My Painful Personal Secret Sugar Addiction

Ability to make me happy……CHECK
Massive body changes over the years. ……..CHECK
Constant yearnings for more…….. CHECK
Ability to make me become depressed…….. CHECK

Like any good drug, sugar has had me addicted to it for years! I’m sure I’m not the only one. I talked about sugar in the previous couple of articles (12 Quick Questions For Sugar Addicts, Why Is Sugar Stalking You?). I would now like to share my own struggle with sugar when I was going through my younger years.

Sugar In My Younger Days

There’s no denying that I ate pretty much like any normal kid. My mom tried to keep a pretty healthy household. We didn’t have an outrageous number of sugary substances regularly in our house. When they would pop up, of course it was a special treat and I indulged like any kid would!

Fruity pebbles

During the summer, I typically stayed in Cincinnati with my Aunt Pam and two cousins. I remember being mesmerized by all the goodies she kept in her house. It was the complete opposite of my mom’s house. There were so many sweets, that my brother and I would always come back home a few pounds heavier by the end summer!

You want to talk about hyper! I would get super hyper after having meals during those summers. Looking back I know it had to be a combination of me being happy along with a boost of sugar to get the party started! That was my rep during my summers in Cincinnati. Give Mikey some food and desserts, and then look out!

Sugar in High School

I remember being in high school and always having some type of sugary substance every day. The sugary substance for me normally involved breakfast foods. In my effort to get out the house and get to school on time I always consumed some type a quick breakfast. My normal choices were cereal, instant oatmeal, or breakfast bars. All of those options had a ton of sugar in them. If you start your day with that much sugar, it’s a given that you started off badly.

Chocolate milk named Alta DenaDuring my high school years I had a headaches every single Friday. At that time in my life I thought it was because I was stressed out from school. I didn’t even think for once that it could be due to what I ate.

My next meal of the day was the school’s lunch. I normally ate whatever the school provided along with chocolate milk. School lunches claimed to be healthy but they contained lots of grease, oils and sugar.

The only water source you had at school was water fountains. Those were hit or miss. It seemed for every one that worked, six did not. If you found a fountain that worked, it most likely was violated in some way. By only taking small sips of water throughout the day, there was no way I was getting eight glasses of water a day. I’m pretty sure I drank more milk and juice than water for most of those years. I was definitely under hydrated during the majority of my high school years.

Sugar In College

When I entered college it was a whole new ballgame. I had access to an all you can eat buffet ten times a week. If my broke self had a pass to eat that much food in one setting you better believe I was going to eat it all! I made it my mission to stack up on any extra snacks I could possibly get from the buffet. I would sneak cookies and other sweets every night to become my snacks throughout the week. The sweets lasted longer in the dorm rooms, so those were my plunder of choice.

sugar cookies with food coloring in the middle

As freshman year moved on I started feeling awful. The Friday night high school headaches started to happen more often. “What was causing these headaches?” I constantly asked myself. I just could not figure that pain out.

It was around Thanksgiving of 1999 that I started to really educate myself on health. I wanted to start working out at the gym more often. That’s when I discovered websites talking about proper nutrition being the real key towards getting in shape. All the experts mentioned that a healthy diet does more for your body than exercise alone.

Even though I wanted to eat to gain muscle, the articles made it clear to me that I needed healthier food choices. After reading all those articles I realized that I had been eating way too much sugar. A normal cafeteria breakfast for me was eating oatmeal with three tablespoons of brown sugar. To drink I would have chocolate or strawberry milk. Lunch would be a sandwich, salad (with sugary/fatty salad dressing), fries and several cookies.

Sugar….It’s a Heck of a Drug!


I didn’t’ really drink water because just like high school it wasn’t readily available. It may have been in the cafeteria, but with all the soda, slushy & fruit juice machines on display, it was very easy to avoid! There’s nothing sexy about drinking water when it’s next to a state of the art slushy machine, right?

During my spring semester, I purposely decided to clean up my diet. I didn’t have the cleanest foods available but I made better food choices. That’s when I noticed that my headaches disappeared. For me it was pretty much a no-brainer that the sugar was causing my headaches.

In addition to the headaches going away obviously my body composition starting to change. Just by making a few changes in my diet drastically change my body. I started slimming down and lost over 10 pound just by reducing my sugar intake.

