Fat Loss Journey Book “Just Keep Going!” Is Coming Out On September 25th 2016

Fall 2016 is officially here! Will you be giving into your seasonal cravings?

Find out about the client and seasonal situation that motivated me to write my next book, Just Keep Going!: How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Changes To Finally Get To The End of Any Fat Loss Diet Plan!


New Season…… New You?

Say goodbye to your short shorts and get your jackets ready because… Fall is officially here! Time to pack away your summer clothes and bring out your warmer clothes.

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that once your clothes change, so does your eating?

Wouldn’t you like to get some advice on how to handle your seasonal weight change?

In today’s video, MicVinny talks about his new book, Just Keep Going!: How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Changes To Finally Get To The End of Any Fat Loss Diet Plan!

Learn what it was like for one of his clients to lose weight during this tough time period.

Find out how a “easy” quick diet plan turned into a longer than expected fat loss journey. That journey is the basis of this new incredible book!

Also see just how confident he is in supporting his favorite (dysfunctional) NFL team!

Finally Finish Your Fat Loss Goals With Just Keep Going!

September 2016 is here!

Kids are back in school and football is back on TV! It’s almost time to say goodbye Summer and hello Fall!

With the season changing, I wanted to talk about seasonal cravings.

Do you suffer from seasonal cravings?

In today’s video, you will find out about the client and seasonal situation that motivated me to write my second book, Just Keep Going!: How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Changes To Finally Get To The End of Any Fat Loss Diet Plan!

Learn what it was like for one of my clients as he tried to lose a few pounds in a short amount of time. Find out how a “easy” quick diet plan turned into a longer than expected fat loss journey. That journey is the basis of this new incredible book!

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How To Reduce Your Cooking Time By Cooking Your Weekly Food In Bulk

Think you don’t have time to cook?

Every wondered how the busiest folks pull off having meals precooked for themselves?

In today’s video, you will learn how to prepare a week’s worth of chicken breast like a bodybuilder by cooking in bulk!

 Take a trip down memory lane as MicVinny shows you how to prepare weekly chicken breast and turkey breast meals in bulk while eating like a bodybuilder.  A year before Michael V. Moore ever became “MicVinny” he put together this video showing the dedication he had towards eating right.

See the steps Michael took in the kitchen to ensure that he would look his best for the photo shoot session he had during a friendly bodybuilding competition.

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When Things Go Badly During Your Post Vacation Flight Back Home

Learn what happened when the travel fitness expert experienced unexpected flight delays at LAX after his first trip to Hawaii.

Did he stick to his healthy lifestyle?

Did he workout every day?

Did he become addicted to honey chicken biscuit sandwiches?

Sometimes even the best vacation plans backfire!

See how MicVinny gained over 10 pounds while relaxing on his diet during his Hawaiian vacation.

Additionally learn about all the chaos on his return trip home that left him sick and severely jet lagged while being stuck at LAX due to a false airport shooting!

Watch the video to learn more!

What Unfortunately Happens While Seeking A Faster Fitness Highway

What are the main roads you find yourself driving on everyday?

When was the last time you found yourself automatically arriving at a destination while your mind daydreamed while driving?

Imagine having consistent roads like that in your life every single day. Roads in which you space out because your body automatically knows how long it’s going to take to travel on that route.

As you travel to work in zombie mode, you happen to glance at a sign:  New Highway Coming Soon.

Is that actually true?

You receive a notice in the mail later that day that states this new highway will provide a new path that goes directly to your job’s location. The information in the pamphlet states that your current 45-minute drive will only take five minutes on this new highway!

No longer will you have to daydream on the way to/from work because this new road will be a faster straightforward linear path. You become giddy with excitement as you realize how much time this will save each day!

Two weeks later

You get another notice in the mail stating that the new highway’s construction will begin shortly. To help pay for the construction, the county will add a new 5% highway tax.

“How dare they try to raise my taxes without my permission!”

You slam the letter down in anger. Minutes later, you decide to calculate just how much money all of this will be costing you. As you do the math, you realize that the highway taxes will cost less than your current weekly trips to the gas station.

“I guess it is a bargain. It’s only a temporary tax.”

You use that positivity and look forward to the project being completed. The letter states that it will be completed in less than a year.

Construction Begins

construction worker with blue hard hat and orange safety vest

On your way to work you start to notice construction zone signs with cones placed in the area where the new highway will begin.

“Yes! They are breaking ground!”

You see the construction crews in their orange safety vests and cool construction equipment. Tractors are moving dirt while pile drivers are breaking ground. You see about a hundred workers dedicated to their tasks.

“Wow, they will get this project done easily! Look at how many people they have and their dedication!”

Month Two

The crew has been working hard and you can see that the new highway will be beautiful. It will have lots of lanes so the traffic will just flow naturally. You’re super excited.

Month Three

As the new highway is being completed, you start to notice that the road you’re currently traveling on is starting to get even bumpier than it was before. You notice rubble from the other road’s construction start to make its way onto this main road.

As the month carries on, you start to see warnings signs and more lanes being merged down. Your previous 45-minute commute to work now takes an hour and half to complete.

Month Five

You start to get frustrated every time you drive on your main road because now it takes you almost two hours to get to work.

“What the heck is going on?”

As you pass the new highway, you notice you don’t see as many construction workers as before. You barely see ten on a good day.

“Is this what my taxes are paying for!”

Month Six

This is the month you thought they would be at least half way down with the new highway. You’ve noticed that there hasn’t been any progress in the project for over a month. You’re furious and demand an explanation because now your main road takes you two and a half hours to get to work!

“If I had known it was going to be like this, I would have never agreed to pay for that new highway!

Which Road Do You Constantly Choose?

Person looking at a winding road

Like everything in our precious world, we want results NOW! Not tomorrow but NOW! When we go on our diet and exercise journeys, we get excited by others before and after photos. We expect those same results in that same exact time.

What normally happens is that our progress is great during the first month. We are firing on all cylinders. We have almost no obstacles at all.

But over time, the program loses its attractiveness. Life gets in the way and we have setbacks and delays. That brand new highway (or body) that we strongly want seems to be taking longer than planned.

We become just like the construction workers in this article and start taking breaks. By taking breaks and losing our focus, we delay ourselves from getting to our final destination in a timely manner.

Remember that both of these roads are going to the same place. One was suppose to be a short cut while the other can get you to your destination as long as you keep following it. All you need is patience.

Know that no matter what obstacles pop up (vacations, all you can eat buffets, late business meetings, hotels with no gyms), it’s going to be up to YOU to decide just how long it takes.

Don’t’ be so quick to look for shortcuts in health! Otherwise you will always be stuck on “fast” highways that go nowhere!

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