Why You Should Not Wait Until After The Holidays To Start Your Fitness Plan!

During the holidays, it’s very easy to put on weight and cave in to the season. 

That can easily snowball into a week long binge of holiday goodies . 

Here’s a simple message from MicVinny to keep you motivated to get through the holidays and kick start your usual New Year’s resolution goal, TODAY!

Video Highlights:

  • Why you don’t have to wait until the new year to start your fat loss fitness plan
  • The best-selling book that will help you survive this time of the year
  • Don’t forget to have fun during the holidays
  • Take small steps NOW to get started

Why Losing Weight During The Holidays Sucks!


What’s the first image that pop’s into your head when thinking about the holiday season?

I’ll give you five seconds.


So what did you think of?

I’m betting that you thought of one of the following:

  • Food
  • Gifts
  • Decorations
  • Cold Weather
  • Family

Can you guess what all five have in common?

I’ll give you another five seconds to guess…


Believe it or not all five of those potential thoughts are causes of holiday stress.

And can you guess what happens when you’re stressed out?

Weight Gain!

In the midst of the celebrations, our travels and eating decisions, we start packing on the pounds. That’s why the holiday season is such a tough time of the year to actually lose weight. Even maintaining weight can be difficult with all the distractions.

Let’s explore exactly why it sucks to lose weight during the holidays.

Work Holiday Parties

Who doesn’t like a good party?

Too bad typical holiday parties are nothing more than an excuse to eat as many baked goods as possible! Think about it. How many healthy dishes do you typically see at a holiday office party?

Have you ever seen a tray of sauceless lean grilled chicken breasts?

How about a bowl of steamed veggies?

Nope, you’re not going to see many vegetables at a holiday party unless their covered in cheese or breading.

Baked goods run the show at office parties. It’s been that way for years. If baked goods are the highlights of the party, the opening acts are typically greasy, sweet and salty but delicious.

You know the culprits: meatballs, chicken wings, fried chicken, casseroles, cheese platters, chips & dip, etc.

And guess what happens to the leftovers?

They’ll be around the office for a few days and/or you’ll end up taking your leftovers home and feel obligated to polish them off.

Who’s going to lose weight eating all those cakes, cookies and pieces of honey glazed ham?

Days Get Darker

The holiday season is the beginning of seasonal change from fall into winter. What use to be sunny days upon awakening have now turned into the black abyss of darkness.

Is nothing more depressing than leaving for work in the dark and than coming home….in the dark! That work cycle can easily lead to depression.

So what do depressed people like to do?


Its Cold Outside

The holiday season is also when the weather starts to finally (thanks global warming!) settle down and stay colder. When faced with colder elements, who out there craves a crisp cold salad?

Naw, when its cold outside we want some comfort foods. Give us soups and stews. We want classic staples that make us feel warm inside.

Too bad the majority of our comfort foods are filled with carbs and fats. That lethal combination makes it hard to stay lean in the waist!

So Many Holidays In A Row

People tend to think of the holiday season as starting after Thanksgiving and lasting until New Year’s Day. I have a different opinion. I believe that the holiday season actually starts on Halloween.


That’s the first taste of the seasons “forbidden” fruit. As kids, we would get our first big score of candy and devour it as soon as possible. That’s the start of us craving sugar during the season. That satisfaction can only be satisfied by eating more of it.

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, we use that craving to eat as much goodies as possible which then just snowballs for the remainder of the holiday season.

If sugar is the focal point of your eating for almost three straight months, you’re not going to lose weight! There’s just too much temptation around.

We Travel

If you’re one of my typical readers, you already know how hard it is to travel.

For those unfamiliar with traveling every month, they get a good glimpse into the road warriors lifestyle during the holiday season. If you are not properly educated and equipped to handle life on the road, you’re doomed to pack on the pounds.

Add in the explosive variable of visiting relatives and you got a mathematical equation for weight gain. No matter how much you love your family, traveling during the holiday season can be VERY STRESSFUL!

Traveling Examples:

  • Waiting lines at the airport….
  • Traffic on the highway…..
  • Trying to find that perfect gift……
  • Getting out of your normal routine……

And the reason you get to travel is because your probably on…


Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing. You’re away from your job and just want to enjoy yourself. What’s the easiest way to embrace this new found freedom?

You over indulge!

You typically do not hold back from eating goodies when you’re on vacation mode. Your mind shifts and you justify everything you do. You move at a slower pace which causes you to not be in a hurry.

