emotionally harming another person, do whatever it takes to get it out of your system!

Call a buddy if you have to.

Tell them you need a couple of minutes to vent and let it out!

Once you have it out of your system by addressing it, it’s NOW time to move on by replacing those negative thoughts with positive memories.

Remember all those awesome moments you were having BEFORE you got that bad news? Rewind yourself and get back on that path!

Think about how awesome your day was and will continue to be.

That bad news was only a temporary glitch. Don’t allow it to control your life for hours, days or weeks!

Bad news is going to happen. The mark of being successful is not letting that information keep you from achieving your goals.

Whether that’s your diet, exercise or career goals, always keep your eyes on the overall prize!

7 Helpful Ways to Spring Clean Your Health

Cleaning your house is one thing but what about spring cleaning your health?

Yes, seriously!

It’s time to develop a positive mindset by using springtime as a way to gauge your fitness progress.

Here’s some awesome ways to analyze your healthy habits and achievements while you’re spring cleaning your home.


There’s nothing more frustrating then cleaning and organizing a dirty closet.

When bringing out your seasonal clothes, you know you will have to pack up the clothes you’ve been wearing for the past couple of months.

Use this packing time as a way to assess your progress. It’s been over six months since you’ve worn your warmer climate clothes.

How do they currently fit?

If they’re too snug, you know you gained a few pounds.

If they’re loose in the waist, then you know you probably lost some significant belly fat.

Are you happy with this new version of you?

If not, you now know what type of fitness plan you should be doing to get the body you desire.
This makes it easier to decide between going on a fat loss plan, going on maintenance routine or choosing to put on some more lean muscle.

Don’t be afraid to let your closet be your progress measurement test!



Let’s play an easy game.

Look in your pantry and write down how many colorful boxes you see.

Now that you have that number, look at the ingredients of those boxes. If the ingredient list has more than 3 ingredients, there’s a 99% chance that you shouldn’t be eating that item!

When looking in that pantry try to identify your trigger foods (see: 4 Release The Beast Chapters That Teach You Environmental Control).

If you struggled with over eating those foods during the past couple months, it’s time to say goodbye to them this spring!

A month from now, go through that pantry and count the number of colorful boxes again. If you have more or the same amount of boxes, there’s a pretty good chance that your weight has increased or stayed the same based on those foods.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that your number is consistently low!

Get rid of that junk food that’s holding you back!


Look at the expiration dates of all the containers inside your refrigerator. If expired, toss it. There’s no need to keep expired food in your home.

Now see what fresh food you have in there. Is there any fresh fruit or veggies? If not, you know what you should be getting from the grocery store!

If all you see is take out boxes and MORE items in colorful boxes…toss it!

The healthier the ingredients, the shorter the shelf life of that food.

And yes I know that I have some frequent travelers reading this post. I know that it may be hard to keep fresh veggies and meats in your fridge due to the traveling lifestyle.

Which brings me to the next topic…


What do you have stored in your freezer?

Can you see any resemblance of frozen vegetables?

If you’re a person on the go and have had fresh vegetables spoil on you frequently then you should be buying frozen vegetables.

It’s a great way to ensure that always have veggies available to be eaten in your home.

Just be cautious that if you see a block of ice surrounding your frozen vegetables, it’s time to toss them!

Freezer burn is a real thing!

Not only with vegetables but with meat as well.

I highly recommend that when you buy meats, you get family sized packs. Not only are you getting more meat, but also you’ll save more cash in the long run.

Once you have the family packs, just split them up in Ziploc bags and freeze portions of the meat. That way you will always have good quality food around ready to thaw out and cook/serve.

If you find more colorful boxes in your freezer (ice cream, popsicles, frozen pizzas, lean cuisines, etc.)…. It’s time to upgrade to having better quality food in that freezer!


This may sound odd, but check out that oven. Your oven should be cleaned out at least once a year.

The best time is spring because you can have all the windows open to make sure the cleaning fumes don’t bother you.

If you have a self-cleaning oven, the temperature to get that done is extremely high so you want to air out the area!

The reason I want you to look at you oven is simply because…are you using it? Seeing a dirty oven is signs that that oven is getting frequently used!

And if it’s being used, what have you been using it for?

Have you been making healthy home cook meals? Or have you just been using it to warm up food from those colorful boxes?

Assess your situation and choose the right path!

Kitchen Table

As that table gets a quick wipe down, think about all the meals you’ve eaten at that table.

Umm wait…. have you actually been using that table to eat?

What meals take place at that table?

Do you eat alone or with the family?

These simple questions can help you figure out what your eating lifestyle is like.

If you never eat there, chances are you’re always eating out and most likely making poor decisions. People that make home cooked meals typically eat healthier than those who eat out frequently.

If you are a person always on the go, when you bring meals back are they healthy?

Are you eating them at that table?

Assess and start making better decisions during the upcoming months.

Family Room

When going through that family room think about what you utilize that space for. Is the TV the focal point?

Do you actually communicate with your family while in that room?

I mean do you actually make eye contact with another living being.

Is your head down looking at some electronic device?

Can you have a conversation with a cell phone in your hands while in your family room?

Is your head completely glued to the TV?

It’s humbling isn’t it? Our society has seemed to make this room into a lazy zone.

We would prefer to just sit down and be a zombie than actually be a family when inside this room.

If that’s been you, change your philosophy up and have more human interactions when in this room. It will make you feel better, trust me!

These were some simple ways you can use spring cleaning as a way to jumpstart the next phase of your health. Tell me what you think!

