9 Warning Signs That Your Might Be A Machine Abuser

911: “911 What’s your emergency”

Caller: “It has happen again….oh….i’m so scared to talk!”

911: “Umm Ma’am what has happened?”

Caller: “Oh I’m not sure if I should say. It’ll probably only get worse if he knows I talked to you…”

911: “Ma’am there’s no need to be afraid. Just tell us the situation and we’ll send someone out there immediately to assist you”

Caller: “Ok….”

911: “What happened to you Ma’am?”

Caller: “I think I’m being abused. It’s now going on three years and I just can’t take it anymore! It started out small. Nothing major. We both were shocked the first time it happened. He quickly apologized and I thought we would get over it. But over time it’s only got worse.

The abuse seems to be happening more often these past few months! There’s a lot of pulling, jerking and loud grunting done by him! Sometimes I have to look away because it’s awful to watch. This is not the person I hope he would be when we first meet!

He thinks he’s doing something and accomplishing something but he’s not! All he has been doing is hurting this relationship! Someone has to step in and stop this now!”

911: “Ma’am, no need to worry. Help is on the way. The MAU will be there shortly to address the situation”

911: “Officer MicVinny, we got a 431 going on. Please respond?”

MicVinny: “I’m on it! ETA in 5!”

I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in my years on the force. Every time I go down to the gym, I never know what I’m going to see. As the years have been going on it seems to be getting only worse.

What nearly starts out as a brand new relationship between a person and a machine quickly escalates into a one sided affair in which the machine is begging the person to stop.

That’s where I come in. Welcome to my world…..

Law & Order: MAU (Machine Abuse Unit) Starring MicVinny

It doesn’t matter the age. It doesn’t matter the sex. Heck it doesn’t matter the gender. You’re going to see it as soon as you walk into a gym.

With the explosion of the internet and youtube, everyone and their momma thinks they can just watch some videos or read an article and instantly they’re fitness experts.

It never works out that way!

What typically happens is that people get overly excited about their new dedication towards being healthy and fit. They come to this side of town all happy & gleeful.

They will go over to Cardio Street and hang out with the ellipticals, treadmills and bikes. That’s typically where the abuse first starts. Normally it’s nothing too drastic.

Those guys on Cardio Street can take punishments for long periods of time. The people hanging out with those machines typically just push their buttons and watch TVs as they zone out. Not much communication takes place.

Eventually the people will come to realize that they need more than Cardio Street to have a good workout. That’s when they will stroll down Free Weight Alley. Instantly they are met with resistance!

As they look upon the alley way they are greeted with a muscularly intimidating gang! Barbella, DumbBo and Benches McFly are all huddled with these muscular, fit looking men and women. The gang always like to intimate newcomers by giving them a menacing glare!

“I’m not ready for this area! Those guys are too intimidating!

Machine Valley Lane

People will typically run away from Free Weight Alley and make it towards a friendlier street called Machine Valley Lane. This is completely different from the intimidation of Free Weight Alley.

Here they see big fancy machines with pretty pictures on them. People assume they know what they are doing and avoid the warning signs.

Those poor machines never have a chance!

The machines try their best to give people warnings and advice on how to properly build a relationship with them but the newbies just don’t listen.

Due to the ease of using the machines, the newbies typically stick around for days, weeks, months are even years. This new relationship typically goes one sided.

That’s why my unit typically get’s called in. After so much time of neglect, somebody has to step in to help out the situations. Both the machines and users need us officers to rectify the situation before it gets out of control.

You Might Be A Machine Abuser If…..

As I make my way to this crime scene let me tell you some tips to see if you could be a machine abuser as well:

  1. You go to the gym 3-7 days a week but never go to the free weight area.
  2. You never read the warning labels telling you how to properly use the machine
  3. You’ve been doing the same exact machine exercise routine for over two months with the same exact weights
  4. You have no idea what full extension mean
  5. You hear loud clacking sounds when using the machine
  6. You only use the leg press and leg extension machines for your leg development
  7. You don’t know the name of the exercise you are doing on the machine
  8. You spend more than five hours a week on cardio machines and less than 1 hour lifting weights during the week
  9. You never adjust the machine’s seat to fit your correct height level

Please Use Machines For What They Were Designed For

Too many people don’t understand what machines are for at the gym. The majority of machines are designed to isolate the muscle. What that means is when you really want only one muscle to do all the work, machines work brilliantly in doing that.

