How Wasting Summer Vacations Affect Kid’s Futures

A few weeks ago, kids across the nation were yelling with joy! School was over! Summer was officially here! It’s all about that summer vacation baby!

Why do kids think they need such a lengthy vacation?

Children have no idea what real work is when they’re young. They think that spending 8 hours a day learning and doing stuff is the most stressful thing in the world. Waking up early in the morning and coming home late in the afternoon is the equivalent of a prison sentence to a child.

The national holidays, teacher’s workdays, winter breaks and spring breaks are meaningless to them. They think they deserve even more time off because it’s hard to just show up and learn about the world.

Now as an adult, when you look back, school doesn’t sound so bad does it? You only have to tolerate a couple of long months but you get over 16 weeks of time off each year. All you have to sacrifice is learning new information every day for FREE (unless you’re in private school).

Sweet deal compared to the working world.

Have you ever seriously considered that how you handled your summer vacation as a child most likely reflects the way you approach time off as an adult?

Summer Fun Timeline

Kids have about three straight months of no school. When you’re young that seems like an eternity! First there are a few weeks in June. You tell yourself that you’re going to pace yourself and take it easy. After all, you just had a stressful school year. No need to hurry into the vacation!

Next thing you know it’s the 4th of July. It’s the holiday that let’s you know you’re definitely on your summer vacation! School is a distant memory. When you blink your eyes, all of a sudden August comes creeping in.

Just hearing the name of August starts to send shivers down kid’s minds because they know summer is starting to fade. All those plans they had seemed to be forgotten as they try to slow things down.

As August days turn into the teens, kids can start feeling that September morning crisp air breathing on their necks. Their minds feel with thoughts of book bags, school buses and cool mornings.

Do you find yourself pacing your current vacations/time off in that same fashion? You have all these great plans but let them slip away.
Is it fun at first but than as the last days approach, you start to get depressed because it’s almost over?

Watching TV

Kid with bag of Doritos on couch

My #1 thing as a kid was to watch TV! It was amazing to find out all the programs you were missing on because you were busy at school. Who knew talk shows, soaps and daytime reruns were so interesting!

As an adult it feels almost naughty to watch daytime TV. Like an astronaut exploring a brave new world, it’s something most of us know nothing about. We browse channels and realize that our old favorite shows still come on syndication! Score!

Of course in modern times, everybody does their own video streaming. But is it just me, or do you spend more time DECIDING what to watch vs. actually watching your streams?

Sleeping In

With no bedtime a kid’s favorite summer vacation past time is staying up late at night. There’s no school in the morning, so why not stay up late!

I remember just watching movies, and TV during my late summer nights. I have no idea why kids across the globe do the same thing. Going to bed late means you’re going to get up later each day.

It’s a bad habit that just keeps going and going which leads to nothing being accomplished. It’s amazing at how destructive we become to ourselves when we have no defined purpose for our days.

Think about Friday nights as an adult. How many of us go to bed at a set time? Majority of us stay up late and have fun! Give someone three free months and they’ll do the same thing.


Garfield the cat being lazyThere’s a reason vacations are only a couple of weeks long. Human beings have a tendency to make something so wonderful into something awful. When presented as adult with the ability to have 3 months of free vacation, what would most of us do?

We would like to believe that as intelligent adults we would have a great detailed plan. The truth is the majority of us would revert back to our kiddie ways and squander the opportunity.

Three months is a ton of time to develop new habits and get your life in order.

How many of us would actually do that?

We spend so much of our time caught up in our work lifestyles that we never take the time to really enjoy this thing called life.

My Wasted Trips

After two years of being an international business developer, the frequent traveling lifestyle burned me out. I stop doing exciting things during my long oversea trips. I would rather sit in my hotel and watch local TV that was in mandarin instead of going out in the city. One twenty-minute adventure per trip was good enough for me.

