10 Awesome Elliptical Machine Workout Routines

Is there nothing more depressing than walking into a hotel gym and only seeing a treadmill and elliptical machine?

Those two pieces of equipment are usually the sign of a gym that doesn’t really care about fitness.

Treadmills and elliptical machines are instant let downs to the well-rounded exerciser.

Just the sight of an elliptical machine can make most individuals not want to workout at all!

That will no longer be the case now that you’ve stumbled upon this article from yours truly!

I’ve already tackled the treadmill with my 7 Creative Ways To Use The Treadmill Machine post.

Now it’s time to make some awesomely creative elliptical machine workouts!

What Exactly Is An Elliptical Machine?

An elliptical machine was created to become the ultimate cross-trainer. The machine was designed to mimic stair climbing, walking, running and skiing without causing chronic pressure on your joints.

It became a recommended exercise machine for those suffering from injuries. It would allow the user to still get in a form of cardio without the danger of increasing the risk of injury.

Like most cardiovascular machines, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. You can do that manually or by using a preprogrammed workout routine on the elliptical machine.

What also makes the elliptical machine unique is its ability to work your upper and lower body at the same time. The majority of gym cardio equipment focuses only on the lower body.

That’s only half of your body!

When you use an elliptical machine for your total body you’re going to increase the total amount of calories you burn.

That’s what we’re really interested in when hopping on the elliptical machine….burning calories and toning our bodies!

It is with that expectation that I came up with these…..

Ten Elliptical Workout Routines

#1 Backward Elliptical Sprints

We spend most of our life walking forward. That means your muscles are accustomed to one direction of moving.

If you’re trying to burn calories, it’s always good to do movements your body is not use to.

Backward elliptical machine sprints are a great way to confuse your muscles.

It will exercise your quadriceps and calf muscles from different angles, which will cause you to grow and get stronger while burning calories.

Win Win!

Slightly increase the resistance/intensity of the elliptical machine while you are doing your sprints.

When the short sprinting interval is over, decrease the resistance/intensity for your resting interval.

Start your first interval at 15 secs fast (at increased resistance/intensity) then slow down for the next 45 secs (resting time).

Repeat 5 – 8 more times.

Workout Example:

15 secs Sprint Interval (High Intensity/Resistance Levels 8-15)
45 secs Resting Interval (Low Intensity/Resistance Level 1-4)

Over the course of a month or your trips, you can start increasing the active time and decreasing the rest time.

Trip 1 Example

  • 15 secs Sprint Interval (High Intensity/Resistance Levels 8-15)
  • 45 secs Resting Interval (Low Intensity/Resistance Level 1-4)
  • Repeat 5 – 8 more times

Trip 2 Example

  • 20 secs Sprint Interval (High Intensity/Resistance Levels 8-15)
  • 40 secs Resting Interval (Low Intensity/Resistance Level 1-4)
  • Repeat 5 – 8 more times

#2 Backward Forward Elliptical Sprints

Do all your sprints backwards, but your rest periods forward. Use same tempos as before.

#3 Two Minute Forward/Backward Intervals

Using a intensity/resistance that you’re comfortable with, switch your exercise motion by going from forward to backward.

Ever two minutes switch the direction you are going.

The workout should last a total of 16 – 40 mins to reap the cardio benefits.

This is more of a steady state exercise than high intensity interval training (HIIT).

#4 One-Minute Forward/Backward Intervals

Same as #3, except now you are reversing your elliptical machine direction ever minute.

Expect to feel more fatigue when going backwards than forward.

#5 Elliptical Machine Boxing Jabs

Instead of gripping the upper handles the entire time, use your arms to do some boxing jabs while peddling your legs.

A simple one two jab combination is all you need to do.

This punching motion allows you to fully stretch your upper body so that you will be getting a full range of movement in your arms, shoulder and back muscles.

When just using the elliptical handles, it’s hard to get this full range of movement.

Start by doing 20-30 second jab punching intervals every two minutes.

As you get better, increase your punching time while staying balanced on the elliptical machine.

#6 Elliptical Jog and Swing

If you’re at a gym that has dumbbells and/or kettlebells, you can create this simple circuit routine.

Select an elliptical machine intensity/resistance level that you can maintain for 2 mins.

Once the 2 mins are up, jump off and do 20 kettlebell or dumbbell swings

Once you are done, get back on the elliptical and repeat.
Try to do 8 -12 rounds.