I wish I could say that my addiction to sugar stopped in that moment right there. But like any good drug dealer, sugar has had it’s grip in my over the years. Do you feel the same way? Ever wonder why? I’ll get into that at later time!

Why I’m The Next People’s Champ

I see them all the time. When I do a quick search online they are right there staring at me in the face. It’s like they have a secret society and I just want to make fun of me. What did I ever do to make them judge me so harshly?

Why do I feel they want to push me down the stairs and tell everyone I tripped so I could feel embarrassed? Why do I feel that whenever I leave the room they start talking badly about me? Why do I feel like they have some type of secret society in which I’m not allowed to get it? You know I don’t think I’m paranoid but it just seems that every time I want to make progress they do their best to distract me from my plans.

I don’t believe that everybody’s perfect yet all they do is ridicule and tease people like myself all the time. I wonder how they would like it if an average Joe would look at them as freaks! I wonder how they would act if they knew that someone out there wanted to tell the world the truth about their lives!

It All Started With That Man In Yellow Spandex….

Back in the day I was a HUGE wrestling fan. From the moment my eyes laid on Hulk Hogan and his entrance theme music, I was in love. As time went on I started to think that pro wrestling might have been fake. As a kid it was hard to tell. It was just so cool to see real live action on my TV screen besides the thrills I got from my favorite cartoons.

Note To Self: The 80s were awesome!

So as I got older, of course I realized that wrestling was fake. I still watched, but definitely not as much as before.

Then in the late 90s I heard rumblings about someone I should be watching. There started to be this one particular wrestler who would seem to steal the show every week. Without a doubt it was this guy:

The Rock on the top rope with a Just Bring It shirt on

Oh yeah! The Rock….Or as he’s famously known today as, Mr. Dwayne Johnson. Did you know The Rock started off as an absolute nobody? He had this ridiculous looking outfit with this super duper nice guy persona.

Rockey Maivia, an early picture of The Rock
Rocky Maivia

It wasn’t until later that he changed his appearance and screen personality that he became The Rock. You see any great wrestler has to show the acting ability to pull of being a hero as well as a villain eventually. If you are able to be a such a good villain that the fans love to see you come to the ring more than whoever the hero is, that’s when you become a superstar.

When the WWE finally allowed Dwayne Johnson to create The Rock’s personality, history started to be made. No wrestler has ever duplicated the excitement and charisma that The Rock put forth. That’s when my love for wresting started again. Every week people tuned in to hear what The Rock had to say.

From Nobody To Somebody

One thing that made The Rock awesome was he was the self proclaimed “People’s Champ.” That was a big bold move. As time went on it was very clear that he WAS the People’s Champ. He was one of the few wrestlers that actually spoke and said what the fans thought about what was going on in that wrestling ring.

It’s amazing when I think back at his career. He started out with absolutely no fans. He was just this muscular looking guy that use to play college football. He had no personality at all in the ring.  Slowly he stated to craft a story that gain momentum.   That momentum was so big that the WWE could no longer just make him an average villain. To see him go from that into this mega international superstar is inspiring. All he had to do was be himself!

Is Release The Beast My Time To Shine?

I mention The Rock’s story because I feel I’m in the same boat. Here I am, just a nobody who decided to start a fitness related blog.

  • I’m not the skinniest.
  • I’m not the most muscular.
  • I’m not the most athletic.
  • ……….I do think I’m one of the most handsome though.

In order to spread my message, I created a book called Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!

You see a person like me is the total opposite of who I was talking about at the beginning of this blog post. You see at the beginning I was talking about your typical fitness websites and magazines. They always have fitness models with captions that lie. Their headlines seem to contradict a person like me. I’m just an average Joe who has had enough of their lies and wanted to share my own realistic journey with the world.

Do You Smell What I’m Cooking?

In Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside! , I actually get to the root cause of our major problems in trying to better our lives. I set a realistic view of the world that those magazine articles do not want you to know about.

The objective of the fitness industry is to take all of your money. I just want you to be the best version of yourself you can be. That’s the cold honest truth. And it is with that thinking that I truly believe that I am like the Rock….. the People’s Champ!