I think it all originated from the way I spent my summers as a youngster. I didn’t know how to properly take advantage of a great opportunity. Kudos to the business travelers who don’t just stay in their hotels during their trips but actually go out and explore life!

Save Their Future

Family Guy Pepperfridge farm memeIf you got some kids in your home this summer doing absolutely nothing with their free three months, do them a favor and:

1) Turn off their TVs
2) Kick their butts outside to get some fresh air
3) Let them be active and get some exercise

They may hate you now but you’ll know that something so simple will help them have better dynamic healthy vacations later in life!

Why A Busy Professional Needed Traveling Fitness Help

Nine years ago I was officially obese.

I wish I could say it was a secret but every time I look at old photos, I can easily see the extra weight.

None of my family or friends who saw me on a regular basis ever confronted me about my physical transformation.

There was no intervention.

I was a known gym rat and claimed to know everything there was about weightlifting, supplements and living a healthy life. In my mind, the extra weight was all muscle.

Sorry twenty something Mikey…You was severely overweight!

Maybe nobody knew I was overweight due to my height. I’m around 6’ 3”. The first thing question I normally get asked is

“So did you use to play basketball?”

It’s a fair question because of my naturally tall athletic looking appearance. My face and arms look the almost the same whether I weight 175 pounds or 240 pounds.

Could that be the reason I didn’t see it?

First Warning Sign

The weight gain sneaked into my life while I was doing my first major job search. I had just completed my first ever contract job and was looking for another job. Luckily, I saved enough money that allowed me to survive six months of unemployment.

It was a stressful time as I had just moved into my first apartment without roommates. I believe that this situation initiated the weight gain process.

With no job, I would just go to the gym in the mornings. I remember telling myself that I was going to start bulking up by getting stronger. Boy what I wouldn’t give to see myself wasting those months away with cookie cutter workout routines.

If I could time travel, I would gladly pimp slap the past version of me in the face!

At the time, I thought I was getting stronger with the routines. The reality was that my form and technique was awful. I cared too much about the amount I was lifting instead of actually DOING the lifts.

What I mean by that is that I lacked the patience of correctly building a solid foundation and doing the movements correctly. I saw using less weight as a something to be ashamed of. In my mind, I thought I should ALWAYS be increasing not decreasing weights.

Is it no wonder that my “healthy” eating and workout regime led to 20 more pounds of fat in four short months?

New Job Same Problem

By the time 2008 arrived, I had a new job in a new city. I quickly befriended new co-workers and locals. Their first impression of me was at 235 pounds. I would tell them how I loved working out and would suggest tips.

Looking back, is it no wonder they didn’t take me seriously?

After several more months, I saw the scale say 265 pounds.

265 pounds!Michael V. Moore in Singapore in 2008



How could that possibly happen to a guy who’s been reading and implementing online muscle building routines from great sites such as T-nation and

Seeing the scale say 265 pounds made me realize for the first time in my life I was actually obese!

What made the revelation even worse, was that I no longer worked a “normal” 9-5 schedule. I was now a frequent traveler!

Traveling and Working Out

Long hours, stress and fast food was my daily ritual. Was the traveling lifestyle making me unhappy or was it my obesity?

I graduated college at around 185 pounds. A year later I went up to 195 due to me not walking around the city of Philadelphia anymore for survival. Every year I kept creeping up to around 210 pounds. I did have a job from 2005-2006 in which I was on feet for almost 12 hours a day, so my weight stabilized around 205 pounds.

Once I had the traveling job, all that was out the window. I had a job in which I was sitting down for 80% of my day. The other 20% was me being active at the gym.

Yes, despite the massive weight gain, I was STILL WORKING OUT AT THE GYM 5 DAYS A WEEK!

That’s the key. I still tried to workout EVERY day. Obvious what I was doing wasn’t working but I was too proud to admit that there was an issue.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Help

You see as I’ve been working more and more into this fitness business, I realize just how dangerous people’s egos are.

