Boy (9-11) playing games console (focus on hands and control)

How Wasting Summer Vacations Affect Kid’s Futures

A few weeks ago, kids across the nation were yelling with joy! School was over! Summer was officially here! It’s all about that summer vacation baby!

Why do kids think they need such a lengthy vacation?

Children have no idea what real work is when they’re young. They think that spending 8 hours a day learning and doing stuff is the most stressful thing in the world. Waking up early in the morning and coming home late in the afternoon is the equivalent of a prison sentence to a child.

The national holidays, teacher’s workdays, winter breaks and spring breaks are meaningless to them. They think they deserve even more time off because it’s hard to just show up and learn about the world.

Now as an adult, when you look back, school doesn’t sound so bad does it? You only have to tolerate a couple of long months but you get over 16 weeks of time off each year. All you have to sacrifice is learning new information every day for FREE (unless you’re in private school).

Sweet deal compared to the working world.

Have you ever seriously considered that how you handled your summer vacation as a child most likely reflects the way you approach time off as an adult?

Summer Fun Timeline

Kids have about three straight months of no school. When you’re young that seems like an eternity! First there are a few weeks in June. You tell yourself that you’re going to pace yourself and take it easy. After all, you just had a stressful school year. No need to hurry into the vacation!

Next thing you know it’s the 4th of July. It’s the holiday that let’s you know you’re definitely on your summer vacation! School is a distant memory. When you blink your eyes, all of a sudden August comes creeping in.

Just hearing the name of August starts to send shivers down kid’s minds because they know summer is starting to fade. All those plans they had seemed to be forgotten as they try to slow things down.

As August days turn into the teens, kids can start feeling that September morning crisp air breathing on their necks. Their minds feel with thoughts of book bags, school buses and cool mornings.

Do you find yourself pacing your current vacations/time off in that same fashion? You have all these great plans but let them slip away.
Is it fun at first but than as the last days approach, you start to get depressed because it’s almost over?

Watching TV

Kid with bag of Doritos on couch

My #1 thing as a kid was to watch TV! It was amazing to find out all the programs you were missing on because you were busy at school. Who knew talk shows, soaps and daytime reruns were so interesting!

As an adult it feels almost naughty to watch daytime TV. Like an astronaut exploring a brave new world, it’s something most of us know nothing about. We browse channels and realize that our old favorite shows still come on syndication! Score!

Of course in modern times, everybody does their own video streaming. But is it just me, or do you spend more time DECIDING what to watch vs. actually watching your streams?

Sleeping In

With no bedtime a kid’s favorite summer vacation past time is staying up late at night. There’s no school in the morning, so why not stay up late!

I remember just watching movies, and TV during my late summer nights. I have no idea why kids across the globe do the same thing. Going to bed late means you’re going to get up later each day.

It’s a bad habit that just keeps going and going which leads to nothing being accomplished. It’s amazing at how destructive we become to ourselves when we have no defined purpose for our days.

Think about Friday nights as an adult. How many of us go to bed at a set time? Majority of us stay up late and have fun! Give someone three free months and they’ll do the same thing.


Garfield the cat being lazyThere’s a reason vacations are only a couple of weeks long. Human beings have a tendency to make something so wonderful into something awful. When presented as adult with the ability to have 3 months of free vacation, what would most of us do?

We would like to believe that as intelligent adults we would have a great detailed plan. The truth is the majority of us would revert back to our kiddie ways and squander the opportunity.

Three months is a ton of time to develop new habits and get your life in order.

How many of us would actually do that?

We spend so much of our time caught up in our work lifestyles that we never take the time to really enjoy this thing called life.

My Wasted Trips

After two years of being an international business developer, the frequent traveling lifestyle burned me out. I stop doing exciting things during my long oversea trips. I would rather sit in my hotel and watch local TV that was in mandarin instead of going out in the city. One twenty-minute adventure per trip was good enough for me.

I think it all originated from the way I spent my summers as a youngster. I didn’t know how to properly take advantage of a great opportunity. Kudos to the business travelers who don’t just stay in their hotels during their trips but actually go out and explore life!

Save Their Future

Family Guy Pepperfridge farm memeIf you got some kids in your home this summer doing absolutely nothing with their free three months, do them a favor and:

1) Turn off their TVs
2) Kick their butts outside to get some fresh air
3) Let them be active and get some exercise

They may hate you now but you’ll know that something so simple will help them have better dynamic healthy vacations later in life!