Mike’s Countdown to 195: Week Sixteen

Welcome to Week 16 of me publicly broadcasting my goal of getting down to 195 pounds every Friday until that goal is accomplished.

History Of How I Got Here

2010 – Early 2015
  • Used weight training to lose 80 pounds of fat and than maintained a healthy weight around 205-210 pounds based on home/work lifestyle.
  • 2015 goal to lose 15 pounds of fat which that would equate to about 195 pounds (if no muscle loss)
November 20, 2015
December 2015
January 2016
February 2016

Truth be told, Michael doesn’t care how much he weighs. The real stat that matters to him is his waist. That’s the measurement that tells the real story about his fat loss. One of Michael’s other goals is to have a consistent 34.5” or smaller waist size. Since waist measurements aren’t as sexy as weight loss, he decided to focus on the scale for these countdown weeks, while looking at the waist as a secondary measurement.

WEEK 16: February 26 – March 3 2016

February 26th Stats
Scale Weight: 206 pounds
Waist: 35.0 inches

Week 16 Main Goals

  • Drop scale weight from 206 to 205.5 pounds.
  • Drop waist under 34.9 inches
  • Eat about 1776 calories a day
    • Ideally that breaks down to:
      • 195 grams Protein
      • 160 grams Carbohydrates
      • 39 grams Fat


Observations & Challenges


I’m at a point with my weightlifting program that I know I need a deload week. A deload week is basically a week in which you take it easy at the gym. It can be something as simple as doing on 50% of the weight you normally do for a workout for one entire week.

This allows you to still continue your habit of working out but using light enough weights in which your body can properly heal to prepare for your next weeks training sessions.

My current rotation is:

  • Day 1 :Pull Workout,
  • Day 2: Push Workout
  • Day 3: Rest.
  • Repeat.

So that means I’m only getting two days of rest each week. The workouts go between heavy and light weights. The heavy days are started to take a toll on my recover.


I haven’t necessary went to bed early consistently but I have been getting 7 ½ – 8 hours of sleep for the past week. I took the baby step of making sure I wasn’t up after 11 pm. I can definitely feel a difference in my body when I wake up.


I had no big cheat meal planned this week. I didn’t have a big craving for anything because I feel like I’m in a good place with what I eat. The only cheat meal I had was two consistent nights of eating cake.

It’s interesting because even though I ate the cake, I didn’t go over board with my servings. The cake was homemade and filled my house with it’s warmth. I thought about ignoring it until others finished off the cake. But I know from my past, that it would just lead to one humongous cheat day.

That cheat day would morph until me wanting a sweet substitute for the cake I didn’t eat. So the odds of that cheat day becoming a cheat week would amplify. I went ahead and had some of the cake. And you know what? Yes it was good but I got over it.

I’m at a point where sugary foods are just too sweet for my taste buds. I have no desire to overindulge because I know I’m getting closer towards my goal.


My mind has been pretty focused. I know that when I first attempted this 195 goal, I did not have the right mentality. I thought that I would just cruise to 195 like I’ve done in the past despite the holiday.

Seeing that I’ve been logging this for 16 weeks is truly humbling. It’s a reminder to take each day at a time and keep progressing forward. Doing the tasks in Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside! helps as well.

Food Journal

Here are my delicious food stats for the week:

Mike's Diet Journal Entry for Feb 26 2016 Mike's Diet Journal Entry for Feb 27 2016 Mike's Diet Journal Entry for Feb 28 2016 Mike's Diet Journal Entry for Feb 29 2016 Mike's Diet Journal Entry for March 1 2016 Mike's Diet Journal Entry for March 2 2016 Mike's Diet Journal Entry for March 3 2016

End of Week 16 Stats: March 4th, 2016

  • Scale Weight: 205.8 lbs (0.3 lbs lost from previous week)
  • Waist: 34.9 inches (0.1 inches lost from previous week)
  • 87% Compliant
    • 20 out of 23 meals I ate during the week were compliant with my eating plan

Looking at my daily calorie numbers, I do see I was over my 1776 calorie target for more days than I was on target.  That was due to me experimenting with eating more on my workout days.  It’s just something I wanted to try and now I see the results.

This was another week in which the mirror shows me more than what the scale says. I can see more definition (especially in my back) than previous weeks. That’s a good sign of progress.

I do think I’m getting to a point where I’m not doing enough activity throughout the day to burn extra calories. I’m not a fan of doing cardio to lose weight. I believe that results can be seen with weightlifting once get your diet in order.