Especially guys.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I tried to help someone out at the gym with their squat technique, only to see them add more weights as they continue to use bad form.

If someone see’s a problem and wants to help you, why are we so afraid to accept it. All those years of me bulking up was wasted time! I cringe at how much better I would look today if I had not gone overboard.

If only I had someone to give me a reality check and tell me the truth.

MicVinny Services That Help Busy Professionals

Being someone who lived the traveling lifestyle, I feel it’s my obligation to prevent others from going down the same destructive path I was on. That’s why the first fitness product I created was my e-book, Release The beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!

I created that book because I knew the real problem with being fit is inside our minds. If you don’t have a great mindset, you’re bound to keep failing. It’s a truth that people don’t want to hear and accept but it’s the truth!

In early 2016, I started personal training individuals online. I even offered to train over 3,000 individuals for FREE!

Despite my good intentions, only two people actually took me up on my free offer. Unfortunately, only one actually went through and the other person dropped out before we could begin.

Travel Workout Course

This time around, I decided to ask the people what they wanted. Members of the MicVinny Fan Club as well as several other’s took a survey that told me they wanted a workout routine that they could do while traveling.

As a man of the people, I have spent the last 21 days creating exactly that. It is with long hours, sweat and determination that I can proudly say that the MicVinny’s Travel Workout Master Course is now officially released!

I look at the course as something I wish I had when I was at 265 pounds weight.

I wish I had a course like this that would have made me realize the truth about my work/life situation.

I wish I had someone tell me that there’s more to fitness than just walking into a traditional gym.

I wish I had someone actually care enough about my weight at the time to create something that talked specifically to me.

If that was the case, I would not have been that obese 265 pounds.

Remember I was going to the gym every day. I was eating healthy foods yet I was still overweight.

Does that sound like you?

Stanley from the office shaking his head yes


Looking For Feedback

The beauty of this course is that it is not 100% completed.

As of today’s release date, the course is what I think travelers need in getting a great workout while traveling. But anyone that purchases the course in its early stages, will have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Yes, you still get the chance to let me solve your biggest problems with the course!

How many times have you bought something, and been frustrated that it was not what you expected?

With the MicVinny Travel Workout Master Course, I will be working closely with people who purchase the course to insure that the course meets it’s traveling members demands.

That’s something I wish I had as I struggled with my obesity and intense travel schedule.

Are You Ready To Be In Control?

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Why It’s So Easy To Lose Control While Traveling

At the airport, the decision was made as soon as you saw the prices at the food court.

When going to your Mom’s house, the decision was made when she told you she was making her famous four-layer cake.

When driving on that long trip during the night, the decision was made as soon as you saw the Taco Bell logo on that exit sign.

For your family trip to that amusement park, the decision was made as soon as you bought the tickets.

When traveling for business, the decision was made as soon as you heard the word “bar”.

Traveling = Stress

Traveling is a very stress activity. Whether that’s for a fun vacation or a long-term business trip. The simple act of just leaving our household startles us on an unconscious level.

You work hard in this life to build consistency. That’s why the American dream for so many years was to own your own house. You could live in that one spot for the rest of your life and not have to worry about change.

All your kids would grow up on that street. They would have the same friends throughout childhood. They would all go to the same schools and grow up. Ideally, it isn’t until college that they should start to experience their first major change.


That trip to college is a major milestone. That’s one of the longest trips you go through as a youngster. The college dorm is basically an eight-month hotel filled with other kids just as scared as you are.

Really think about it!

How easy was it to lose control over who you were? Being around new sights and sensations and ideas brought about changes. Where you use to be in control, you found yourself completely out of your comfort zone.

How was your eating at college?

There’s a reason it’s called the Freshman 15. Having access to food that YOU decide was a game changer. No longer did you have to eat what mommy and daddy forced you to eat.

No vegetables…No problem you’ll just double dip on some cookies tonight.