An example is using the leg extension. The leg extension was designed to isolate the quadriceps. This isolation is so that only this one muscle group is doing all work. You’re extending the knee angle which is why this exercise is called leg extension.

Machines are excellent for isolation. Unfortunately the majority of the people who are at the gym are there to get stronger or lose weight. If you are only using machines to meet those goals you’re wasting your time. You would get much quicker results if you chose to do compound exercises.

What Are Compound Exercises?

Remember the gang at Free Weight Alley? Well, like most things in life, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

If you would have stayed around you would have found out that those Free Weight Alley folks are some of the friendliest people in the world. Nine times out of ten, those people will help you out if you ask.

If you ever encounter negative folks, then i’m sorry that your local neighborhoods have such bad seeds. In my experience most Free Weight Alleys are filled with knowledgeable and helpful individuals who want to see you succeed.

Those people in Free Weight Alley understand the importance of compound exercise. A compound exercise works multiple muscles at once allowing you to burn more calories and get stronger faster than isolation exercises.

Here’s a classic case of compound vs. isolation.

Isolation Exercise

Leg Extension
Muscle worked: quadricep

Compound Exercise

Barbell Squat
Muscles worked: quadriceps, abs, hamstrings, glutes, calves,lower back, erector spinae, lower traps, upper traps, deltoids

As you can see the barbell squat is pretty much a full body movement. The emphasis is on your legs but the rest of your body has to get in on the action to stabilize the barbell resting on your shoulders. That equates to more muscle growth, strength, toned muscles, mobility, flexibility and a cardio session as well.

If you don’t believe squats are a great cardio exercise, try to do 10 reps in a row with 30 secs rest before your next set. That my friend is called conditioning!

Arrived At the Scene

Take it from this vet. I’ve been on the force for way too long. I feel sorry for these poor machines. They don’t ask for it. All they want to do is help people reach their goals.

Now that I’ve given you some advice, please make sure that the next machine you’re on doesn’t have to call the MAU to knock some sense into you!

The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When Starting A New Diet & Exercise Plan

Meet Larry.

Larry is a 32 year old software developer with a wife (Amanda) and two kids. During the past five years, Larry has noticed that he’s put on some weight. This year he decided (just like the previous 4 years) that he was going to actually lose the weight for good!

He decided that he would start off the new year with a brand new exercise plan. He saw an awesome workout plan from a men’s fitness magazine at the grocery store. He also signed up for a new membership at the local Gold’s Gym.

To help with this new lifestyle, Amanda decided that she would join too. She had not been inside a gym in over three years due to being a stressed out working mom. Larry and Amanda decided that this year would be different because nothing was going to stop them from achieving this new year’s resolution!

The First Day

The first day of a fitness plan is almost like the first day of school. It’s full of excitement and endless possibilities. Both could not wait to get started on this new dedicated lifestyle. They told all their co-workers, friends and family that they were starting today.

Once they finished working, they meet at home and drove to the gym together. As they entered the gym, they noticed that there were way more people than they were expecting at the gym that evening. A gym staff employee told them that this was the New Year’s Rush.

“It’s always crowded for the first couple of days in January. But after a few days, you start to see less people. Every gym across the world experiences this. The people that will stay committed to their goals will be here two weeks from now, but 90% of these people will be gone by then.”

Larry and Amanda smiled and laughed. They knew that they would survive their first two weeks. This was a serious goal for them. Due to it being so crowded they both decided that they should ease into the cardio machine area and spend no more than 30 mins on a treadmill.

Once done, they went home and enjoyed a good meal. They felt good about their first day of working out. Nothing could hold them back from achieving their fitness goals!

The Unexpected Trip

Two days later, Larry found out he had to go out of town. With Larry gone and the two kids at home, Amanda decided that she would skip going to the gym while Larry was away. It was an activity they wanted to do together, so she would feel bad going without him.

While Larry was on his business trip, he realized he didn’t pack any gym clothes. Living this healthy lifestyle was brand new and he just totally forgot about his clothes. Larry decided that he would be fine if he didn’t work out on the trip.

Additionally, Larry was having meetings with clients and knew that he would be eating at fast food restaurants. He knew he wouldn’t have a choice and would have to eat whatever everyone else was eating.

It was ok, because he knew he would get started back on his diet plan once he got home.

