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Conservative or Liberal: How Today’s Decision Will Ultimately Affect Your Body Forever


You have a very important decision to make today. For the last couple of years you’ve seen viable options come and go. Through a process of elimination those many choices have been dwindled down into only two.

For over six months you’ve wavered between those two choices. There’s some good but you can’t help but notice the bad with either choice. This has been a tough choice for you! You’ve scroll through countless social media feeds looking for some new insight that will make selecting the proper candidate easier.

Before you make the most important choice of your life….let’s re-examine your two options.

Choice #1: Conservative

This choice is always the safest bet. The followers of this plan don’t want anything radical getting in their way! If what worked in the past worked, why change a good thing?

You are not required to spend a lot of money. You know exactly how much it will cost per month. This is (normally) a very safe choice.

Choice #2: Liberal

The people who tend to follow this choice have had enough of the typical establishment. It’s more about freedom and having new options. They see that things that may have worked in the past may not necessarily work for this new world they find themselves living in.

They are more willing to make a change in their philosophy. Whether or not they fully understand the policy, they are willing to put their trust in the long term plan.

Take Time To Decide

Today marks a critical time period when it comes towards what you will do for your body. You have to make a decision. It is never easy. The Holiday Seasons is upon us. From Halloween until New Year’s Eve you will be bombarded with advertisements geared toward making you fatter and less mobile. You need to decide if you’re going to let this season beat you down or if you’re going to do something different.

You have to choose between doing a conservative or liberal approach to get to your fitness destination.

Conservative Holiday Season Plan

The conservative approach to the holiday season is very basic. What you see is what you get. You simply embrace the holiday season because that’s what you are supposed to do.

You see no problem with eating as much as possible on Thanksgiving. You will attend as many holiday parties as possible and gorge on cookies and cake. For New Year’s Eve you will give your self one last toast to a year of bad decisions because it will all go away that following day. After all, you (and countless others) will be making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.


Because that’s how it’s always been done. There’s nothing you can do to change this fact if you take the conservative choice. There’s nothing wrong with that choice because it’s your choice.

What you must ask though is if that’s what you really want for yourself? Just because your family, friends and loved ones choose this choice every year, does that mean you have to?

As an adult you still have the ability to make your own decisions. I completely know the conservative approach is easier to follow and follows the tradition of the average person.

If you have no ambitions to go above the conservative average person, stick to it!

But i’m curious if you would be interested in the liberal choice……..

Liberal Holiday Season Plan

The liberal choice for this time of the year is definitely harder up front but will lead to a body better in the long haul. If you’ve never heard of the liberal approach, you will first feel threaten by something new. That’s human nature.

We always fear the unknown which is why so many people refuse to change their lives. It’s hard to understand the small sacrifices up front.

As you look at the liberal choice, you will have to sacrifice time and money at the beginning stages. What that means is that in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, you will be having cheat meals instead of cheat DAYS. You will be able to enjoy the holiday’s meal but will not be gorging on other junk the days after your big feast.

It will also mean that you will not have to be one of the millions of new people signing up for a new gym membership on January 2. You don’t need to because you would have been consistently working out before the New Year begins.

It means that you will have gotten very skilled at eating vegetables and lean protein sources. The old #1 with burger and fries will have turned into just a burger with a side salad if at a fast food joint. Something that you could never imagine yourself doing.

The magically thing about the liberal approach is that these crazy ideas and strategies seem out of place at first. But if you implement them by the time the holiday season is over, you’ll have yourself a healthier version of you that you’ve never seen before! You will be entering the new year with confidence.

This small sacrifice will make it easier on your body by giving up a few unnecessary meals. If you don’t believe me, check out my book Just Keep Going: How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Gains & Finally Finish Any Fat Loss Diet Plan.

There’s a chart of the journey that will blow your mind and make you understand why the liberal approach may actually help you avoid seasonal weight gains.

Which Choice Are You Voting For

Just like when it comes to voting for a big election you must really think about the long term. The choice you make isn’t just for today, but it actually impacts how you will look years from now!

It all starts with just once choice. Something so powerful get’s overlook and could change the history of yourself years from now!

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