Once diet is good, you can just burn more calories simply by lifting weights and moving around more. Simple activities such as walking, doing chores, taking steps, etc. It doesn’t have to be all out crazy conditioning sessions every single day.

I’m going to start adding simple activities such as walking up my stairs every day. In addition to the stair walking, I’ll be changing my workout routine that will use 8 rep sets with 30 seconds rest in between. I think that will be enough stimuli to keep me going.

Once the above stops working, that’s when I will start adding actually workout conditioning sessions.

Upcoming Week 17 goals:

  • Drop scale weight from 205.8 to 204.5 pounds.
  • Waist under 35 inches
  • Eat about 1776 calories a day
    • Ideally that breaks down to:
      • 195 grams Protein
      • 160 grams Carbohydrates
      • 39 grams Fat


16 Weeks Down……10ish Pounds to Go……Just 0.5 inches left to lose from my waist!

Winter is ending soon, will I be able to meet my goal in March?   Tune in for Week 17!

What 100 Days Of Calorie Counting Taught Me

The day started out like any other day. I naturally awoke out of my bed without the need for an alarm. As my eyes glanced at the alarm clock, I was quickly reminded that I had slept past my desired 5:30 AM wakeup time. The time reflected in my eyes flashed 7:30AM in bright red digital numbers.

“Oh well, there’s always tomorrow to get back on track”

With that thought I instantly hopped out my bed and began my morning routine.

I threw on my workout clothes, got a good dose of H20, and did 30 minutes of an abbreviated miracle morning. I then proceeded to the gym. My posterior chain muscles were on the menu that day. This was not a heavy weight day but more of a high rep day so I embraced my intensity and completed the workout.

Once home, I had my lunch as my actual post-workout meal. From there, I drove to my office and posted last weeks blog . In addition to the blog, I met with some new clients and put together a solid training plan.

I dragged myself home around 6 PM and ate my dinner with my lovely wife. Following dinner, we watched a couple of TV shows. As I was watching the TV shows, I entered my food for the day into my online calorie counter.

Somewhere between 9 PM and 11 PM I feel asleep on the couch. I woke myself up and went into the bedroom. That folks is how my February 16, 2016 ended.


It wasn’t until four days later that I realized the significance of Tuesday, February 16, 2016. That date is the day I logged into Myfitnesspal for 100 days straight! When I logged into my Myfitnesspal account I was amazed that it stated I was on day 104. I had to do a double take.

“Wait, I’ve done this for 104 days? When was 100 days?”

I looked back and realized that it was 02/16/2016. A day that was just like any other day on this planet…. but it wasn’t.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 was 100 days of me actually taking the time to document my actual calorie intake, day after day. I’ve logged in online food diaries before but NEVER for 100 plus days straight! This had to be celebrated and talked about. Thus I’ve put together a summary of what 100 Days of calorie counting taught me.


The only way to go that long was through discipline. I got a routine of documenting my food into my journal immediately after finishing a meal. It’s just like any habit; it takes more than 21 days for it to become a part of your life.

That’s what happened with me. The first couple of days, I kept forgetting and almost missed my daily documentation. But over the weeks that followed it became second nature.


lays-chipsIf you ever look at a food database whether it’s from Myfitnesspal, Nutritiondata or myfooddiary, you will always see several entries for the same exact item. Which one is correct? If your database is good enough, you would be able to find the exact product in it (which is why I’m a big fan of Myfitnesspal. It actually allows your mobile phone to scan barcodes to find exact product labels).

Most of the time you’re eating just a simple single item. Let’s say you’re eating a apple. A search in the databases will give you at least 20 different choices. Chances are every single one of them has a different calorie amount. Which do you choose?

After doing this for so long, my best advice to you is to not take it so seriously. There are so many factors that go into how many calories you burn in a day and exactly how many calories are in a food. You should only use the database as an estimator. Don’t expect it to 100% accurate.

I always treat each day as if my calories may be off by plus or minus 200. That’s why I use more than one tool for figuring out if I’m gaining or losing weight. This is where waist measurements, pictures, the mirror and even the dreaded scale can help you figure the real truth.  Never rely on just one source of information.



Without a doubt, the hardest time to track calories is when you eat foods you did not prepare yourself. Especially when you go out to restaurants or eat at friends/family gatherings. You find yourself constantly second-guessing what’s in the food.

“Hmmm did they use one teaspoon or one tablespoon of butter in these vegetables?”

“Shoot, that’s a homemade cake. How much flour? How much sugar? Is it too rude to ask?”