Release The Beast is coming out November 1st 2014. Make sure you get your copy so you can see what I’m excited about!

My Wobbly First Three Quarters of Weight and Exercise In 2015

December 2014….

I thought I had it all figured out. I had the perfect holiday plan. I was going to be visiting family for a couple of days, so I thought I would just embrace the holidays. Feasting here I come! Nothing too crazy but weight gain was to be expected along with a big ole smile!

I expected to gain about five pounds of water weight. My body easily gains water weight when eating sweets. No biggie, I would lose that weight within five days of eating like I normally eat.

January 1, 2015 I stepped on the scale and got a shock to see my body weight up at 220 lbs!


It was time to get back to work! Here’s what I did for the first three quarters of 2015.


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.36.43 AM


Start Weight: 220 lbs

I was on a major sugar high! The sweet stuff was my crack and all I wanted was more. It took a few weeks to finally kick my sugar habit!

I slowly started to get back into my normal routine throughout January. I expected to be around 210 lbs not 220 lbs in January. So I had my work cut out for me.

I had been reading about Vince Gironda style workouts and wanted to see if his methods worked. Vince Gironda was one of the original bodybuilding gurus. His plans involved isolating each muscle with one-two major exercises at a quick pace. No more then twenty seconds of rest.

I looked forward to the challenge. The only thing that sucked is during the early weeks of January; the gym is of course PACKED! There are too many people claiming their New Years Resolution. I try not to judge, but I make sure I see whom the new faces are. If they are still there by March, I know they are serious!


Start Weight: 203

Yup! You read that right. I had gotten down to 203 lbs. When I eat right amazing things happen. That’s why I preach that your diet is the key to losing weight. I was eating about 1,900 calories a night during that time frame. Here’s what a meal looked like.

Food log of what Michael V. Moore ate in January 2015

All I did was reduce the sweets down to about one cheat meal a week. Nothing too complicated; just good nutritional discipline. I was still following the same workout routine as well.

Vince’s program had me lifting weights six days a week. The days were broke down as:

Sunday: Chest, Back, and Shoulders
Monday: Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms
Tuesdays: Legs, Calves
Wednesday: Chest, Back, and Shoulders
Thursday: Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms
Friday: Legs, Calves

Each day lasted under 20 minutes due to the short rest periods. I also did not do any type of conditioning. The pace of the workout was all the conditioning you needed. Less than 20 seconds of rest is VERY exhaustive


Start Weight: 203

I eventually got down to 200 lbs the second week of March. I had been following Vince’s 8 sets of 8 routine with much success in January-February. Now it was time to switch up my workout plan.

I decided to go to a more traditional style bodybuilding template. Instead of hitting the muscle groups twice a week, I would be hitting them once a week. So my Four Day routine looked like:

Monday: Chest & Biceps
Tuesday: Back & Abs
Thursday: Shoulders, Triceps & Abs
Friday: Quads, Hamstrings & Calves

The rest tempo varied depending on the lift I was doing. Some exercises had 30 seconds rest while others had about 3-5 minutes of rest. Due to me being so light, I figured it was time to concentrate on building some muscle at this point in the year.


Start Weight: 212 lbs

I wish I could say that I gained 12 pounds of muscle but I did not. I think I got to ahead of myself. When I look back at my journals, I see I stopped recording what I was eating. In the previous months, I had always kept track of my eating. Not everyday, but at least a few times a week.

It’s amazing how something as simple as writing down what you eat keeps you in check. During the last couple weeks of March, I don’t have ANYTHING written down for March. I’m assuming that I ate too many foods I shouldn’t have been eating.

I continued with my Four Day workout routine. Only change I made was switching one body part exercise with another. No conditioning was done, just lifting weights.


Start Weight: 209

I noticed how my weight seemed to halt around 208-215 lbs. I determined that I needed to switch up the plan. I started a fat loss workout routine.

This required weight lifting three-four times a week. Each of those days would also have an additional conditioning session. It seemed like a good change of pace from me just focusing exclusively on lifting weights.


Start Weight: 210

I start measuring my weight loss more often, so you can see the steep curve during this month. Most months of me eating right look like this.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.40.43 AM

At the end of the month, I switched my diet up just to see what would happen. I started to eat more like a professional bodybuilder preparing to go on stage. It was a seven day experiment before I went on a mini vacation.