The Days After The Trip

Once back home, Larry and Amanda asked how the other was doing. They both were fine, but Amanda could use a break from being by the kids all alone. Larry decides that he should take the family out for dinner. He just spent several days eating out, one more night out with the family wasn’t going to kill him right?

That night, Larry and Amanda talked about going back to the gym tomorrow evening. They both remembered that they had some big goals to lose some weight. They told themselves that no matter what, tomorrow they would get back on track!

The next day arrives and it is raining cats and dogs. The temperature outside is a blistery 34 degrees. When the wind starts blowing, you can almost see the rain turn into ice.

Larry is carefully driving home from work in this weather. As Larry stops at a traffic light, he starts to remember that he left his gym clothes at home. Again, he’s still getting use to this idea of going to the gym.

Amanda’s on the other side of town getting off her job. She has to pick the kids up from their after school activities. As the kids get in the car kicking and screaming, all that Amanda can think of is a nice relaxing warm evening at home. She wonder’s what Larry will be cooking tonight….

As soon as Larry comes home, he realizes that he was supposed to cook dinner that night! Oh crap! He didn’t go by the grocery store!

Since he knows his family will be home soon, he opts for the family’s favorite take out restaurant and has it delivered. To make it up to Amanda, he makes sure he orders her favorite dish of sweet and sour chicken.

After coming home and eating the meal as a family, Larry and Amanda are dead tired. The weather is just dreadful outside! They tell themselves that they’ll get started tomorrow…..

And that my friends is the beginning of the end of another weight loss goal.

Does That Story Sound Familiar?

This story is typically what happens to people during their first two weeks of trying to incorporate a new healthy lifestyle. They have great intentions but somehow manage to fizzle out before making any real progress.

Larry and Amanda are not alone. Millions of people attempt to do a new workout plan every year. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or the weeks before a beach vacation. At some point, people decided that they wanted to look better.

If so many people want to look good, why do you think so many don’t make it to the end?

The Simple Answer Is Life!!

When coming up with a new exercise and diet plan, most people do not account for life getting in their way. In this story, Larry was a software developer who travels occasionally for his job. Larry only planned for working out when he was at home near his local gym. His mindset wasn’t prepared on how to survive when he traveled.

He was preprogrammed to think he could only get in shape at that new gym he joined. He had no plan for eating and training while traveling. Due to Larry only going to that gym for one day, he had not developed this new healthy habit yet.

When doing something new it takes between 21- 30 days before it becomes an actual habit. That’s why it’s critical for you to have an accountability partner.

That’s why it’s important to have a person that knows your busy lifestyle and can help you prepare for those unexpected moments. If Larry had know about MicVinny’s online coaching, he would have had someone who knows how to stay on shape while traveling as well as at his home.

He would have had someone besides Amanda to keep him on track. No offense to Amanda, but she also did not understand how to achieve the life they now wanted to obtained. Having an outsider to their household provide guidance and support would have keep both of them in check over the course of that brutal initial week.

Without help, Larry and Amanda most likely will be going another year of coulda woulda when looking at themselves in the mirror.

Does that sound like something you want for yourself?

To let another year pass by without you finally becoming something better than you are?

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I’m talking about transforming your body in an incredible six month time frame!

Imagine being stuck in Larry’s situation on the road and knowing what you SHOULD be eating at those fast food restaurants.

Imagine being Amanda at home with the kids but still getting a great home workout in while not leaving her kids unsupervised.

Imagine Larry ordering his Chinese take out but making substitutions that would have gotten them towards their weight loss goals!

Imagine being a person who actually consistently shows up and follow throughs with your workout plan!

Can you see how powerful all of this would be if you had an accountability partner to keep you going forward for six months?

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17 Fun Ways To Get Fit While Watching Football On TV

In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge football fan! With apologies to the rest of the world, I’m talking about good old american pigskin football! It started when I was a youth and I got my first glimpse of the uniforms. They looked like modern day gladiators. Seeing the players battle each other for supremacy instantly brought out my inner competitive spirit. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Like most americans I spend Saturdays and Sundays watching college and NFL games. That means my behind is normally sitting down for 3-12 hours during that time period!

As much as I love the game, isn’t there something more productive I could be doing during that time period? There has to be some way to get some weekend exercise in, have fun and be involved with the games at the same time…right?

