Invest in yourself and make better health decisions

Stop Wasting Time & Start Investing In Your Body!

How much money is your health worth? In this video, MicVinny begs you to start investing in your own body!

Are you actually investing in your body?

Would people actually want to pay money to have your body?

Think about your last 5 meals.  Are those foods helping or harming your investment?

When you buy clothes, do you only buy items under $5 that will last for a few weeks?

Or do you prefer quality and buying clothes that will last for years?

MicVinny’s here to help you change the way you perceive the foods you eat while traveling and at home.  

Video Highlights:

  • Start thinking of your body like a reliable luxury car
  • Stop waiting until next year or tomorrow…get started today!
  • Why investing in your eating and exercise now is the best investment you can make!
  • You are what you eat (i.e.: Cheap meals equal a cheap looking body)
  • Why you are WORTH the effort!