  • 2 mins Elliptical machine interval
  • 20 15-lb dumbbell swings
  • Repeat 8 – 12 more times

#7 Jump Rope and Elliptical

Every 3 minutes, get off that elliptical and jump rope (with or without an actual rope) for 2 mins straight.

Try to do 5 – 12 rounds

#8 Abs and Elliptical

Every 3 minutes get off that elliptical and perform:

  • 20 ab crunches
  • 10 bicycle kicks
  • 5 V-ups

Try to do 5 – 12 rounds

#9 Push Ups and Elliptical

Every 3 minutes get off that elliptical and perform as many push-ups as you can.

If you’re not strong at normal push ups, use an object like a bench, chair or step to do incline pushups.

Try to do 5 – 12 rounds.

#10 “Commercials Are Not My Friend”

Choose a comfortable steady state intensity/resistance for the elliptical and proceed to watch your favorite program on TV.

During each commercial break, you are going to do the following circuit as many times as possible until the commercial break is up.

  • 3 Push-ups
  • 6 Bodyweight lunges (3 per side)
  • 3 Jumping jacks

The point is to move as quickly as possible from each exercise to the next without taking a break.

The short reps and short rest periods will get the heart pumping and fat burning!

There you have some cool creative ways to make using that elliptical more enjoyable.

Just do me a favor and always remember to have fun when you’re in there.

No Gym No Problem Bodyweight workout routine you can do anywhere from MicVinny aka Mr. Travel Fitness


How to Create Your Own Beach Body In 6 Steps

What’s the first thing you typically notice when you’re at the beach?  An impressive beach body!

Being at the beach is all about sex appeal. There’s nothing sexier than a person with a great beach body! Male or female, it’s a spectacular sight to behold.

How about you?

Do you currently have a beach body?

Are you comfortable flaunting what you have under that shirt at the beach?

The thought of revealing our bodies at beaches and pools is a freighting shameful experience for many. It’s the one time that the world can see the years of neglect and abuse we’ve put our bodies through.

When seeing pictures of beach body physiques most of us think that it’s an unattainable goal for ourselves.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can make it your own reality. If you follow these 6 simple steps, you too can become the eye candy at the beach!

Follow a Beach Body Diet

When I say Beach Body Diet, I simply mean that you need to be emphasis your food choices. When changing your physique, what you eat is always your first priority.

Let me repeat that…. What you eat is always your first priority!

Let me bring back my DJ skills and rewind that a third time so it will sink in…. What you eat is always your first priority!

The great bodies you see at the beach are that way due to the food decisions they made over months and years.

Sure you will find rare exceptions to the rule. Those rare people that can eat fast food for every meal and never gain an inch on their body.

Don’t let those oddities fool you. The top beach bodies in the world come from proper nutrition.

A good beach body diet emphasis lean protein, water, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and non-processed carbohydrate sources.

You Must Eat Less Calories

In order to lose body fat you must burn more calories than you take in. You must put your body in a calorie deficit.

The majority of people spend more time overeating than under eating foods. It’s always easier to eat more food than less food.

If you follow step one, you will find it easier to eat less calories if you focus on eating beach body foods rather than the typical westernized foods.

Eliminate unnecessary sugar, sweeteners, fats and processed carbohydrates that you typically will find in convenient foods.

If you put water halfway in a bathtub and then walked away for a week, what would you expect to find?

Less water right! A good portion of the water in that bathtub would have evaporated into a gas state under the right conditions.

Think of your body as the same way.

Picture your body as the bathtub.

Imagine the liquid water as the calories you are putting into your body. Think of the evaporation process as calories burned over time.

If you consistently fill the tub up with the same amount of water (let’s say 1 cup) every day while cranking the heat up in that room, you can expect to see maybe a trace amount of water in that tub the next day.

Imagine if you poured 10 cups of water every day in that tub. Those first couple of days a small portion of the water would evaporate like before. As each day passes, more water is left behind in the tub. After a few more days and/or weeks that tub will start to overflow with water.

Think of that overflow as fat!

That’s what happens if you eat too many calories for too long. A beach body is all about eating less calories and keeping that tub from overflowing!

Sacrifices Must Be Made

Nobody has every made a major change in their life without making some sort of sacrifice.

Stop thinking that you can eat ice cream every day and still lose weight! That’s just not realistic.

You should expect to go from eating ice cream daily to limiting it to 1-2 nights a week. That’s the price to be paid for that body you want!