“The menu says it’s sautéed not fried…Is that really true? ”

When documenting the food in your calorie counter, you struggle between either logging every single food item, or just a generic search of the dish you had just eaten. When going to a local restaurant, chances are you won’t even find the menu items in the food database.

With all of this going on, a simple dinner out became a major annoyance!


Guilty dog looking sad while pile of trash behind
The days I hated counting calories the most were the days I strayed from my normal eating plan. Boy were those the hardest days! Here I am, a fitness coach giving guidance to several folks on their own journeys, yet I had just finished a bag of potato chips, two PB&J sandwiches, 6 cookies and a homemade whiskey cocktail. How dare I give them advice!

From Christmas into most of January…………..that was rough! I knew what my past was and here I was repeating the bad habits. Seeing myself constantly inputting that information eventually allowed my old rational side to rise up!

Having daily totals of over 3,500 calories felt like a child screaming in my ears for attention! I had to do something about it. I couldn’t hide from it anymore. I had to face my reality and stop the bad habits!


If a person had an eating disorder in the past, documenting for this long would only lead to more issues. I would only recommend documenting for about a week  to get a grasp of how many macronutrients/calories you are approximately eating.  When first starting a new eating plan and you want to make sure you are getting your marcros right, it makes sense.  Or if you’ve reach a point where you’re trying to problem solve your lack of progress.

Those instances make sense.  Just always remember that it’s more important for you to eat the healthy food than it is to check to see if you are eating exactly 50 grams of fat every single day.  That can lead to a compulsive behavior.

As a fitness coach I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER recommend a person go 100 days with documenting their journey. It can become very motivational at first because you have actual evidence of your eating habits. That motivation starts to wane down when it becomes your normal routine.

All of a sudden you might start to stray from your perfect diet. Then the real truth kicks in; are you going to actually document your embarrassments? Most people would not, and only start logging their good behavior.

I know from my experience that there were days I didn’t want to document what I truly ate because I knew someone would be watching (shout out to the MicVinny Fan Club!). I fear that a dieter would do the same thing if asked to document for so many days straight.  It just becomes easier to lie and falsely represent how you are truly eating.

3 Inner Conversations You Need To Have To Help Release The Beast

With the Super Bowl dominating this past weekend news stories and me having a hard time during my recent weeks of my Countdown to 195, this section of Release The Beast came at a perfect time. During the past couple of days, I read section five of Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside! These 3 chapters forced me to have a long overdue inner conversation with myself. It’s something that everyone who’s serious about making a change in their lives need to do.

Chapter 19: Who Are You?

When I first thought about putting together my Countdown to 195 series of posts, I seriously expected to be done with it once New Year’s rolled around. I was gung-ho and knew how I failed during past holiday seasons. That was not going to be me this year! I was a best-selling author now! I had a Fan Club to support!

It’s amazing how a year ago, when I did not put myself publicly out there, I was able to accomplish a major weight loss with no effort! All I did was workout, ate my targeted numbers, had about one cheat meal a week and slept. That’s all I did for for 21 days straight.

With each bite of various desserts these past months, I’ve felt like a fraud. It’s like I haven’t been myself lately. It’s time I had that one on one conversation because I’ve been hurting my progress so far this year.

Going to the gym and physically working out has NEVER been a problem with me. I know I’m a guy who will give it his all at the gym. Unless I have a major injury, I’m not the type of person to skip a workout.

My biggest achilles heel is when it comes towards eating. The problem with having so much knowledge in fitness is that it becomes EASY to overthink things. If I truly wanted to get down to 195 pounds, I know fifty different ways to eat to get my weight down in a hurry. But that wasn’t the point of my countdown.

The countdown is about an easy realistic approach to get the weight down. That takes months not days to accomplish. Am I currently someone willing to take their time to do what is needed to get down to that weight?

When I truthfully looked at myself in the mirror, I could say that I was NOT CURRENTLY THAT PERSON!  When I first started my countdown, I stated how I did not care about how much I weigh. Throughout the countdown that was true! Little did I know that me not caring was something holding my progress back.

basket of cupcakes

As the weeks have gone by and I’ve bounced back and forth this winter, I now understand that I did not truly want to get down to 195 badly enough. The guy who got under 195 before, was able to do so because there was no pressure to do so from external forces. This time around, I’ve let the pressure of proving myself to critics get to me!

When did I start letting other’s opinions affect me? THAT’S NOT WHO I AM!!!