I got the weight to drop down while doing it, but I personally was not a fan. Remember how I got down to 200 lbs back in March. That was much easier because it came naturally and was not forced.


Start Weight: 200

Those final weeks of prepping like I was going on a bodybuilding stage got me to 200 lbs before I went on a mini-vacation. Once back, I started another new exercise program. I started doing full body exercises, 3x a week. It was a cross between Vince Gironda’s system and a typical bodybuilding template. The weights would be lifted at a fast tempo with no additional conditioning.


Start Weight: 203

During these summer months, I wish I could say that I was 100% focused on my diet. But I was more like 75% focused. For me to see results, I need to eat according to my diet 90% of the time. When I do that I continue to achieve results.

August is an example of a month in which I was working out, but just not quite going that extra mile to go in the direction I wanted. Thus I kind of just stalled. Not good but not bad either.


Start Weight: 205

I decided to go back to a Vince Gironda style workout. Lose fat and build muscle at the same time the workout claims. This particular workout was called A Muscle Has Four Sides. This would require me to do the same six days a week workout schedule but TWICE in one day.

It appears intimidating but you actually spend about 40 minutes total at the gym each workout day. Brutal on paper but very effective at getting your in and out of the gym with muscles to pop.

I got all the way down to 202 lbs during this month. My eating was still on track. Not quite 90% but better than my summer months.


Start Weight: 205

At the end of September, I got down to 202 lbs before going on a mini-binge. I say mini binge because I ate some sort of pastry and/or ice cream every day. One good Oktoberfest cheat day turned into almost of week of continuing to eat sweets.


MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 22: Kim Kardashian (Dirndl/Dress: Lola Paltinger, Lollipop & Alenrock) visits the Oktoberfest 2010 at the Hippodrom tent at Theresienwiese during her Munich visit on September 22, 2010 in Munich, Germany.

I knew I would be going on a international business/vacation trip at the beginning of October, so I gave myself some leeway in not being as strict. The real test will begin once I start the trip. Hopefully I will not go overboard and come back around 207 lbs (or lighter!)

Once the trip is over, the real test will begin. In a previous article, I mentioned how my goal for 2015 was to lose 15 lbs of fat. For me, that means I need to get around 195 lbs. I figured that going from 220 lbs at the beginning of the year to 195 at the end would mean that I had lose about 15 lbs of fat.

So I have three more months to get that goal accomplished. Think I can do it? Will I learn from my past months? Will I repeat seasonal cravings from my past?

Tune in to this blog to find out!

Why I’m Finally Going To The Beach This Fall

“Rain, rain, please come back another day! I don’t want deju vu all over again!”

For three days straight it’s been nothing but cloudy, dark, grey and wet where I live. I’ve been so cooped up in my own world; I had not been paying attention to the weather reports. I finally decided to listen to the news and all I hear is about possible flooding in the area due to Hurricane Joaquin approaching the US from the Caribbean.

“Perfect!!! That’s just perfect!!!” I yell to myself. You see my wife and I are planning on flying to Thailand for our first real vacation this year. The last time we attempted to go on a min-vacation around Independence Day, it rained the entire time!

So as I look at the weather reports I’m hoping that the flight doesn’t get cancelled due to this hurricane. As of this morning I hear reports that the hurricane will not touch US soil. Who knows if that will change.

Hurricane Joaquin

As I hear the rain thumping on my roof all I can selfishly think about is the last time I been to a beach. You see when in Thailand, my wife and I will be staying at a beach resort for most of the trip. I imagine crystal blue waters and beautiful specs of sand between my toes during this trip. As I envision this, I find it very hard to think about the last time I been on a real vacation.

My last real vacation…?

The trip we took around Independence Day was more of a business trip than personal vacation. The hotel we stayed at was supposed to be a resort but it was definitely over hyped. Due to the rain, I never got to go swimming at the resort. They had an indoor pool as well, but it was engulfed by family reunions the entire time. Sadly, my swim trunks never got the chance to get wet. So tragic!

