How To Build Positive Momentum For Those Unavoidable Rough Days

Ever have a day where you were just flat out exhausted?

As the evening approaches, you are faced with a critical decision……Do you have enough energy to workout at the gym or should you just skip your workout?

Or how about whether you’re going to eat that healthy meal or cave in for some cheap, easy fast food?

We all are faced with easy decisions every day that add up over time.

In today’s video post, MicVinny tells you why it’s important to find your one constant so that no matter how you feel on a particular day, you can keep building momentum towards your overall fitness goals!

Video Highlights

  • Identifying your life’s patterns
  • What’s your excuse?
  • Stop convincing yourself that you’re tired
  • All it takes is one small positive thing to build positive momentum

6 Healthy Snacks To Buy From Your Airport’s Convenience Store

“Can you please spread out your arms!”

You reluctantly proceed to comply to the TSA agent’s request.

As the agent pats you down, you start to feel a rumble in your stomach.

“Hmmm I got about 30 mins before they start boarding for my flight, maybe I should get something to snack on?”

It sounds like a good idea because you have a two hour flight ahead of you. If memory serves you right, this short flight will not offer any snacks.

Is it worth waiting over four hours for your next meal?

It’s already been two hours since your last meal. A preflight snack sounds like a great idea.

The TSA agent is done inspecting you. You pick up your carry on luggage and head towards your gate.

You decided that all you need is just one simple snack. Something light and easy that you can easily take on the plane.

There’s no need for you to buy a full meal so you bypass the restaurants. Then that’s when you see it.

The classic airport convenience store.

You look at your watch and realize that you only have five minutes to make a good choice.

So what will you choose?

Its at this point hopefully that you remember this particular article from MicVinny!
Mr. Travel Fitness is here to tell you which healthy snacks you should grab as you board your plane.

Ready? Let’s go!

Healthy Airport Snack Shopping

When choosing a healthy snack, you want to stick to some basic healthy eating rules.

To build a better body you want to emphasize protein and than balance out carbohydrates and fats for energy.

In a perfect world, when one is up (carbs or fat) the other energy macronutrient should be lowered.

Avoid sweet & salty combination

When you walk into that store, I guarantee you that the best selling items from that store (outside of water) will be something that’s sweet or salty.

Just take a step back and look at all the colors you see.

There’s a reason for all those colors!

Those colors get people’s attention and causes travelers to buy them. The more colorful the package, the greater chance of that food being unhealthy.

Avoid those colors! Focus on food quality!

When you eat salty and sweet, nothing good comes out of it. All the foods that create obesity are salty and sweet.

It’s very hard for our taste buds to handle that combination.

Foods that are salty and/or sweet trick our minds into thinking that we MUST EAT MORE!

That’s not what we want when living the healthy traveling lifestyle!

Top Snacks From The Convenience Store


Purchase nuts that are as close to their natural state as possible!

Anything covered in chocolate, sugar and salt is a big no-no!

There are a few (very few) exceptions to the rule, but try your best to stay with natural nuts.

Good choices are:

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans
  • Cashews
  • Peanuts

Avoid trail mixes!

Trail mixes are clever ways to disguise sugar with the perception that it’s healthy. They easily will sneak some calories in your system.

Trail mixes are good for hiking because you’re burning calories and might need the energy burst because it travels well.

In your case you will be on a plane sitting down. No major calorie burning will be going on during your flight.

When eating nuts just be careful not to go overboard. Nuts are very calorie dense.

Nutritional information for raw almonds
Almonds Nutritional Information


Outside of nuts the next best airplane travel food is jerky. Whether you pick beef, turkey, chicken or pork, it’s all good.

Just like nuts, you want to avoid the sweet and sugar combination. That’s how they get you!

The teriyaki or hot & sweet spicy flavors typically contain too much fat and sugar. The reason you’re eating jerky is because of its higher protein profile.

Here’s a good example of jerky with lots of protein:

Beef jerky nutritional information


Here’s a jerky that’s not as ideal:
Beef jerky nutritional information

It can be hard to find the first example.  Just do your best.

A good rule of thumb is to remember that a serving of jerky should never contain more grams of sugar than it does grams of protein.

Protein Bars

I was almost reluctant to put this on here.

Mainly because there’s too many protein bars disguising themselves as protein bars when in reality they’re glorified candy bars.

Look at the info for a Snickers candy bar:

Snickers bar nutritional label

I’m sure you’ll find protein bars with less protein than that snickers bar inside airport convenience stores.

If a candy bar has a better protein to fats/carbs ratio then a protein bar, then you need to drop that particular brand of protein bars!

There are some brands out there that will actually make an effort to be healthy.