While typing this up, I’ve been glancing at myself in the mirror. What I see is a guy who wants to help the world get better. I see a guy who wrote a best-selling book that is guaranteed to save people’s lives! What I see is a guy who knows he didn’t try his hardest to eat properly during these cold months. I see a guy who’s had enough and KNOWS its time.

It’s just time. It’s time for me to release the burdens of past winters. It’s time for me to release the temptations of the sugar sirens! It’s time for me to reveal that six pack again that’s hiding under this winter coat! It’s time for me to become that role model that my current clients expect me to be! I’m proud that when they read this they will understand that I TRULY GET THEIR PAST FRUSTRATIONS! Like me, I hope they are ready to…..RELEASE THE BEAST!!

That’s Who I Am!!!!

Chapter 20: Who’s Your Enemy

During the Super Bowl buildup, I hated how the media was putting Peyton Manning against Cam Newton. I just really hated how the media was portraying Cam Newton from the start! Yes, he’s cocky. Yes he celebrates. Yes, he dances after he scores. Yes, he’s an emotional player. But what does that have to do with Peyton Manning?

In the end, the Broncos won the Super Bowl with their great defense. Cam Newton had a awful game and didn’t want to talk about it. Win or lose, the media was going to write nothing but negative things about Cam Newton. So when he was at that press conference,…..what really could he had said that would not have gotten a positive reaction?

I use this example because in this chapter, it talked about finding a enemy. If Cam Newton were to read this chapter after his Super Bowl lost, he would easily be able to find the ammunition needed to fuel his next football season! Every critic, every tweet, every “Tennessee Mom’s letter”, every former NFL player’s “expert opinion”, every sports channel anchor …is doing nothing but providing all the motivation he needs to get to that next level!

So who’s the enemy that will get me towards my next level? I will not put their information publicly out there but I do have some folks in mind. I’ve combined them all into a being I will call “JL”. As the chapter suggested, I wrote all the negatives these people did and it has lit a fire in me!

If I was not a man of honor, I would put their information out there but I’m better than they are! That’s exactly what this chapter was about. Finding that person (or people) out there that you can strive to be better at in all matters of living. Not just working out but in your overall life! It’s very powerful information!

Chapter 21: Reality

My current reality is what made me want to write this blog post so badly! I’m still blessed enough that I can change my body rapidly when eating and working out a certain way. It just comes down to me being consistent.  The problem has been that I’ve been delaying that consistent effort for over a month now.  I now see that I preferred to eat sweets more than I desired to lose weight during cold winter months.

The person I see looking back at me in the mirror and in the photos I took do not reflect who I would like to be (or who I was a year ago!). To get to all my next level goals, I have to accept my current reality and move on from here. The previous 12 weeks of Countdown to 195, DO NOT MATTER! It’s what I do right now that will allow me to Release The Beast!

If you have your own struggles, please do your future self a favor and check out Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!

4 Release The Beast Chapters That Teach You Environmental Control

A big aspect that’s often overlooked when getting into shape is your environment. Most people focus only on their diets and their training routine. Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside! spends four chapters focusing on your actual living environment. Join me as I apply the environmental lessons from the book towards my goal to get down to 195 pounds.

Chapter 15 Basic Food Tools

My kitchen is stocked with all the basic kitchen tools plus lots more. I’m a big foodie so over the years I have purchased lots of kitchen gizmos. Those gizmos have made my meal planning pretty easy. As the years have gone by, I don’t use most of my gadgets as much. It’s always nice to know that they are around if needed.

The pantry in my house consistently contains sauces and seasonings to create various cuisines. We try our best in our household to make our meals exciting. That can be going from Caribbean jerk chicken one night to Indian curry the next.

I’m currently working mostly from home, so I don’t carry my lunch around like I had been doing for most of my adult life. In the Release The Beast Video Course, I show my infamous lunch cooler that got me through many years of eating healthy on the go.

Chapter 16 Create A Safety Zone


This chapter comes at a perfect time. In last week’s Countdown to 195, I mention just how bad my eating week was. I suffered a mini depression spell. It’s hard to know if it was due to the weather OR due to all the crappy eating I was doing. I personally think it was a combination of the two.

Throughout that week (and the week prior) I had been eating foods that I KNOW I shouldn’t eat. They were the foods that for years I had identified as my personal trigger foods. I continued to purse them because sub-consciously I knew I would be getting towards this chapter.

This is the chapter that changes the game when it comes to what you keep in your safety zone. This chapter is all about making trigger food lists.