The bigger the sacrifice (food wise) the greater the beach body will look.

Do you have a pity party for those people you see at the beach with those beach body physiques?

Probably not! You may not have seen their journeys but you better believe that they had to give up something in their lives to get those bodies.

  • 10 hours of less TV a week
  • 30 mins of walking EVER day
  • Counting their calories
  • No pizza at Johnny’s birthday party


Stop complaining and just accept that it’s your reality!

Develop Your Six Pack In Your Kitchen and Not In Your Gym

What you eat matters when it comes to displaying a great six-pack.

No amount of crunches, sit-ups, side bends, etc. will make your six-pack magically appear until that abdominal fat covering it up is gone!

Stop thinking that you can spot reduce!

Stop worrying so much about doing crunches and focus more on pushing those bad foods from your diet plan. Once you are able to do that consistently, you’ll be on the right path of discovering your own six-pack.

Only after you learn how to eat properly will that six-pack really start to develop. As the body fat decreases around your waist, that’s when it’s time to start showing off those abs! Only when you’re diet is in check should you really start doing abs exercises.

Don’t get it backwards! Don’t spend more time doing crunches than you do cooking and planning your meals.

Beach body abs is made in the kitchen!

Weightlifting For Muscle Definition

If you truly want a beach body, you must do resistance training!

Please do not expect to look like a beach god or goddess by just performing cardio all the time. If you want those muscles to look toned, you have to do work that will display them.

Weightlifting is the key!

Maintaining, keeping and developing muscles should be one of your goals during of your beach body plan.

When people lose weight, they can lose muscle as well. That’s not want you want if you want a great physique! You only want to lose fat.

Keep and shape up that muscle to get that sexy attractive beach body look.

Do Conditioning and/or Cardio For Extra Fat Burning

Only after you have your diet in place and are lifting weights would I recommend you do some form of cardio. Remember that this is all about building a beach body not designing a long distance runner’s body.

Who would you rather look like?

Sprinter vs. long distance runner
Sprinter vs. long distance runner

If it’s a beach body, then cardio should come last. Think of it more as a way to be active. It should not be your #1 tool in losing fat.

Everyone who uses cardio as their #1 tool instead of their diet, rarely make it to the finish line. They don’t have the type of bodies we like to see at the beach.

Aim for some simple cardio activities that you enjoy doing.
As general guidelines keep steady state cardio (jogging, walking) for about 30-45 mins.

If doing high intensity cardio (sprints, circuits), keep each session between 5-15 mins. Make sure to rest properly before each interval. (Example: 20 sec sprint, 40 secs rest, repeat).

MicVinny’s Beach Body Workout Plan

Here’s a simple workout plan to get you started in developing your own beach body!

Only attempt if you follow rule #1 above!

Monday Workout

Rest 45 secs between sets

A. DB Squat 3 sets of 8-12 reps
B1. Pull Ups 3 sets of As many reps as possible
B2. Push Ups 3 sets of As many reps as possible
C1 DB Bench Press 3 sets of 8-12 reps
C2 DB Bent over Rows 3 sets of 8-12 reps
D1 Romanian DB Deadlifts 3 sets of 8-12 reps
D2 Overhead Shoulder Press 3 sets of 8-12 reps

Tuesday Workout

5 -10 sprints. Treadmill or outside.

Rest 30-60 seconds between sprints

Wednesday Workout

A1. Standing Bicep curl 4 sets of 8-12 reps
A2. Lying Triceps extension 4 sets of 8-12 reps
B1. Chin Ups AMAP
B2. Diamond Pushups 3 sets of 8-12 reps
B3. Mountain Climbers

Thursday Workout

30 – 45 minute walk. Treadmill or outside

Friday Workout

Rest 45 secs between sets

A. DB Squat 3 sets of 8-12 reps
B1. Pull Ups 3 sets of As many reps as possible
B2. Push Ups 3 sets of As many reps as possible
C1 DB Bench Press 3 sets of 8-12 reps
C2 DB Bent over Rows 3 sets of 8-12 reps
D1 Romanian DB Deadlifts 3 sets of 8-12 reps
D2 Overhead Shoulder Press 3 sets of 8-12 reps

Saturday Workout

5 -10 sprints. Treadmill or outside.

Rest 30-60 seconds between sprints

Sunday Workout

30 – 45 minute walk. Treadmill or outside.

Optionally: Yoga, aerobic class/DVD.