Protein bar nutritional information

Just don’t be fooled by the “net carbs” on some brand’s packages. They try to trick you in thinking that the carbs is not as high as it is.

Most protein bars have sugar alcohol in addition to sugar. It’s rare to find protein bars without sugar or sugar alcohol.

Remember that this post is all about eating healthier snack options from an airport for your flight.

If I had to choice between a bag of chips and a protein bar with sugar alcohol in it….I’m choosing the protein bar.

It’s all about making the best decision with the resources you go.

High Quality Airport Convenience Stores

If you happen to run into an airport convenience store that sells high quality fresh foods here’s some excellent food selections:


Go for the salads with lots of protein and a good mixture of veggies (in addition to the default iceberg lettuce).

Just use a tablespoon or less of salad dressing on your salad.

Hard-boiled Eggs

Perfect combination of Protein plus fat. This will leave you satisfied and full.


This snack is meant to hold you over until you get to your destination so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just a single piece of fruit.

Ideally you would love to have some protein with it, but eating fruit by itself is better than eating a bag of chips.

Just make sure you get real fruit! We want fruit in it’s natural state to work it’s magic.

Dried fruit is nothing but sugar with most of it’s nutrients gone.

When eating too much dried fruit, you’ll most likely end up asking yourself the classic questions that all sugar addicts ask themselves.

Stick to eating real fruit!

Next time you’re in a hurry at the airport, remember these snack foods so you can avoid falling into the unhealthy traveler eating trap.

Stay safe out there!

Secret Baggy Shirt Confession Of A Former Fat Professional

Do you have clothes in your closet that are too big or too small due to weight loss/gain?

For a good 8 years, I bounced between being too skinny and also too fat!

In today’s video post, MicVinny goes down memory lane and explains why he has so many baggy shirts in his closet.

Video Highlights

  • MicVinny’s White T-Shirt College Dayz
  • Clothes For Da Club
  • Past clothing struggles with being “Big & Tall”
  • How I hid my obesity inside my shirts
  • Why it’s time to finally “clean my closet”

13 Sneaky Exercises For Those Trapped In Office Cubicles

Do me a favor and close your eyes.

Let’s go back in time.

Let’s go back to when you were still young and innocent.

Do you remember what you thought it would be like to work as an adult?

Can you remember what you thought your first office job would be like?

Did years of TV watching paint a certain image of what a working office environment would look like?

Did you picture a gloriously clean place with guys wearing suit and ties while ladies wore beautiful professional dresses?

Could you imagine getting off and elevator and walking down the hallway to your corner office?

As you make your way down the hallway, you’re greeted with smiles, enthusiasm and an addicting sense of pride.

Once you enter your office, your eyes instantly focuses inside your room’s gigantic window. In the distance your eyes see a spectacular view of the city.

That view is worthy of a post card!

Your eyes then go back to your room and you see a perfectly uncluttered desk with your personalized engraved nameplate.

When you sit down in your luxurious chair, you stare up at the walls and see all the pictures of your family, friends and accomplishments decorated upon the walls of your office.

Is that how you envisioned life would be while working in the office?

Too bad we live in the real world!

If you are like most working adults, you do not start off in such luxurious accommodations.

In an effort to save money most companies go the classic cubicle route.

Ah yes, the cubicle.

The dreaded place where champions at home morph into worker prairie dogs. They poke their heads above their cubicles only when they want to be seen and socialize.

Prairie Dog peeking it's head out from a whole
Anyone going to lunch?

When stuck in this type of environment how does one survive?

Better yet, how does one break the cycle of being like the other prairie dogs?

This article will teach you how to sneak in some simple exercises while being stuck in that dreaded cubicle area.

Office Chair Exercises

The office chair is your best buddy when stuck at work. You probably spend more time with that chair than your own family at home.

(Let that sink in for a minute………kind of depressing right?)

Well, if you’re going to be in that chair for most of the day, let’s bring some positivity into your life!

Here are my favorite exercises to do when your butt is glued to an office seat.

Leg Extensions

Seat in an upright position. Using your right quadriceps muscles, extend your right leg up.

Take a 2 second pause and slowly lower your right leg down.

Repeat 8-12 more times before switching to your left leg.

Knee Marches

While seated in an upright position, raise your left knee as vertically high as you comfortable can. Pause for 2 seconds and slowly lower.

Once leg is down, repeat using your right knee. This movement mimics a marching movement.

Your knees will not travel very fair, but you will feel this exercise in your front thigh/quadriceps area as well as in your glutes.

Try to do 8 -12 marches per side.

Sit to Stands

A very underrated movement. Raise yourself out of your seat using only your leg strength and not your hands.