What sounds like a good thing can easily backfire on you. Because of the lower relaxed lifestyle you’ll find it easier to be lazier than you planned on being.

A lazy person typically will do what’s easy. The easiest thing to do during the holiday season is to gain lots of weight!

So What’s The Answer

Know that you know why it’s so hard to lose weight, what do you plan on doing about it?

Will you just cave in and cry over a tub of caramel popcorn?

If you are a person and are serious about maintaining or losing weight during the holiday seasons, I highly recommend you check out one (or both) of these #1 best-selling books.

Just Keep Going!: Avoid Seasonal Weight Gain And Finally Finish Any Fat Loss Diet Plan!


Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical And Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!

Both were written to help you develop the skills you need to overcome the obstacles of the holidays.

Even though it appears that losing weight during the holidays suck, it can be done!

With a proper mental attitude and a support system, you can easily stay on track while still having fun during the holiday seasons.

There’s nothing wrong about having fun during the holiday seasons. Just be sure that you understand the difference between an occasional indulgence and over doing it.

If you struggled in the past, check out the books. Or if you need extra help, sign up for some accountability coaching and/or online training, and I’ll help you get through your tough holiday times!

Stop Wasting Time & Start Investing In Your Body!

How much money is your health worth? In this video, MicVinny begs you to start investing in your own body!

Are you actually investing in your body?

Would people actually want to pay money to have your body?

Think about your last 5 meals.  Are those foods helping or harming your investment?

When you buy clothes, do you only buy items under $5 that will last for a few weeks?

Or do you prefer quality and buying clothes that will last for years?

MicVinny’s here to help you change the way you perceive the foods you eat while traveling and at home.  

Video Highlights:

  • Start thinking of your body like a reliable luxury car
  • Stop waiting until next year or tomorrow…get started today!
  • Why investing in your eating and exercise now is the best investment you can make!
  • You are what you eat (i.e.: Cheap meals equal a cheap looking body)
  • Why you are WORTH the effort!

8 Undeniable Signs That You’re Just Lazy & Unhealthy

“Just Remember, it’s not a lie…if you believe it”

Do you remember that classic Seinfield quote?  It’s something that we unknowingly do daily in our lives.

When working our jobs and/or raising kids, we brainwash ourselves into thinking that there is never enough time to do anything. We will choose to complain instead of making time available.

We will make up every excuse in the book as to why our lives are the way they are instead of actually doing something about it.

The #1 excuse people have for not being in shape is that they do not have enough time.

Simply taking the time to make changes in our diet or exercise plan…….

NOOO, you’re not going down that path today!

It’s YOU again! Why don’t you just let me finish my thought…

STOP IT!! It’s time for me to take control over your stupid blog again

Not again… get away from my keyboard….

<fighting noises>

Ahhhh, IT’S SO good TO BE BACK in the house!

MicVinny the chump is currently locked away in a closet so that I can finally talk to you again.

If this is the first time reading this blog, let me say that you’re not crazy.

What just happen was that I finally got control over this blog post again!

You can call me Bubba. I’m the version of MicVinny that he’s been trying to hide away for years. I’m the result of all those skipped workouts and binges.

I’m the result of him getting a little too happy during Thanksgiving!

MicVinny always thinks he can leave me behind, but i’m always in the dark waiting for him to fall!


It appears that he was going to attempt to shame folks for not going to the gym and working out. Or for them just being human and not always having the time to be “perfect.”

There’s nothing wrong with some pizza every night! The more pepperoni the better I always say!

Join me in having some fun analyzing MicVinny’s 8 Undeniable Signs That You’re Just Lazy & Unhealthy. This should be fun!

You spend more hours watching TV in a day than you spend working out for the week.

There’s nothing wrong with watching TV. Does he not realize the amount of TV shows that are on!
We are living in a new golden age of television. We have cable TV, premium channels, netflix, hulu, video on demand, amazon, etc.…The choices are endless!!

Doesn’t he realize that we must watch it all!

If we want to be in the coolest social conversations we have to know what’s going on in ALL these TV shows. The only way to do that is by binge watching.

To binge we MUST sit on our behinds for 5 plus hours. That’s non-negotiable! Can we not be entertained! Who needs a workout when there’s more important stuff on TV.

The only time you’re outside is when you walk from your home to your car

Being outside is overrated. Who wants to hear the stupid birds chirp. Mankind was made to be indoors, if not we would have not invented HVAC systems to keep us warm in the colder months and cool during the hot months.