The guys on that football field don’t have to be the only ones getting some exercises in. I’ve decided to combine several activities into a fun workout plan. Try these cool activities next time you’re watching football.

Commercial Breaks

With all the money that is made from football, we now seem to have more breaks than ever. Sadly these breaks are not meant to help the athletes out but are a sneaky way for companies to sell things through commercials. Here are some ways to take advantage of those commercial breaks.

Couch Walk Arounds

Instead of walking around your block, get off your couch and walk around your couch during the commercial break. Try to walk in the opposite direction each break.

Sit To Stands

You don’t even have to move. Just stand up and sit back down in your eat. Sounds easy right? This “easy” exercise does a great job of working out your quadriceps and hips.

Jog In Place

Simple to do because you don’t require a lot of space. Just because you’re not moving forward doesn’t mean you won’t be burning calories. With commercial breaks lasting 2-3 minutes, you can easily get a good 10-15 minute jog in just one hour of football watching.

Stair Sprints

Run or walk up and down the steps in your home. Great cardio workout during breaks.

Jump Rope

You can do this with or without jump rope. Great HIIT workout that will tire you out.

Pull Ups

If you have a pull up bar, go up to it and do as many as possible during the break. You’ll have lots of time to recover while watching the game.

Commercial Awareness

One of the best things you can do for yourself is become aware of how advertisers are trying to program you into eating and drinking certain products. Don’t believe me? Try these challenges and be amazed:

Count the Beer commercials

In one hour, spend time counting up every single beer commercial you see.

Count the Fast Food commercials

In one hour spend time counting up every single fast food commercial you see.

Count all the commercials

Now compare. You’ll be shocked to see the ratio of beer to total commercials and fast food to total commercials. Heck combine beer and fast food to total commercials. Is that ratio over or under .500? This is an activity you can do by yourself or make it a family/friend activity.

Once you become aware of what’s being programmed into your brain, it’s amazing how it won’t affect you’re eating habits as much as it use too.

Eat A Healthy Snack

This is not to torture you. This will help you get use to craving veggies instead of the junk food you see on TV. Every time you see a fast food/junk food commercial eat a piece of the following:

  • celery
  • carrot
  • kale
  • spinach leaf
  • iceberg lettuce

Hopefully next time you see that commercial for Pizza Hut, you will start craving a salad instead of that greasy pizza. Think of it as healthy hypnosis.

Take a Shot of Water

Its like the drinking game except this time every time you see a beer commercial you will just take a chug of plain water.


Push Ups

For every point scored by your favorite team, drop down and do some push ups

Touchdown Dance

Who says your favorite team gets to have all the fun after they score? Show off your moves and get your dance on! I mean seriously move that booty! Burn some calories and celebrate at the same time.

Your team just scored! Wave those hands like you just don’t care! Keep it up for 1 full minute

(rub it in even more if you’re around rival fans!)


For those looking for a bigger challenge each week, do these instead of push ups after a touchdown.

Shadow Boxing

Every time your opponent scores, get up and do a left right combination. Fun easy way to let off some steam and yell at your team’s bad defense



Stand up and then lie down on the floor. How every many yards was the penalty is how many times you have to do this movement.

Room Walks

Walk as fast as possible from side to side of the room you’re in. One minute for every yard.

I hope you find these activities useful next time you’re watching a game. Just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean we have to be zombies! Become a part of the game and get that body moving!

The 6 Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

I have some sad news to tell you. I hope it doesn’t break your heart or send you down an emotional rollercoaster. You want to know what it is? Get closer to your screen and read this next sentence carefully.

You don’t need a gym to work out!

 I know it sounds insane! Especially coming from a guy that’s a certified personal trainer but hear me out.

Every since the late 80’s, society has gotten brainwashed into thinking that a gym is the only way to get in shape. Most forget that like most things in civilization, it’s all about the money!

The reason you feel the need to only workout in gyms is because of capitalism. There’s lots of money to be made in the fitness industry. Gyms saw a demand for fun workout places so they designed them with convenient machines and equipment to make you depend on them for your fitness. With all those shiny toys, gyms made you forget about the secret workout system you carry around with yourself every day.

The truth they don’t want you to realize is that all you need is your body to get a good workout.

That’s great news if you’re a busy traveler. When traveling, it’s always hard to find the perfect gym or to continue with your normal home exercise routines. Change your mindset and start embracing bodyweight workouts when traveling. Bodyweight workouts are an excellent way to see what key area your body needs improving in.