Let Go Of The Past and Release The Beast!

You’ve been provided with several key factors in developing your own beach body.  The sad truth is that it is meaningless if you don’t actually apply the steps to your own daily routine.

Want some guidance on getting over your fears so that you can finally achieve your beach body?

Click on the image and check out my Best-Selling book on Amazon (Bonus free audiobook inside).

13 Fat Burning Hotel Hallway HIIT Cardio Workouts

When was the last time you did a HIIT cardio workout at a hotel?

If you’re like most folks, I’m sure you utilized the hotel’s gym to perform your HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio session.

If not at the hotel’s gym, maybe you did your quick HIIT cardio session (P90X, Insanity, jumping jacks, burpees, etc.) from inside your hotel room.

What if I told you there was one more location that you could use to get a good cardio workout in?

Your hotel’s hallway!

High Intensity Interval Training + Hallway = Crazy Idea?

Why Use Hallways For HIIT Cardio Workouts?

Think about it.

What’s the longest stretch of space at a hotel?

Unless you’re staying at a super luxurious hotel with a great big lounge area the answer is typically the hallway.

Hotels want to acquire as many guests as possible so they will try to build as many rooms as possible.

How do hotel guests get to their rooms? Through hallways of course!

Therefore hotel hallways are quite lengthy due to all the rooms.

Most hallways are designed in a straight up and down, shotgun approach. When I say shotgun, I simply mean that you can see from one end to the other end of the building if you were to step into the hallway.

Larger hotels are shaped more like squares or rectangles. This design allows a hallway to extend into another hallway at each corner.

Both types of hallways work fine for these workouts I have designed.

HIIT Cardio Hotel Hallway Workouts

These workouts were written without the use of any additional equipment other than what the hotel guest would naturally carry with them.

You can always make things harder by adding some weighted objects and/or dumbbell weights to some of these routines. If using the hotel’s dumbbells, please make sure you have their permission to use them in the hallways.

MicVinny Disclaimer: I don’t want to get a call from some hotel manager saying: “Our hotel guest said that you told them to use our weights in the hallway. That’ll be a $500 fine sir!”

Become A Track Star

The first HIIT cardio workout that comes to mind when looking at how hallways are built is the 50 meter sprint. You know the event at the Olympics that determines the world’s fastest man or woman.

Now you don’t have to be Usain Bolt level fast to do this workout.  Just as long as you give it more than 80% effort, you’ll easily reap the benefits of sprinting.

Please be careful with your hallway sprints. Do these when you know the hallway will not be crowded.

If people unexpectedly show up in your hallway, be respectful and slow down, stop or move around them. You can always start your sprint again when they leave.

Hallway Sprints

Just like the Olympics, start at one end of the floor on your two legs and run as fast as possible to the other side of the hallway.

Go as far as you want.

Take a 40-60 second rest and repeat 7-10 more times.

Professional Hallway Sprints

Just like before, except start your pace with all four of your limbs touching the ground just like a professional sprinter.

This creates a different starting position and gets more muscles involved in that initial burst of speed.

Bear Crawls

Get down on all fours and quickly crawl across that hallway.

When doing this for the first time, aim to go at least 5 doors down the hallway.

Once you reach your desired number of hotel doors, take a 40-60 second rest.

For your next set, try to do the amount of doors you did last time plus one more.

Keep adding more doors for each additional set until you can’t physically performed the hotel door distance anymore.

Try to beat that number next time.

Forward and Reverse Bear Crawls

Just like Bear Crawls except once you reached your door number, you now have to go back to where you started in reverse.

Ex: 5 doors forward, 5 doors backward, rest 40-60 secs. 6 doors forward, 6 doors backward…etc.

Crab Walks

Instead of getting on all fours like you do for the Bear Crawl, you get on all for legs from a posterior position which makes you walk like a crab.

Use the same idea for the Bear Crawl. Just don’t be surprised if you can’t go as far with this movement due to the position it puts your body in.

Try to do it in forward and reverse as well.

Farmers Walk

Overhead Farmers Walk

This sounds simple to do but trust me; it’ll get your heart pounding.

Place both hands above your head and walk up and down that hallway as fast as possible for two minutes straight.

Take a 30 second break and then repeat four more times.

Weighted Overhead Farmers Walk

If the above was too simple, it’s now time to graduate to the next level.

Using any weighted object (pillow, laundry bag, luggage, dumbbells,etc.), raise that object evenly above your head and do the same as above.