What is a Trigger Food?

Trigger foods can be identified by one or more of the following:

  1. Contains Sugar
  2. Contains Salt
  3. Contains some sort of fat
  4. One serving size is normally UNREALISTIC

Those combinations basically create a situation in which people just can’t control themselves when presented with the food item. Those are the characteristics of all the classic binge foods. That’s exactly the foods I was snacking on in excess for the past couple of weeks.

Trigger foods are broken down between Yellow and Red Groups. The yellow is more of a gateway drug. That means that these are items that can be in your house and you don’t crave for them. BUT if you were to eat one of them…..it most likely will lead to two servings…which turn to three……which turns you towards eating something else (most likely from your Red trigger food lists.)

Red trigger foods are the foods you KNOW you can’t control yourself with. These are foods that you completely cave in around while in eyesight. An example for me is ice cream. I’ve never been able to just eat a single serving and be satisfied. Give me the whole half-gallon!

Based on the past couple of months, I’ve been able to put together a pretty good list of my trigger foods. Creating this list is probably the ONLY good thing about me not reaching my 195 goal yet. Here are the two lists:

Yellow Trigger Foods

  1. Wheat Bread
  2. Muffins
  3. Soda
  4. Popcorn
  5. Cheese
  6. Candy (see what happened to me after Halloween!)
  7. Peanut Butter
  8. Crackers (saltine and/or Ritz)
  9. Alcohol

Red Trigger Foods

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Potato Chips
  3. Cake
  4. Cookies
  5. Pie
  6. Pastries
  7. Popsicle/Novelty treats
  8. Doughnuts

I have a list of all these foods placed on my refrigerator door. For now on, I’ll be sure to always look at this list before attempting to eat something on this list. It doesn’t mean you will go the rest of your life avoiding these foods. By having these foods written down, it will bring awareness and make you really evaluate whether or not you should be eating that item at that moment in time.

Chapter 17: Shop, Chop & Prep

cart full of groceries

In my household we plan two weeks worth of meals ahead of time. My wife and I pull out a calendar and mark down the meals we would like to have for the next two weeks. Once that is done, we typically go grocery shopping once a week. For us this is the easiest and fastest way to plan.

It’s only my wife and I in our household so I currently don’t have outside influencers making it harder to shop.

In a normal week, we cook about four-five nights a week. On one or two of those nights, we’ll make a big meal that’s designed to last for several days. Given our work/life schedule, we don’t mind cooking as often as we do. The key is to do what works best with your situation.

Chapter 18: Surviving The Office

Oh man, I remember the dreaded office days. For the past couple of months I’ve been working primarily from my home office. So I currently have not had to implement most of the lessons taught in this chapter. It wouldn’t surprise me if I found myself back in a office environment in the next couple of months. If I do, I’ll be sure to come back to this chapter!

But as I read the chapter, it did remind me that I should definitely get up and walk around more often. I have several set of stairs in my house that I should be taking advantage of during my breaks.

Speaking of breaks….I need to start taking them more often! I have a habit of getting in the zone and next thing I know five hours have went by with me at typing away at my laptop!


These are the four chapters in Release The Beast that address your environment. If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly suggest you do!

6 Release The Beast Chapters That Will Jumpstart Your Fitness Plan

Last week, I started my January 2016 journey of using Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside! to get towards my personal fitness goals. In last week’s post, Overcoming Ghosts Of The Past With Release The Beast, I confronted my past. This week, I utilized the book’s Section Two and Release The Beast Workbook in coming up with a plan. Here’s my takeaway from each Release The Beast  chapter.

Chapter 4: Set A Realistic Goal

My goal is to lose 15 pounds of fat. I was tempted to make a realistic goal of losing a pound a week. Rereading this chapter made me aware that was too ambitious of a goal. The reality is that I can only control what goes in my mouth, NOT how my body will react to eating.

My realistic goal is to be at least 80% compliant with my eating for the entire month of January. So that means out of 100 meals this month, 80 of them will be healthy and fit my meal plan.

I normally strive to be 90% or better. Due to the past difficulties I have had during this time of year, I didn’t want to be too restrictive. That means I don’t have to be perfect ever single week. I will look at the month in total.

Given how close to 90% compliant I’ve been during these past few months (holidays excluded), this is a good step in the right direction. It will force me to eat right but not feel super restrained from an occasional splurge.