Chair Crunches

Raise both legs and feet slightly in the air. Slowly crunch down while slightly raising your legs vertically.

Seated Calf Raises

You don’t need to add weights when beginning to reap the benefits of this exercise. Just aim for lots reps (25-50 per side).

As you improve, you can add weighted objects to the top of your legs for added resistance.


This will help with ankle mobility & strength by utilizing dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.

Slightly raise your feet off the ground and rapidly try to bend at the ankle to get your toes to tap the ground.

Quickly return to the starting position and switch foot. This is a very fast movement that will help stretch your ankle area.

Ankle Circles

Rotate both your ankles in clockwise and counterclockwise circles.

Seated Shoulder Press

Take any object that you can find that weights between 1 – 10 lbs. It can even be a smart phone.

What you will do is set a timer for 2 minutes and do as many reps as possible with that one shoulder. Once the 2 mins is up, switch sides and repeat.

Over time add more time or pick a heavier object.

Chair Twist

If you have an office chair that swivels, use the chair to help you work your obliques.

Just slight twist from side to side while squeezing your core muscles.

Standing Up Activity

Bodyweight Stiff Leg Deadlift

Stand straight up. Try to touch your toes by bending at your hips, with only a slight bend in your knees.

You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings, glutes and lower back muscles.

Standing Leg Curls

Place both hands on a chair, wall or desk for support. Squeeze your hamstring muscle and try to get your left heel to touch your left glute.

Once you are as high as you can get, squeeze and hold for 2 seconds before lowering your foot back to the ground. Repeat 8 – 12 reps.

Repeat on right leg.

Office Cubicle Movement

45/5 Rule

Set a timer for 45 minutes. No matter what, once those 45 minutes are up, you need to get up and move around your office for at least 5 minutes.

Too often we get caught up in our work and will push ourselves for hours. Setting a timer forces you to acknowledge that you need a break.

Instead of just surfing the Internet, you’ll be moving around your office. Whether that’s walking to the bathroom, visiting co-workers, getting some water….

IT DOESN’T MATTER. MOVE YOUR BUTT for at least 5 minutes.

Once done, set your timer and start again.

Farmer Walks

Traditional farmer walks involve lifting something very heavy for distance or time. Most likely you don’t have a trap bar or dumbbells at the office so you’ll have to improvise.

Pick something heavy near your desk or office area (books, bag, purse, backpack, laptop,etc).

Place the object in one hand and walk a certain distance with it.

Now switch hands and repeat. This imbalance will help work your core and sneak in some cardio if you repeat this several times a day.

The longer the distance you travel, the better the workout.

Cubicle Circuit

Here’s a simple routine using some of the exercises mentioned above.

Knee Marches: 12 reps per side
Sit to Stands: 12 reps
Bodyweight Stiff Leg Deadlift: 12 reps
Seated Shoulder Press: As many reps in 2 minutes per side
Chair Crunches: 12 reps
Farmer’s Walk: On the way to/from bathroom, break room, co-worker’s desk, etc.

Repeat during your next break.

The key with these exercises is to sneak them in during your workday.

It’s better to do something than nothing at all.

Take advantage of your environment and you’ll soon discover that you’ll no longer have the same body as those other cubicle prairie dogs sitting next to you!

How To Quickly Transform Any Hotel Room Into A Gym

Here’s the situation…..

Your job has you on the road for 5 days straight.  Normally, your company has it’s employees stay at luxurious Marriott brand hotels.  Well, there’s been a slight change in plans because all of the major hotel brands in this town are booked solid!

As you look for another hotel, you realize that the only option you have is some local hole in a wall motel.  You previously had planned on working out at the Marriott’s nice gym facility. 

After arriving to this new motel you find out that:

  1. The only amenity is a continental breakfast consisting of 3 month old stale muffins! 
  2. There’s no gym!
  3. Additionally, there’s no other gym facility within a twenty mile radius of your motel!

“Oh man!  This is going to be a crappy week!”

What’s a traveler to do!!??

First off R-E-L-A-X! 

MicVinny is here to make it all better. 

No matter if you’re traveling for work or pleasure, all you need is a room.  One simple room is all you need in order to have a great workout

Don’t worry about the fancy gym equipment.  I’m here to teach you how that simple room on the road (or even in your own house) can still help you achieve a good workout.

Quick Hotel Room Observation

When you first walk into any room, look at all the objects that are around.  In a typical hotel room you will normally find the following:

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Pillows
  • Sheets
  • Dressers
  • Luggage
  • Lamps

Are all those items bolted to the floor?