There’s no need to know our neighbors anymore. If there’s yard work to do, we can always just hire someone to take care of it. We work hard enough at our jobs. Why waste more time by going outside.

I’m going to avoid being outside until it’s warm again.

All your Fall/Winter clothes from last year are too small

Isn’t this one completely stupid. Of course last year’s clothes are going to be small. We’ve gotten ripped!

My muscles are HUGE now! My waist is bigger due to all that 6 pack in my abdominal area. I’m just too much man for those old clothes.

For others out there, I’m sure your clothes don’t fit because of that growth spurt you underwent. Its common for folks to go through growth spurts as they age.

We could always use some new clothes right? We have to keep up with the latest fashions so change is inevitable. MicVinny was so wrong about this!

You have snacks for everything


Kid with bag of Doritos on couchAgain..what is this dude talking about?

He doesn’t understand that when watching football, you must have some potato chips! While watching a good movie, it’s necessary to have that large tub of popcorn with the natural butter.

And if i’m eating chips and popcorn, who doesn’t wash it down with a good soda pop right.

When eating my lunch I have to have me some Little Debbie snack cakes. Does he not realize that those snack cakes are what makes lunches special? I don’t care if I am an adult, their must be a sweet snack in that lunch box!

I use to be told that snacks would ruin my dinner, but now that i’m old it’s ok to have cookies when we get home from work. That just makes us appreciate the dinner even more. Snacks are awesome and necessary to survive a tough day!

You have sugar with a side of breakfast in the morning

Cute. Real cute.

I just want to slap that guy in the mouth some times.

He has the nerve to put down the daily breakfast routine. I ate some oatmeal yesterday so I bet he feels like an idiot now for saying that.

You know oatmeal is healthy right? It has all that good fiber and complex carbs that the commercials talk about. I even added some raisins to it so I could get some fruit.

That was a great healthy breakfast!

I felt so proud of myself that I only added 5 tablespoons of brown sugar instead of the normal 6. I washed it down with a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks.

Well it was a more like a frappuccino but I made sure there was a vegetable in it …..by getting the pumpkin spice version.

You eat less than a handful of vegetables a day

Veggie what? I just told him I had some veggies in my pumpkin spiced frappuccino. That’s a full days servings right there!

Not to mention the fact that I eat ketchup with my french fries. Two more quality vegetable sources right there. Then you can’t forget about the lettuce and tomato slice on the burger.

That’s a handful right there is it not? That whole burger fitted in my hand!

You think diet soda is healthy

You can’t be expected to go all day without drinking something sweet right? That’s blasphemy!

We should be given large amount of kudos points for even daring to drink something with “diet” in its name. I personally am a fan of the Zero drinks. You know Coke Zero, Pepsi Zero.

Between those and the diet sodas, there’s ZERO calories in those drinks! Zero calories is zero calories. We’re being healthy!

All the healthy folks drink diet sodas more than they do water. MicVinny needs to get up with the times. Water is for suckers and wannabe bodybuilders!

You spend more time looking for a closer parking spot up instead of just walking to the store

Who’s going to park their car at the first parking spot and walk to the store? You never see that so what’s this dude talking about? You better believe i’m going to find the closest spot to the store as possible.

Not only in that first row, but i’m going to circle that entire sparking lot to find that ideal close spot. Even if it takes five minutes because I earned that parking spot by looking so diligently.

Sure I could have parked and walked in the store by than but that’s not the point. My car deserves to be parked up front so I can be seen. I’m going to have a lot of bags and don’t need to do any extra work to put that in my car. No thank you!


So that was MicVinny’s list of items that was supposed to make us feel ashamed, lazy and unhealthy. I don’t feel any of those things!

As a matter of fact, while he’s locked in that closet I think I’m about to make a run to Dunkin Donuts for a snack. When I say run of course I mean i’m driving my car.

Who walks a quarter of a mile for a doughnut? Only losers like MicVinny!

He should be back next week….(if he can pick that closet lock hahahahaha)

Bubba out!

Why Every Day Is A Blessing To Be Alive

Are you truly thankful for your blessed life?

Do you only show gratitude on Thanksgiving?

Why not be better than average and show gratitude on a daily basis!

Watch the video to get inspired to be a good person every day of your life.

Life is not just about fitness and yourself! Get involved in the world and remember the blessings in your life!

Video Highlights:

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  • Do you still care about the Flint, Michigan water crisis? (Be honest!!!)
  • Try to be thankful for one thing every day