Chapter 5: Chase The Dream

The reason I go to the gym so much and eat the way I eat is because I want to develop a consistent jaw-dropping body. I want to that guy at the beach that makes the ladies fall in love and the other guys jealous. That look involves a rock hard flat stomach, muscular arms, big legs, a square chest, and big back! This may sound vain, but that’s why I do what I do. It’s exactly why I eat the way I eat.

Realistic Goal: 80% Compliant with my diet for the entire month
Dream: Develop a jaw-dropping body

This chapter tells me that I should go in 3 month intervals for my realistic goals. So for the next three months I will be trying to maintain an 80% compliant diet.

Chapter 6: Pick A Diet


After reviewing this chapter and seeing the 7 fundamentals, I’ve determined that the current program I was on is still good enough to become my primary diet. The diet contains: Vegetables, real food, food variety, lifestyle support, meal frequency, and calorie control with a macronutrient ratio set by me.

My primary diet is a form of Intermittent Fasting. My meal schedule looks something like this:

Workout Day Meal Plan

6:10 AM Pre-Workout nutrition if necessary (BCAAs)
6:30 AM Gym
7:30 AM Post-Workout nutrition (1 piece of fruit OR BCAAs)
12:00 PM Lunch: Lots of vegetables. Equal ratio of protein/carbohydrates
6:30 PM Dinner: Big meal of protein/carbohydrates/vegetables. Remaining calories for day. Majority of carbohydrates are eaten at this time.

Non-Workout Day Meal Plan

12:00 PM Lunch: Lots of vegetables with protein. Maybe a piece of fruit
6:30 PM Dinner: Big meal of protein/carbohydrates/vegetables. Remaining calories for day. Majority of carbohydrates are eaten at this time.

Calorie Control

Starting off with approx.. 1926 calories/day. I don’t expect to be perfect EVERY day. To give myself some leeway, my plan is to make sure I average less than 2500 calories for the entire week.

40/40/20 Macronutrient Ratio
40% Protein
40% Carbohydrates
20% Fats

Those calories break down to:

  • 193 grams Protein
  • 193 grams Carbohydrates
  • 43 grams Fat

Food Variety

Vegetables: Mostly green! All other colors welcomed as well
Fruit: any
Protein sources: Lean meats, beans (meatless days)
Carbohydrate sources: white rice, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squashes
Fat sources: Byproduct of lean meat sources. I use coconut & olive oil for cooking, but only in small amounts. I do not add excess fats to my diet.

Note: Once a week my wife and I will normally have a meatless day. On those days, the macronutrient ratios shift due to eating a plant based diet.

Secondary diet plan

I will use a flexible 3-5 meals a day plan. Carbohydrates will be primary allowed only around workout times. Majority of meals are protein/veggies.

Chapter 7: Pick A Training Plan

Bodybuilding training is my primary form of training. For the next 4 weeks I’ll be doing the following type of workout

Day 1 Push
Day 2 Pull
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Push
Day 5 Pull
Day 6 Rest
Day 7 Rest

3 x a week I will add 10 minutes of random cardio at the end of the workout.

If I see my weight loss progression slow down, I will start adding more 30-45 minute steady state cardio such as walking 2-4x a week.

Chapter 8: Why

Woman with glasses being sprayed in the face with water

This chapter is another very personal chapter. Each person that reads this will come away with a totally different answer to the question:

Why am I doing this?

Not too many people actually think about the real reasons behind their training and diet plans. The fact that this question is asked AFTER you picked your diet and training program makes you re-evaluate your those choices.

So why is Michael V. Moore doing this?

I want readers to know that I feel their pain! I want all my clients to see what happens when you bust your butt and put your best effort into getting into shape. I want to prove to myself (and readers/clients) that I know how to develop dream bodies!

As vain as it sounds, I know that clients expect their coaches & trainers to have awesome physiques as well. By having that jaw-dropping physique, I feel that my readers/clients will listen to what I have to say. It’s sad but I feel it’s true.

Outside of just my physical appearance, I choose this lifestyle because I’ve never felt healthier then when I’m eating right and working out. I want to be healthy enough to keep up with my future kids and grandkids. I don’t want to be paying thousands of dollars for health insurance. I want to insure my health NOW with a healthy lifestyle!

Chapter 9: Commitment

As requested in the book, I have placed my commitment inside the Release The Beast Facebook group. Join the group if you are ready to make the commitment for yourself as well!


So there’s my plan!  There’s no backing down!  I have put my business out there and laid the keys to my future success for everyone to see.  Stop by next week as I continue following Release The Beast to conquer my past demons and get towards my dream!

See ya next time!