If not they can be moved!  Moving the items means that you can create your own workout space.  Additionally you could use some of those objects to do some exercises with.

Creative Hotel Room Exercises

Flip the mattress

When you’re at home, you know the mattress should be flip about every 2-3 months right. You know how hard it its to flip that bad boy right?  Isn’t that the reason you take so long in finally flipping it over?

Well why not turn this “painful” chore into a great exercise game.  Take the covers off and see how many times you can flip that bad boy!  Make sure no objects that could get damage are near the bed and go to town!

See how many times you can flip it in 10 minutes.  Or set a specific amount of flips for the day like 5 flips.  Increase that number during each trip.

Don’t feel to bad about leaving the covers off the mattress if this is your last night in your room, because you’ve just helped the cleaning staff! 

(Please be sure to tip the housekeepers if you do this activity while you’re still actually staying in your room!)

Hotel Room Farmers Walk

Pick up an object and walk side to side with it in your room without putting it down.  This will work out your arms, abs and legs.  Sounds easy but the longer you do it the harder it becomes.

Depending on the shape and size you will either hold it by your side, to your chest or above your head.  Anything over your head will provide your shoulders with a great workout.

Table Inverted Rows

This comes with a warning!  If you’re a person over 225 lbs, you might want to attempt with caution.  Regardless of your size you should still be careful.  One of the best back exercises you can do is pull ups.  Unfortunately you can’t find a bar in your hotel room, so a good pull up substitute is a Reverse Row.  In this case instead of a bar we’re going to use a table or desk instead.

Bodyweight Exercise

Did you know that you had a 24/7 gym with you at all times?  It’s called your body.  It is capable of doing amazing things if you learn how to do it properly. 

Bodyweight routines are the perfect type of workouts to do inside your room.  Nothing is required excepted your imagination and ability to be humbled.

Too many folks over estimate just how strong they really are.  Doing bodyweight exercise allows you to find imbalances in your body and address key weak points.  A few days of bodyweight exercise will do you good if you do go back to your normal weightlifting routine at the gym.

Here’s a simple list of good bodyweight exercise to get you started:

Upper Body

  • Push Ups
  • Wall Push Ups
  • Incline Push UPs
  • Pike Push Ups
  • Bench Dips

Lower Body

  • Sit to Stands
  • Squat
  • Front Lunges
  • Walking Lunges
  • Stiff leg Bodyweight Deadlifts

Abs & Core


  • Burpees
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Fake Jump rope (no actual jump rope involved)
  • Mountain climbers

Now when picking a routine, make sure you do it smartly.  In traditional workouts you try to pick your workout based on groups.

I would simple start with a workout consisting of:

  • 1 Upper body movement
  • 1 Lower body movement
  • 1 Ab/Core movement
  • 1 Cardio movement
Example bodyweight workout Routine
  • Incline Push Up
  • Forward Lunge
  • Crunches
  • Burpees

Training Style

Once you know which exercises you want to do, you now just need to figure out what style of training you will be doing in your room.  Here’s some examples:

Time Based

You pick an exercise and just try to do as many as you can during a time period.  Example:  5 mins of Push Ups


You repeat the exercise for set amount of repetitions with a break in between. 

Example:  5 sets of 10 reps.  Rest 30 secs between sets.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HITT is geared more towards getting your heart rate up.  It’s a sneaky way to get a great cardio workout in a short amount of time.  You do the exercise nonstop for a set amount of time before taking a rest for a precise amount of time.  You then repeat.  HIIT should not last for long periods of time (think over 10-20 mins) otherwise you’ll burn out!

Example: 20 seconds nonstop.  40 secs rest.  Repeat 8x


Tabata consists of four minutes of specific exercises done at a specific high intensity pace. 

It is not for rookies! 

You are to keep the rates on/off as prescribed to reap the cardio benefits.  If you do more than 4 mins continuously, then you’re not doing it correctly!

Example: 20 secs on  10 secs off  for 8 rounds. 


The simplest exercise you’re probably overlooking when exercising in your hotel room is probably stretching.  One of the greatest stretching exercises is yoga.  

Yoga is a great way to stretch and get in tuned with your body while being in a hotel room.  All you need is your laptop and a good yoga site.

Here’s some good yoga sites:


There’s also one more exercise you can add in for fun…….


Didn’t see that one coming did you?  

This is a room is it not? 

If you have your loved one traveling with you, don’t hesitate in getting some good loving in to help burn some calories!  I think it’s an activity that you both would enjoy!

(Now if you’re traveling solo, I’m not giving you an excuse to cheat.  I KNOW how some of you think out there….)

So next time you find yourself in a crappy hotel situation, why not give these creative exercises a try!