Healthy oatmeal for breakfast…. Forget that! Give me five glazed donuts with chocolate milk & Captain Crunch please!

Doughnut with captain crunch on top of vanilla frosting

First Apartment

Even if you didn’t go to college, your first apartment was just like a traveling experience. You were not sure how long you would be at that place but you knew you weren’t at home anymore. You had to be responsible by paying rent and utility bills.

The act of controlling what you ate every night was new. You either learned how to cook or went out every day. We all had our special drawer stuffed with pizza and Chinese food menus to get us through those “too tired to cook days.”

Travel Mentality

Those college and apartment sensations are similar to what you go through as you travel. At first they are a complete shock to your system. If you don’t learn how to take care of yourself, you’re most likely going to flunk out of college or get evicted from your apartment. Either situation is very traumatic.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you don’t get in control over your traveling experience?

Guy eating a burger while driving his car

We like to think of traveling only as temporary. Due to that mindset it’s easy to not be aware of all the stresses involved with traveling. Not being aware makes it easy to avoid the obvious symptoms of when you start losing control during your trip.

When on the road, convenience becomes a major factor in your decisions. There’s a reason they are called convenience stores. It’s all about getting you to feel comfortable by having all the things you think you need to feel in control at one nice location.

A simple convenience store visit to get something to drink easily turns into some soda, candy bars, chips, sandwiches and sugary snack mix at these stops.


There’s also a reason we call certain foods “Comfort Foods”. These are the foods we love to eat to feel comfortable when stress out. Too bad comfort foods are not always healthy. It’s normally foods filled with lots of calories, fat and carbohydrates.

Samuel L. Jackson eating a burger. Scene from the movie Pulp Fiction

What starts is a viscous cycle of overeating to get satisfied and feeling crappy about it because of the poor food choice. The cycle gets amplified during trips because most don’t realize it’s the travel stress that’s really igniting the mind.

When visiting our loved ones we want to make them feel comfortable by being uncomfortable ourselves and eating whatever special treats they provide. Even if it’s something we normally don’t eat, we will go out of our comfort zone to please them.

Don’t Repeat The Past…Take Control!

sad man eating fast food burger

People have a tendency to let their “healthy living guards” completely down while traveling and than are surprised by the final result.


Because it’s so much easier to do NOTHING at all then to do SOMETHING. Humans are lazy by nature.

If all we had to do was eat one green pill a day for a six-pack body, we still we complain that the green pill was too big.

We will naturally avoid doing something to look good. Especially while traveling.

All our favorite destination vacation spots know this. Why do you think those fast food restaurants staked that territory out? They’re making millions off the fact that you won’t be able to control yourself.

Are You Ready To Be In Control?

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4 Simple Ways To Stop Vacation Weight Gain

“Two more days and counting!”

Bob glances at the calendar and sees a big red circle pinpointing his family’s first vacation of the year. The timing could not be more perfect! Bob has been working non-stop for five straight months.

He needs this vacation!

Bob fantasizes about the looks he’s going to be getting once he’s at the beach. Bob knows he’s been working out hard at the gym. His waistline is at a ten year low! He knows he looks good and wants to show it off at the beach!

Once home, Bob opens his packed suitcase to double check what he packed.

Shorts. Check
Swimming Trunks. Check
Dressy clothes for a fancy night out on the town. Check
Sandals. Check
Digital Camera. Check……

Bob give’s everything he’s packed a nice long looker.

“I think I have a everything. This is going to be great!”

Vacation Time

Driving a car in national lampoon's vacation


Bob arrives to the airport, and uses the rollover cart to make carrying his luggage easier.

“No need to waste some energy right.”

After purchasing his ticket, there’s a flight of stairs and an escalator. Bob takes the escalator and stands still while the escalator moves him vertically about twenty feet.

Bob finds his gate and sits down. He has an hour and half to board and wants to be prepared.

Seeing a candy bar sale, Bob get’s up from his seat and walks to the airport’s convenience store.

