Create a better burrito when eating at chiptole

Creating Healthier Burritos From Chipotle

Who doesn’t love a good burrito?

Learn how to properly create a healthier muscle building, belly fat reducing meal while eating at Chipotle.

MicVinny knows how hard it is to eat while living a busy traveling lifestyle. Whether it’s due to being stuck at an airport or you’re out for a quick lunch run, this video will help you build a better Chipotle meal.

Stop settling for what everyone else is ordering and learn the skills you need to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

In the video, MicVinny teaches you:

  1. How to quickly reduce unnecessary fats and carbohydrates from your meal
  2. White rice vs Brown rice
  3. Post workout meal vs. Any time meal
  4. The best sources of protein at Chipotle
  5. What paleo dieters should eat at Chipotle
  6. What I recommend my clients to eat