How to create your own Beach body from MicVinny

How to Create Your Own Beach Body In 6 Steps

What’s the first thing you typically notice when you’re at the beach?  An impressive beach body!

Being at the beach is all about sex appeal. There’s nothing sexier than a person with a great beach body! Male or female, it’s a spectacular sight to behold.

How about you?

Do you currently have a beach body?

Are you comfortable flaunting what you have under that shirt at the beach?

The thought of revealing our bodies at beaches and pools is a freighting shameful experience for many. It’s the one time that the world can see the years of neglect and abuse we’ve put our bodies through.

When seeing pictures of beach body physiques most of us think that it’s an unattainable goal for ourselves.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can make it your own reality. If you follow these 6 simple steps, you too can become the eye candy at the beach!

Follow a Beach Body Diet

When I say Beach Body Diet, I simply mean that you need to be emphasis your food choices. When changing your physique, what you eat is always your first priority.

Let me repeat that…. What you eat is always your first priority!

Let me bring back my DJ skills and rewind that a third time so it will sink in…. What you eat is always your first priority!

The great bodies you see at the beach are that way due to the food decisions they made over months and years.

Sure you will find rare exceptions to the rule. Those rare people that can eat fast food for every meal and never gain an inch on their body.

Don’t let those oddities fool you. The top beach bodies in the world come from proper nutrition.

A good beach body diet emphasis lean protein, water, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and non-processed carbohydrate sources.

You Must Eat Less Calories

In order to lose body fat you must burn more calories than you take in. You must put your body in a calorie deficit.

The majority of people spend more time overeating than under eating foods. It’s always easier to eat more food than less food.

If you follow step one, you will find it easier to eat less calories if you focus on eating beach body foods rather than the typical westernized foods.

Eliminate unnecessary sugar, sweeteners, fats and processed carbohydrates that you typically will find in convenient foods.

If you put water halfway in a bathtub and then walked away for a week, what would you expect to find?

Less water right! A good portion of the water in that bathtub would have evaporated into a gas state under the right conditions.

Think of your body as the same way.

Picture your body as the bathtub.

Imagine the liquid water as the calories you are putting into your body. Think of the evaporation process as calories burned over time.

If you consistently fill the tub up with the same amount of water (let’s say 1 cup) every day while cranking the heat up in that room, you can expect to see maybe a trace amount of water in that tub the next day.

Imagine if you poured 10 cups of water every day in that tub. Those first couple of days a small portion of the water would evaporate like before. As each day passes, more water is left behind in the tub. After a few more days and/or weeks that tub will start to overflow with water.

Think of that overflow as fat!

That’s what happens if you eat too many calories for too long. A beach body is all about eating less calories and keeping that tub from overflowing!

Sacrifices Must Be Made

Nobody has every made a major change in their life without making some sort of sacrifice.

Stop thinking that you can eat ice cream every day and still lose weight! That’s just not realistic.

You should expect to go from eating ice cream daily to limiting it to 1-2 nights a week. That’s the price to be paid for that body you want!

The bigger the sacrifice (food wise) the greater the beach body will look.

Do you have a pity party for those people you see at the beach with those beach body physiques?

Probably not! You may not have seen their journeys but you better believe that they had to give up something in their lives to get those bodies.

  • 10 hours of less TV a week
  • 30 mins of walking EVER day
  • Counting their calories
  • No pizza at Johnny’s birthday party


Stop complaining and just accept that it’s your reality!

Develop Your Six Pack In Your Kitchen and Not In Your Gym

What you eat matters when it comes to displaying a great six-pack.

No amount of crunches, sit-ups, side bends, etc. will make your six-pack magically appear until that abdominal fat covering it up is gone!

Stop thinking that you can spot reduce!

Stop worrying so much about doing crunches and focus more on pushing those bad foods from your diet plan. Once you are able to do that consistently, you’ll be on the right path of discovering your own six-pack.

Only after you learn how to eat properly will that six-pack really start to develop. As the body fat decreases around your waist, that’s when it’s time to start showing off those abs! Only when you’re diet is in check should you really start doing abs exercises.

Don’t get it backwards! Don’t spend more time doing crunches than you do cooking and planning your meals.

Beach body abs is made in the kitchen!

Weightlifting For Muscle Definition

If you truly want a beach body, you must do resistance training!

Please do not expect to look like a beach god or goddess by just performing cardio all the time. If you want those muscles to look toned, you have to do work that will display them.

Weightlifting is the key!

Maintaining, keeping and developing muscles should be one of your goals during of your beach body plan.

When people lose weight, they can lose muscle as well. That’s not want you want if you want a great physique! You only want to lose fat.

Keep and shape up that muscle to get that sexy attractive beach body look.

Do Conditioning and/or Cardio For Extra Fat Burning

Only after you have your diet in place and are lifting weights would I recommend you do some form of cardio. Remember that this is all about building a beach body not designing a long distance runner’s body.

Who would you rather look like?

Sprinter vs. long distance runner
Sprinter vs. long distance runner

If it’s a beach body, then cardio should come last. Think of it more as a way to be active. It should not be your #1 tool in losing fat.

Everyone who uses cardio as their #1 tool instead of their diet, rarely make it to the finish line. They don’t have the type of bodies we like to see at the beach.

Aim for some simple cardio activities that you enjoy doing.
As general guidelines keep steady state cardio (jogging, walking) for about 30-45 mins.

If doing high intensity cardio (sprints, circuits), keep each session between 5-15 mins. Make sure to rest properly before each interval. (Example: 20 sec sprint, 40 secs rest, repeat).

MicVinny’s Beach Body Workout Plan

Here’s a simple workout plan to get you started in developing your own beach body!

Only attempt if you follow rule #1 above!

Monday Workout

Rest 45 secs between sets

A. DB Squat 3 sets of 8-12 reps
B1. Pull Ups 3 sets of As many reps as possible
B2. Push Ups 3 sets of As many reps as possible
C1 DB Bench Press 3 sets of 8-12 reps
C2 DB Bent over Rows 3 sets of 8-12 reps
D1 Romanian DB Deadlifts 3 sets of 8-12 reps
D2 Overhead Shoulder Press 3 sets of 8-12 reps

Tuesday Workout

5 -10 sprints. Treadmill or outside.

Rest 30-60 seconds between sprints

Wednesday Workout

A1. Standing Bicep curl 4 sets of 8-12 reps
A2. Lying Triceps extension 4 sets of 8-12 reps
B1. Chin Ups AMAP
B2. Diamond Pushups 3 sets of 8-12 reps
B3. Mountain Climbers

Thursday Workout

30 – 45 minute walk. Treadmill or outside

Friday Workout

Rest 45 secs between sets

A. DB Squat 3 sets of 8-12 reps
B1. Pull Ups 3 sets of As many reps as possible
B2. Push Ups 3 sets of As many reps as possible
C1 DB Bench Press 3 sets of 8-12 reps
C2 DB Bent over Rows 3 sets of 8-12 reps
D1 Romanian DB Deadlifts 3 sets of 8-12 reps
D2 Overhead Shoulder Press 3 sets of 8-12 reps

Saturday Workout

5 -10 sprints. Treadmill or outside.

Rest 30-60 seconds between sprints

Sunday Workout

30 – 45 minute walk. Treadmill or outside.

Optionally: Yoga, aerobic class/DVD.

Let Go Of The Past and Release The Beast!

You’ve been provided with several key factors in developing your own beach body.  The sad truth is that it is meaningless if you don’t actually apply the steps to your own daily routine.

Want some guidance on getting over your fears so that you can finally achieve your beach body?

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