If your arms start to give out, stop, put them safely down and then put right back up and continue going until your two minutes is up.

Two minutes walk.
One minute rest.

This sounds so easy but trust me, it’ll hurt in a good way.

One Arm Suitcase Farmers Walk

Using a suitcase, hold it on one side of your body as you walk down the hallway as fast as possible. Once at the other end, switch hands and walk back to where you started.

Keep going until your two minutes is up.

One minute rest
Repeat four more times

The key is to use your core/abs to keep you stable. You will find the opposite side of your body doing all the work as it stabilizes your mobility.

Hands to the Side

If you don’t have super long wingspan like I do try this.

Raise your arms completely to the side until they are at shoulder level.

Now start walking down the hallway without lowering your arms.
Go for two minutes.

If your arms get sore. Stop, lower them down really quickly but put them back up and keep going until your two minutes are up

Three Doors Down

Here’s a simple hallway HIIT circuit you can do with just 3 exercises:

  • Inchworms
  • Toy soldiers
  • High Knee Skips

For every three doors you pass, you will switch exercises.

Inch worms

Toy soldiers

High knee skips

Once you do each exercise at least three times, take a 60-90 second break and repeat 2 more times.

Floor by Floors

Bottom to the top

Start on the bottom floor. Walk the entire floor from one side of the hallway to the other side where the stairs are.

Run up the stairs to the next level. Walk that hallway to the opposite staircase. Run up the stairs to the next level.

Repeat until you’ve made it to the top of the hotel.

Top to the Bottom

Same as before but start at the top and work your way down.

Odd/Even Floors

You can do the bottom to the top, but instead of stopping on every floor, you can sprint up to either the next odd floor, or even floor.

Give these hallway workouts a try during your next trip!

How to Easily Create A Eating And Workout Plan For Your Current Situation

Have you ever had the perfect eating and workout plan interrupted by an unexpected situation?

Could it have been an injury?
Or how about being sick for multiple days that forced you to abandon your plan?

Well I’m living proof of what happens when things take an unexpected twist.

Weeks ago, I suffered from a severe case of food poisoning that made me have to rethink my diet plan. While recovering, I decided I would utilize the Velocity Diet as a way to get a lean body while lifting weights.

I saw that the current version of the Velocity Diet seemed like a perfect way to slowly get my body use to eating solid foods again.

Additionally, I wanted to see if it was a possible solution to many traveling professionals eating problems. Four to five protein shakes a day plus one solid meal, pretty simple right?

All a person needed to do was buy some supplements and follow the Velocity for 28 Days straight.

Well it’s always easier said then done!

In today’s video, MicVinny gives you the 411 on what went down while on his last week of the Velocity Diet and how he is now creating a new plan for his new unexpected reality.

Use the advice given to jump start your own workout and nutrition plan based on your current situation.

Eating & Workout Planning Video Highlights

  • Weight loss progress while on the Velocity Diet
  • The unexpected injury that changed everything!
  • How to transition off a protein supplement diet
  • Pivoting due to a life changing moment
  • What exactly is your goal?
  • How long are you willing to stick to your plan?
  • Know your schedule
  • Signs of good/bad eating habits
  • Release The Beast
  • Focus on nutrition and habits first!

14 Stair Workout Exercises For Work, Home or Travel

Not too long ago I was working as a personal trainer at a local gym. As I walked around the floor trying to find some potential clients, a woman approached me.

She had just signed up for personal training services and wanted to know the names of all the cardio equipment.

I explained to her that the best workout for her would involve the free weights section.

She proceeded to say that’s what she would be doing with her newly hired personal trainer (sadly not me). She was more curious about her favorite cardio machine, the Stairmaster.

A secret that most people don’t realize is that most personal trainers despise cardio machines. If you walk into any gym in America, the most out of shape people are always on cardio machines.

She seemed like a nice person, so I kept my opinions to myself and walked her over to that gym’s stairmaster.

As I explained the controls, she mentioned that this was her favorite machine of all time. She would literally walk stay on this machine for hours at her old gym.

It was at that moment that a lightbulb went off on top of my head.
As great as the stairmaster is at getting you tired, I realized I could do better.

Not necessary for her, but for all those out there in the working world. I realized something that almost everyone that works have in common.

Whether staying at a hotel, working from home or working inside a big office building, everyone seems to have access to some stairs!