As the wind howls outside, I try to remember the last time I truly had a relaxing vacation. It took a good twenty minutes to finally remember the last time I had one. In May, 2014 my mother wanted to go on a retirement cruise. On that cruise I was able to hang out on a couple Caribbean beaches.

I actually got in the water, swam with the waves, and went snorkeling. It was a good time. I’ve come to realize that I had been working almost non-stop for the past year and half.

Vacation in Fall?

Most families use the summer time to get their beach vacation in. Here it is in Autumn, and I would finally be getting to the beach. Wow! The time of year in which my body normally starts to regress.

When this trip popped up, I was hoping to have this picturesque beach body. But reality has set in, and I’m not exactly there. I look good but not as good as I know I’m capable of looking. I can’t say it’s for lack of trying. When I set back, I truly believe that my progress hasn’t been amplified due to my desperate need of a vacation.

Mr. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-T..Do you know what that mean?


I had been pursuing working for myself since the beginning of summer 2015. Anyone that has gone the entrepreneur route can tell you it’s not easy! There’s lots of stress at the beginning. I have so much work that I wanted to accomplish that my entire summer just flashed by.

Now that it’s October, I realized just how stressed I been. This vacation comes at a perfect time. This month will have all sorts of excitements. I have my first book, Release The Beast, coming out on October 25th 2015. Also, I’ll be making my online fitness services available to the public. This is the month where all my hard work will pay off!

I strongly think that by taking this vacation, I will come back strong and ready to finish my year up with my goals in mind. Sometimes all it takes is one relaxing break from your normal routine to get you past that last hump. My last hump is my final 10 pounds to get towards my goal of losing 15 lbs of fat in 2015.

But first……….Rain, Rain go away………..

My 12 Ambitious Goals To Look Good In 2015

Have you seen those Direct TV ads with a celebrity impersonating themselves. A good example is the one’s with Rob Lowe. You have normal Rob Lowe and then you have creepy Rob Lowe.

While pursuing the body you want to achieve you have to make sure you check in with yourself and give yourself evaluations. Those evaluations can be in the form of tracking statistics in a weight loss journal.

You could also keep track inside a spreadsheet that marks down all the workouts you’ve done with in a year. To continually improve it’s crucial that you perform check-ins. If you don’t, you’ll forever be going around in circles with no real progress. You’ll look like the “creepy” or “loser” version of yourself instead of the winner version.

To help keep me on target for 2015, I created twelve goals that I wanted to achieve. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hit all of them in only one year, but it served as my motivation. Here’s the goals:

Consistent Waist Under 35 Inches

The easiest way to know if your weight loss plan is working is by measuring your waist. I noticed this pattern over the years. It’s definitely not the scale that tells you, it’s your waist!

When I was at my peak in 2010, my waist was slightly less than 33 inches. At that time, I knew that a waist size of 33 inches was not realistic for me to keep in the long term. Remember I was thin but not really strong. Due to me wanting more muscle, I knew my waist would have to be bigger.

On the exact opposite, the largest my waist has ever been was 39 inches. When I looked at my waist numbers over the years I’ve seen it hover around 36-37 inches. That’s pretty far from that super thin 33 inches.

So I decided on a simple target weight of 35 inches as ideal. I knew if I stayed under 35 inches my body would look good without my shirt on. Maybe not ripped status, but “not ashamed” status was fine with me.

Square Powerful Chest

I’ve always had a stronger lower body than upper body. When bodybuilding you want to bring up your strong points to achieve a well balanced body. For me I knew I needed to focus more on my chest.

I always thought of my chest as more round than square. In the comic books you always see the perfectly square chests. It was as sign of power. Getting a square chest requires isolating the pectoral muscles with excellent technique.

Over the years, I noticed that I never felt out my pectoral muscles while doing chest exercises. I just went with the flow. It was time for me to actually think about that muscle moving while lifting the weight.

15 inch Arms


What guy doesn’t want bigger arms! Like I said previously, I have always had a weaker upper body. When losing weight my arms are always the first parts of my body to thin out. When gaining weight of course my arms are always the last to get bigger!

For years it seems like I couldn’t win so I never really bothered to get them bigger. I would focus on the Big Lifts (Squats, Overhead Press, Deadlifts,Bench Press) and just add some dips and chin ups in as accessory work. That was the entire stimulus my arms would get through the years.

