Halloween Fitness Tips & The Best Halloween Costume I Ever Had

So who do you think I’m dressed up as for Halloween?

Does the laugh give it away?

In this video I will:

  • Drop some Halloween knowledge on you guys with this spooky fun informative video!
  • Teach you how to have holiday fun but still stay on track with your fitness goals
  • Share my favorite Halloween costume of all time (even with the actual photo of the costume)
  • Tell why I think the beginning of the Holiday Season actually begins with Halloween


Happy Halloween everyone!

9 Great Halloween Memories From My Youth

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you see the words Halloween?

Do you think of ghosts and ghouls?

Or is it memories of Trick or Treating in your neighborhood as a child?

We’re putting the weights down and taking a break from exercise to have some good old fashion flashbacks to MicVinny’s past Halloween moments.  Cue the creepy music and go down Halloween memory lane with yours truly!

Trick or Treating With The Neighborhood Big Kids

There’s something special about Halloween when you grow up with older siblings. For years you’re always considered the baby and can only go trick or treating with adults. Then there comes a magical time when you are finally allowed to trick or treat with the big kids!

You try to prove that you’re not a baby and are up to whatever happens that night. The older kids warn you of candy snatchers and haunted houses. You try to prove you’re not scared by putting on a brave face as you march from house to house.

No matter how tired you think you are, you just keep going! You never know when you’ll be able to hang out with these older kids again. You try your best to balance the state of being cold and hot due to all the walking in the brisk October night.

After being on the street for hours you finally make it back home exhausted. As the kids go to their respected houses, you all share laughs over the houses and costumes you’ve experienced on this night. You’ve all just shared something special that will last for a lifetime.

Once home you’re finally able to see the true fruits of your labor. You dump out your candy on the floor, and look at the beauty before you. It was a good night!

Roseanne Halloween episodes

One of the best shows of the early to mid-nineties was Roseanne. What really set this show apart were its Halloween episodes. It was the first time I ever seen such violent pranks allowed on network TV.

I never knew adults could love Halloween as much as kids until I started watching this show. Ever year the whole family would get involve in the pranks. The highlight of course was always when Roseanne would one up everyone else.

Cake Walks

In my elementary school years post I mentioned how lucky I was as a kid. One of the most rememberable moments came when I attended my first ever school halloween party. Each classroom had some type of cool activity you could do to win candy and prizes.

The highlight of the party was the cake walk. Families would bring in baked goods that would be raffled off. The most popular way to give off the best dishes of the night was the cake walk.

I had no idea what I was doing in my first cake walk because I was only six years old. I was just an innocent kid following the markers on the floor when all of a sudden the music stopped playing. A number was called out and next thing I knew everyone was clapping and shouting at me that I won.

“You can choose any cake you want!”, the nice lady said. That was the first time I was ever allowed to get whatever I wanted for dessert. Not just a simple cookie, but i’m talking an entire cake! I could hardly control myself!

I eventually settled on a Reese’s pieces chocolate peanut butter cake with a haunted house decoration on top. It was my first time having peanut butter in a cake. That was the first of many cakes I won as a youngster and it all started on Halloween.

Halloween Music


Do I really have to explain why I loved this music video? It’s the definition of creepy when you’re young. You get the chance to see Michael Jackson on a date with a pretty girl as he slowly becomes a creature of the night.

Awesome storytelling. Awesome dancing. One of the best videos of ALL TIME!!!

Freaks Come Out At Night

Whodini was one of my favorite 80’s hip hop groups. I remember breakdancing to so many of their songs as a child. The lyrics in this song stands the test of time. Who doesn’t love the sound of robots? It’s just a great Halloween song.

Somebody’s Watching Me

This has always been another one of my favorite 80’s music videos. I wonder if I would like this song if Michael Jackson wasn’t in it? I will never know because the chorus is just great fun while telling a great creepy story.

Halloween the Movie theme song

Just a creepy creepy eerie beat that has come to define what Halloween should sound like. For years, I never saw the movie, but I always knew the theme song. I always found it ironic that the villain’s name had the same first name and initials as me…..

Halloween Vinyl Record

I wish I could find the exact album that was in my household growing up. I just remember the eerie cover with a haunted house on the front cover. When you flipped the cover over, you saw three of the most wicked witches every over a cauldron brewing up something evil.

In this album were haunted sounds that would terrify me as a child. As I got older, I started to appreciate the scary noises. Especially the random cat meows followed by the dangling of chains.

My grandmother would get dressed up as a witch with this music playing as she handed out treats. I wonder if my mom still has that album in storage some where. If only I could find a record player…

Scream The Movie

I saw a lot of horror movies coming up. The majority of them dealt with supernatural elements so you knew that they could not really happen. Sure my imagination would play tricks on my mind whenever I heard creaking in the house but I knew Freddy and Jason weren’t real.

Scream the movie's villian GhostfaceI can’t say the same with Scream’s villian, Ghostface. Scream’s opening scene was with the biggest star in the movie Drew Barrymore. Like most folks, I was shocked when Ghostface terrorized her and killed her off before I even took a handful of my popcorn!

That opening scene was one of the best movie twists ever. It set up a great “who done it” style movie that did an excellent job of keeping the audience guessing as to who the true killer was.

The way the characters would fight back and attack Ghostface was very realistic. It was cool seeing Ghostface actually appear human by getting hurt. That was something I could always appreciate about this Wes Craven classic.

What are some of your favorite Halloween memories?

How A Engineer Became A Fitness Coach Named MicVinny

Watch today’s video blog to find out the history behind the legend of the man called MicVinny.

MicVinny goes down memory lane and let’s you know the work and life situations that helped him create his first #1 Best-Seller. That fitness book later led to this blog which would grow into a business that solves fitness problems for traveling professionals .

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Why I’m Thanking Just Keep Going Supporters

I wanted to thank all those who have supported my latest book, Just Keep Going: How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Gains & Finally Get To The End Of Any Fat Loss Diet Plan!

Michael V. Moore aka MicVinny just wants to give a heartfelt thanks to all those who continue to support him despite his own flaws. In this video he reaches out to those who have a copy of his book as well as those interested in reading Just Keep Going.

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