The Young Engineer’s Discovery Out Of Boredom

Once upon a time, MicVinny worked as an electrical engineering for this cool government contractor project. My team consisted of 4 people.

The project revolved around using a person’s automatic brain response to detect whether or not that person recognized the image being displayed to them.

It was a pretty cool experiment!

The only problem I had with the job was that when we were not running experiments; I didn’t have much to do.

Working eight-hour days was extremely boring!

To make the day go by faster, I would go to the top of the building and proceed to walk down the stairs.

I could not get on the staircase from the ground floor so I had to go all the way to the top. I figure it was better than nothing.

MicVinny’s Top 14 Stair Workout Exercises

In the tradition of me walking down those stairs, I have put together 14 stair related workouts for anyone with access to stairs.

You can do this during your office breaks, lunch break, after work, your home, in a hotel or whenever.

The key is to understand that you don’t need a fancy expensive piece of machine to get the benefits of stairs.

Just use real stairs!!

Warning: You will definitely sweat and feel painful sensations in your legs with a side benefit of better cardio endurance, fat burning and more strength in your legs.

Stair Exercises For Cardio & Conditioning

Race To The Top

Set a timer and proceed to go up the stairs as fast as possible (but in a safe manner).

Once at the top, check your time.

Walk back the steps and repeat.

Each day, try to beat your previous best time.

If you have several flights of stairs, try small progressions. (sets of 2 flights of stairs today, sets of 3 flights next time, sets of 4 next week, etc.)

From The Bottom To The Top

Just like Race To The Top except you’re going to keep the timer rolling as you quickly make your way down to the bottom.

Once at the bottom, you’ll stop your timer and check our time.

Take a short rest and repeat if necessary.

Down Low

Some buildings have emergency doors that prevent access to stairways from the ground floor.

If you have such a situation in which you cannot access the stairs from the bottom floor, try getting into the staircase from a higher floor.

The object of Down Low is to go down the stairs as fast as possible.

Once at the bottom, take the elevator up, and repeat as fast as you can for as many rounds you want to go.

This routine is not as effective as running up stairs, but it’s better than nothing.

2 Steps Up 1 Step Down

For every two steps you go up, go down one step.

Repeat until you’re up at the top.

You will want to go at a slower pace to avoid tripping. Time yourself and try to beat your time.

3 Steps Down 2 Steps Up

Like the previous, but you will be starting from the top of the stairs.

For every three steps you go down, you will go two steps up.

One Small Step for Man

Take just one small step forward and bring both feet together.

Now use opposite foot to go to the next step and repeat.

This movement will take longer to complete but will give you a nice tension in your quadriceps

One Giant Leap for Mankind

As you go up the stairs, try to stretch your legs out so you can skip 1-3 stairs. The idea is to fully stretch your legs out.

By stretching your legs out, you will emphasize your glutes and quadriceps.

Reverse It

Walk up and down the stairs backwards. Takes some coordination and balance, but stick with it for a change of pace.

The Animal Crawl

Crawl up the stairs like an animal with all four limbs helping you up. This is an upper and lower body movement.

Resistance Stair Exercises

So far everything has been more cardio focused. These last exercises are more about using the stairs to help build some muscle.

Incline Pushups

For those who suck at push ups, use the stairs for assistance.

Go as far high as you need to go to be able to do at least 5 incline pushups.

Try to improve each time.

As you reach 15 reps, go down one stair. If able to do 15 again, keep going down…repeat until you can do 15 normal push-ups.

Stair Squats

One of my favorite squat progressions (see: 4 Simple Bodyweight Squat Progressions You Should Learn). Go as low as you comfortable can.

Seated Leg Curls

Just like the machine you will find at a gym except instead of weights you’re going to be using the side of a step for resistance.

While seating on a step, squeeze your hamstrings as you try to bring your legs towards your glutes. Squeeze for 3 – 5 seconds before releasing.

Single-leg partial squats

If you can’t squat I’ll make an exception if I see you do this one!

Go up and lateral stand on a step with your left leg. Slowly lower your right leg down until your foot is just above the ground.

Pause for 3 seconds and try not to touch the ground or the wall for stabilization. Slowly raise your right leg up in two seconds.

Repeat 4 – 8 more times. Switch sides.

Bulgarian Squats

This is like a lunge but with your back foot resting on a stair. Choose a step level that’s comfortable. Place your right foot behind and proceed to squat down with your right foot.

After doing these exercises, you’ll never look at a flight of stairs the same way again!