“I haven’t a Snicker’s in months! Five for $3! That’s a steal!”

Once on the plane, the flight attendant asks Bob which beverage he would like. Bob chooses Coke as he chews on his second candy bar.

“This is going to be a great vacation!”


Lampoon's family photo from old cast and new 2015 cast


Two hours later Bob and his family arrive at their hotel alongside the beach. They take the elevator up to the third floor and burst open the door. The room is all what Bob thought it would be and more!

While settling in, Bob here’s a grumble in his tummy. It’s grub time! With his family jumping for joy, Bob decides to keep it simple and goes to the fast food joint next door. It’s fast, cheap and the kids will love it with no problem.

Bob orders the #3…and a small vanilla shake. Bob is on a vacation after all!

As Bob slowly walks back to his room, Bob notices the hotel’s gym and swimming pool.

“Oh, I didn’t know they had such a nice gym. I probably should have brought my gym shorts. If I have time, I’ll get in a few sessions.”

Bob’s week long vacation goes by in a blur. Bob was able to let go and just have fun. He never second guessed what he was doing and just lived in the moment. Bob had a blast eating out and letting the stress melt away from his mind.

Like all great vacations, they have to end at some point. Bob eventually made it home late Sunday night. As Monday arrived, Bob dreaded having to get back to work.

As Bob got out of bed, he decided to go weight himself on the scale. The number that came back at him was not what he expected!

“What! I gained 15 pounds! Impossible! Oh man!”

Classic Story

Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Vacation
Bob’s scenario happens time and time again when people travel. People that are in decent shape start traveling and then make awful decisions.

Let’s see what Bob could have done better to avoid those 15 post vacation pounds.

Take The Stairs

Bob is a pretty fit guy. His luggage was light enough where he could have walked up the stairs and got a nice workout in.

Carrying a heavy load while going up some steps is a good impromptu workout.

Even going up the escalator he did not have to just stop. He could have walked. That walking habit could have carried over to the hotel. His hotel was on the third floor, which is a nice consistent form of getting extra cardio in.

Be Aware Of Cheap Sugary Treats

Bob caved in and decided to go for a rare cheap treat. He bought himself candy bars because they were on sale and he was on vacation.

What Bob didn’t realize was the candy bars were the start of his bad eating domino affect. Eating that rare treat made it easier for him to have that rare soda on the plane. That sugar in his system made it easier for his brain to desire the fast food at the hotel.

Those three simple choices became the catalyst for the rest of his eating on that entire trip. All of it could have been avoided if Bob would have just had a good nutritious healthy snack at the airport instead of something cheap.

Walk More

John Candy as a cop on National lampoon's vacation

With so much free time at the airport, Bob could have gotten a simple walk in while waiting. It seems minor, but that would have been a simple therapeutic exercise that would have reminded him of his true habits of staying in shape.

Walking is often overlooked. You don’t have to be on a treadmill to do this exercise. The more you walk, the better you will look over time.

Bring Workout Clothes

Bob completely forgot his workout clothes. By not having his clothes he was not truly planning on working out while on vacation. Sure he had some shorts and a shirt but in his mind, those aren’t workout clothes.

By not having his gear, he told himself that he wasn’t going to make it to the gym. The gym became secondary and an afterthought.

The Solution For Vacation Weight Gain

This was a vacation for Bob and his family so he had every right to enjoy himself. The problem was that he worked so hard to get in shape before the trip. If he was to only change a few things, he could have had a blast on the vacation and came home a much happier person.

Chevy Chase Hitting Wally's World moose

Now that Bob’s gained some weight he most likely will feel defeated and take longer to get back into shape.

Don’t let that be YOU!!!

Whether it’s for a personal vacation or a business trip, learn how to stay in shape on the road. MicVinny’s Travel Workout Master Course is coming on June 28th!.

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3 Surprising Lessons Hotel Gyms Teach You

They’re out there.