I still think that’s a good idea. A person should get better at the basic lifts if they want to have a well-developed body. But I wanted to grow my 13-inch biceps more. With the bodybuilding templates I would be following they would be getting some direct work, so 15 inches seemed like a good number to reach for.

Seven to Ten Hours Of Sleep A  Night

I had a horrible sleeping experience in 2014. Every since I moved back to Virginia from living in Las Vegas, my sleep habits have been crappy. I know it had to deal with getting up super early to beat the traffic for work. In my Las Vegas lifestyle, I had a more relaxed work schedule.

Back in Virginia, I became too stressed out with the projects I was on. Every morning I would see darker and darker backs under my eyes. I never had that before in my life! I knew it was time to get back to getting 7+ hours of sleep a night. I feel so much more energized when I get sleep. Plus my body looks healthier. It was time to get back to that.

No Chronic Joint Pain (knees, back, spine, etc.)

I’ve had chondromalacia patella for about twenty years. Whenever my knees are in a bending motion I experience pain. So if I’m sitting for long periods of time, my knees hurt. If I try to play basketball, I can’t jump and run as much as I would like because of my knee pain. I’ve learned how to avoid the pain over the years.

I started getting involved in work projects that triggered my chondromalica patella in 2014. Plus I was squatting for personal records at the gym so I would be in pain more often than normal. For 2015, I wanted to make sure I got back to avoiding the pain.

Have Less Than 20 lbs Of Fat On My Body

I use to be obsessed with body fat percentage numbers in the past. I would hear that the ideal body fat percentage for men was under 15%. Other experts would say fewer than 12%. My body fat has always hovered between 13-20% according to my calculations.

I didn’t want to be obsessed over body fat calculations anymore. I just did the simple math. If I had thirty pounds of fat on my body, I wanted to lose half of that which would leave me with 15 pounds of fat.

I would expect a slight rebound effect so I added five more pounds. If my body fat percentage were between 12-20%, reducing my fat in half would get me to under 15% body fat. Nothing complicated.

No Eating Excuses While Traveling


I had a brutal travel schedule in 2014. There were too many travel sessions in which I would be at the mercy of other people’s schedule. I pride myself on eating correctly while traveling but I was eating like the folks I was working with. None of them wanted to same type of body I wanted, so why should I eat like them?

I wanted to get back to the old me and take control over my eating again. There should be no excuses for eating right while on the road. It’s never going to be perfect, but that still didn’t mean I shouldn’t at least try.

Eat Around 175 Grams Of Protein A Day

This was another easy calculation. My lean body mass was somewhere between 170-180 lbs. If I want to keep the muscle I need to eat an adequate amount of protein. For maintaining muscle I knew I needed approximately 0.8-1 grams of protein per lean mass.

I like to keep it simple and just round it up to 1 gram of protein per lean mass. So 1 x 175 lbs = 175 grams of protein a day I would need.

Eat Vegetables at every meal

If I want to be healthy I got to eat my veggies! I’ve been eating them with every meal for a very very very long time now. So this was a pretty easy goal. Just a friendly reminder to keep doing it!

Make Rice and Potatoes My Main Carbohydrate Sources

I was going to be lifting weights so I knew I would need good carbohydrate sources. Supplement companies make it seem that you can only lose or gain weight by drinking their products. That’s not the case! For more workout fuel I would just be eating whole foods.

When eating whole foods, I prefer to eat my carbohydrate sources. Rice and potatoes are the simplest carbs you could eat. They digest properly and provide the energy needed to replenish your muscles.

Build My Beach Body THEN Get Stronger With That Physique

No big surprise here. It was time to show off the muscles on my body in addition to getting stronger. Instead of chasing both rabbits at once, I wanted to smartly pursue one at a time. This was just a nice reminder of my why for 2015.

No More Yo-Yo Seasonal Eating.

Kids playing with yo yos

Every season I would give into pro-long binge eating weeks. Heck I talk about the fall cravings here. To keep the progress going I needed to make sure that the binge sessions were cut down. I came up with this 2015 plan around the 2014 holidays when I saw how much weight I gained.

All it took was more than two days of treats and my weight jumped up 15 lbs.  I did not want to keep experiencing that every season.