There are hundreds of different bodyweight exercises you can do. In this article, I wanted to keep it simple and give you only a few. These six body weight exercises are the alpha dogs when it comes towards everything you need in a workout plan. You can build some muscle, lose some fat, address stability issues and even get some conditioning in.

Here are the six best bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.

Bodyweight Squats

Muscles Involved:


Squats are sometimes considered the king of all exercises. It’s a perfect combination of strength, muscle building, endurance and conditioning. Try to do fifty perfect bodyweight squats in a row. When done correctly, you will understand why you must bow down to the king as your heart and lungs explode out your chest! The bodyweight squat truly works!

When doing a traditional barbell squat, this movement includes even more muscles due to action required to stabilize your body. But before one master’s the barbell squat, you need to learn the bodyweight squat!

Despite the bodyweight squat being the best lower body movement, it’s amazing how many people refuse to do this movement correctly. Seeing how far a person can squat is a good test for mobility in the hips and knees.

If you can’t squat to parallel, you have some work to do! You should not be bragging about heavy barbell squats and focus on this exercise.

Once able to squat to parallel, you can make the movement harder by changing your feet spacing (shoulder width stance to wide leg, sumo stance), doing more reps or changing tempo (i.e.: take 4-8 secs to lower your body, 1 second to raise, repeat). That will keep this movement fresh and challenging.

Push Ups

Muscles Involved:

Pectoralis Major
Anterior Deltoid
Triceps Brachii
Rectus Abdonis
Erector Spinae

Can you say U-N-D-E-R-A-T-E-D!!

The push up is truly a full body movement. It’s not only the chest muscles that get a good workout but your entire anterior (front) side of your body is involved in this movement when done correctly. We’re talking all the way from your shoulders to your thighs.

The push up is a great way to work on your stability. For most people it’s not necessarily the chest that is weak, but rather lack of stability in all your assistance muscles. That’s what makes the push up such a great bodyweight exercise.

Pull Ups/ Chin Ups

Muscles Involved:

Latissimus Dorsi
Biceps Brachii
Teres Major
Deltoid, Posterior
Teres Minor
Levator Scapulae
Trapezius, Lower
Trapezius, Middle
Pectoralis Minor
Triceps, Long Head

If the squat is the king of the south/lower body, then consider pull-ups the king of the north!

No other upper body movement comes close to getting so many muscles involved. Majority of the muscles involved are located in your back and arms. The pull up is so awesome that it even includes your abs while doing them.

Chin Ups and Pull ups are very similar. Pull ups are when you have your palms facing away from your body (prone grip aka pronation). Chin Ups are when you have your palms facing your body while doing the movement (supine grip aka supination). Chin ups are normally easier due to your biceps being more involved.

It doesn’t matter which one you do, as long as you do it! The only hard part about doing pull ups while traveling is finding a bar. That’s where you have to get creative. Look for bars at playgrounds, trees, street signs, or bring your own portable pull up bar.

This exercise is worth the effort it takes to find a bar.


Muscles Involved:

Gluteus Maximus
Adductor Magnus
Dynamic Stabilizers
Tibialis Anterior
Gluteus Medius
Gluteus Minimus
Quadratus Lumborum

Most people have imbalances in their limbs. That’s why it’s good to do unilateral (one body part) movements. That’s where lunges come into play. Lunges allow you to focus on one leg at a time.

You should focus on unilateral leg movements for balance and strength issues. If you’re too weak on one side of your body, that will lead to injuries later down the road. Address your lower body imbalances by doing the bodyweight lunge.


Muscles Involved:

Rectus Abdominis
Tensor Fasciae Latae
Pectoralis major
Serratus Anterior
Erector Spinae
Trapezius, Middle
Trapezius, Lower

No matter what your fitness goal, you want to have a strong mid-section. Your body’s main movement patterns always get started around your core area. The plank is a great way to strengthen those muscles. Do the exercise for time. Overtime you can add slight variations (one legged, side planks, elevated, etc.)


Burpees are the ultimate bodyweight conditioning tool. The simple movement of going completely down to the floor and jumping does a good job of working all the muscles involved in squats and push ups with the added (but tiresome) bonus of cardio.

Do burpees as part of a HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine. Don’t underestimate how much this movement will kick your butt!