You never know when you’re going to encounter them but boy are they out there waiting to take advantage of you.

Some are dark and damp.

Some are full of wonderful distractions.

Some are smaller than a baby’s room.

Some are equipped with beautiful paintings that make you think you’re at an art exhibit.

Some are hot.

Some are freezing.

Some are easy to find.

Some you have to get through a maze to finally get a glimpse of them.

I’m talking about hotel gyms.

In The Beginning…

Vacationers and business travelers viewed staying at hotels as a way to relaxing getaway. Not too many wanted to exercise while traveling.

Then body images started to irk its way into America’s consciousness. In suburban areas, things called “gyms” started sprouting up. Over time these “gyms” became big businesses as more adults started to gravitate towards them.

Instead of living a overall healthy lifestyle, people started thinking that just going to a gym was the missing link in their fat loss equation. As long as you entered those doors you would be magically cured.

Hotels started picking up on this phenomenon.

“Hmmmmm I wonder what would happen if we advertise that we have a gym at our establishment….

Jim go clean out the utility closet!!!”

And thus hotel gyms were born!

Let’s Change The Game
Mystikal's album Unpredictable

My story may not be entirely true but at some hotels it sure feels that way!

Hotel gyms can be as unpredictable as Mystical. They are either great or awful. If you regularly go to a big local fancy gym, you’re accustomed to a large space with a lot of options. Going from a gym behemoth to a hotel gym can be a huge letdown.

I’m here to help get your head out of that place. I’m about to shine some light into your world about how you should approach hotel gyms.

Exercise Is More Than A Gym

Corporate gyms and fitness magazines have brainwashed us into thinking that we can ONLY get in shape with barbells, fancy cardio equipment and weight machines. If a big corporate gym doesn’t have the equipment then we shouldn’t do the exercise

They know what’s best for us right?

Did we forget that for the majority of mankind’s existence we didn’t have access to any of that stuff? Now I’m not a Paleo person but it’s amazing how out of touch we’ve gotten with our roots.

There wasn’t always grocery stores around 24/7. People ate by learning how to farm. Not because some hippy magazine told them it was organic and cool, but because they had to survive!

Who needs the gym when you have a farm to attend too! You wake up at the crack of dawn and spend your next two to six hours busting your butt off. The workouts at CrossFit have nothing on Joe Farmer’s AM “I have to make a living” routine!


Before cars were invented, how did you think most folks traveled? On those magical things called feet. They were designed to actually take you places in life. Not just from the couch to your refrigerator door.

Exercise does not exist only inside gyms! Always remember that lesson whether you’re at home or on the road!


Have you ever walked inside a hotel’s pathetic gym and said:

“There’s nothing I can do here”


That awful hotel gym has just pointed out something that’s obvious. You don’t have an imagination. That’s not entirely bad but it let’s you know that you’re not as creative as you think you are.

If you don’t have an imagination at a hotel gym, you’re missing out on some great non-traditional workouts.

The road to being in shape is not just jogging on a treadmill.
It’s not just heavy bench presses.
It’s definitely not arm curls.

There’s a lot more to the fitness game then what fitness magazines try to sell to you. All it takes is one object in that room plus some imagination to have yourself an awesome workout.

Stop Avoiding Your Weaknesses

By not having your typical gym routine equipment available, the hotel gym is forcing you to address other issues. Maybe it’s time you did some single leg workouts to work on your lack of mobility?

When was the last time you actually stretched out your body? Maybe a yoga pose is on the menu.

How about that big stability exercise ball that’s in the hotel room gym. Maybe it’s time you did a hamstring exercise that actually builds your thighs and kicks your butt.

Are you always doing Bench Presses tough guy? How about doing some rear back raises and give those back deltoids some much-needed work.

Being away from your normal workout environment is the best time to take care of all these weak areas.

Travel Workout Master Course Coming June 28th 2016

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