Join the VIP group and let me know!

How To Build Positive Momentum For Those Unavoidable Rough Days

Ever have a day where you were just flat out exhausted?

As the evening approaches, you are faced with a critical decision……Do you have enough energy to workout at the gym or should you just skip your workout?

Or how about whether you’re going to eat that healthy meal or cave in for some cheap, easy fast food?

We all are faced with easy decisions every day that add up over time.

In today’s video post, MicVinny tells you why it’s important to find your one constant so that no matter how you feel on a particular day, you can keep building momentum towards your overall fitness goals!

Video Highlights

  • Identifying your life’s patterns
  • What’s your excuse?
  • Stop convincing yourself that you’re tired
  • All it takes is one small positive thing to build positive momentum

6 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Coming Off A Diet

You see it all the time. A person goes through an epic transformation. They lose ten or more pounds plus inches off their waist. But the moment they finish their diet program, they gain it all back within a month.

Have you ever wondered why that happens?

Has that happened to you in the past?

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared

Beauty and the ……..errrr  I mean….You coming off your diet!!

I just finished my own 14-day No Sugar Challenge that allowed me to easily drop 7 pounds. Now that I’m switching my eating routine again, I’m all about making sure that my weight doesn’t climb back up.

In order to do that, let’s talk about the common diet pitfalls that we should avoid:

Forcing A Diet On Everyone Else

Just because a diet plan worked for you doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone else. Too many people try to force their diet on others. It’s good that you want to help people out, but the truth is that people will come find you when the time is right.

If the time is not right for those people to get on a diet, your victory will be meet with nothing but pure hatred. Again it’s good to feel good about yourself, but don’t start to brag.

Nobody likes that!

When forcing your diet on others you soon start to realize that you’ll be on your own isolation island. With no friends and support, it’s only a matter of time before you get depressed and go back to your old bad habits.

You Go Back to Your Old Lifestyle

When some people go on a diet plan, they treat it as if they are being torture. The only way they make it through is that they tell themselves that after X days they will be able to be “themselves” again.

The problem with being “themselves” again is that the old version of them is what made them have to diet in the first place.

If you finish a diet plan with that mentality, you’re telling yourself that it’s acceptable to have bad behaviors. You’re saying that this new slimmer version of you is not the real you.

You Panic When The Scale Goes Up

For those who go on low carb diets, this one’s for you!

Just because a scale goes up in number does not mean that you gained fat!

Don’t forget that your lean body mass is also composed of bone, muscle and water.

When coming off low carb diets, your body will start absorbing and retaining water more as you introduce carbs to your eating. That’s normal! There’s no need to panic.

That’s why the key is to slowly raise your calories. If you went from a 21 Day “All Salad diet” to 3 days of steak with baked potatoes, you should expect to gain weight from the carbs as your body replenishes it’s glycogen storage levels.

You Assume Bad Habits Are Gone

If you went through a diet just to lose weight than you forgot one key ingredient. It’s not the diet that’s the problem; it’s you old lifestyle that was the problem.

You should have gone on a plan that helped you develop healthy eating habits. Ignoring the true psychology behind why you eat is the only way to get rid of those bad habits.
A slim frame is only a mirage. Too many people chose to ignore the mental aspect of getting in shape. Don’t fall for that trap!

You Have An All or None Mentality

I’ll admit that I can be guilty of this. It’s where you’re either all in or not at all.

If you’re on a diet, you’re on a diet.

If you’re not you’re not.

What this creates is drastic highs and lows. So when you experience weight loss, you have great results.  But the problem is that when the diet is over, you overindulge to the EXTREME.

You just overeat and overeat and overeat…

With these two extremely different eating patterns, your weight loss will never stick and within weeks you’re back to where you started.

You Refuse To Get Help While In Maintenance

I feel this is the biggest mistake of them all. Most people only seek help to lose weight or gain muscle.

Few actually understand that they will need to understand how to maintain that new body. Being in maintenance mode is one of the most overlooked aspects of fitness.

It seems that we are always searching. For the few that actually get to their finish line they then realize it’s a whole new ball game.

They’ve become a new person and have no idea of how to stay there.

Remember, they had fought for weeks to get to this goal. Once there it can become overwhelming if you don’t have the proper guidance and leadership.

What worked to get you to lose 20 lbs. isn’t the same skills you’ll need to stay at that weight.

Your exercises will still have to be intentional. You will still have to be careful not to go overboard too much. Maintenance is a very stressful time period. If you don’t know anyone that’s been there, the chances of you lasting won’t be long.

That’s why I would like to offer you a lending hand.

If you need help in not only getting to your goal but also maintaining it, why not join MicVinny’s VIP Group.

It’s filled with people with goals such as yourself.

Not only are they seeking to lose weight, a lot of them are just trying to make sure their hard work doesn’t get lost!
Sign up today!

Are You Really Losing An Hour When The Clock Goes Forward?

“Oh my gosh! The clocks are going forward!

Spring is almost here!”

“……..But I don’t want to lose an hour of sleep!”


R-E-L-A-X…. as Aaron Rodgers would say! Your pal MicVinny is here to discuss with you the importance of not over analyzing daylight savings time!

Video Highlights:

  • Is it really just one hour you’re losing every day?
  • How time wasters are really taking multiple hours away
  • Is watching TV really a priority?
  • What do you do when stuck in traffic?
  • Why you should start being aware of how you spend your time
  • Learn to appreciate what you do have in your life