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The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When Starting A New Diet & Exercise Plan

Meet Larry.

Larry is a 32 year old software developer with a wife (Amanda) and two kids. During the past five years, Larry has noticed that he’s put on some weight. This year he decided (just like the previous 4 years) that he was going to actually lose the weight for good!

He decided that he would start off the new year with a brand new exercise plan. He saw an awesome workout plan from a men’s fitness magazine at the grocery store. He also signed up for a new membership at the local Gold’s Gym.

To help with this new lifestyle, Amanda decided that she would join too. She had not been inside a gym in over three years due to being a stressed out working mom. Larry and Amanda decided that this year would be different because nothing was going to stop them from achieving this new year’s resolution!

The First Day

The first day of a fitness plan is almost like the first day of school. It’s full of excitement and endless possibilities. Both could not wait to get started on this new dedicated lifestyle. They told all their co-workers, friends and family that they were starting today.

Once they finished working, they meet at home and drove to the gym together. As they entered the gym, they noticed that there were way more people than they were expecting at the gym that evening. A gym staff employee told them that this was the New Year’s Rush.

“It’s always crowded for the first couple of days in January. But after a few days, you start to see less people. Every gym across the world experiences this. The people that will stay committed to their goals will be here two weeks from now, but 90% of these people will be gone by then.”

Larry and Amanda smiled and laughed. They knew that they would survive their first two weeks. This was a serious goal for them. Due to it being so crowded they both decided that they should ease into the cardio machine area and spend no more than 30 mins on a treadmill.

Once done, they went home and enjoyed a good meal. They felt good about their first day of working out. Nothing could hold them back from achieving their fitness goals!

The Unexpected Trip

Two days later, Larry found out he had to go out of town. With Larry gone and the two kids at home, Amanda decided that she would skip going to the gym while Larry was away. It was an activity they wanted to do together, so she would feel bad going without him.

While Larry was on his business trip, he realized he didn’t pack any gym clothes. Living this healthy lifestyle was brand new and he just totally forgot about his clothes. Larry decided that he would be fine if he didn’t work out on the trip.

Additionally, Larry was having meetings with clients and knew that he would be eating at fast food restaurants. He knew he wouldn’t have a choice and would have to eat whatever everyone else was eating.

It was ok, because he knew he would get started back on his diet plan once he got home.

The Days After The Trip

Once back home, Larry and Amanda asked how the other was doing. They both were fine, but Amanda could use a break from being by the kids all alone. Larry decides that he should take the family out for dinner. He just spent several days eating out, one more night out with the family wasn’t going to kill him right?

That night, Larry and Amanda talked about going back to the gym tomorrow evening. They both remembered that they had some big goals to lose some weight. They told themselves that no matter what, tomorrow they would get back on track!

The next day arrives and it is raining cats and dogs. The temperature outside is a blistery 34 degrees. When the wind starts blowing, you can almost see the rain turn into ice.

Larry is carefully driving home from work in this weather. As Larry stops at a traffic light, he starts to remember that he left his gym clothes at home. Again, he’s still getting use to this idea of going to the gym.

Amanda’s on the other side of town getting off her job. She has to pick the kids up from their after school activities. As the kids get in the car kicking and screaming, all that Amanda can think of is a nice relaxing warm evening at home. She wonder’s what Larry will be cooking tonight….

As soon as Larry comes home, he realizes that he was supposed to cook dinner that night! Oh crap! He didn’t go by the grocery store!

Since he knows his family will be home soon, he opts for the family’s favorite take out restaurant and has it delivered. To make it up to Amanda, he makes sure he orders her favorite dish of sweet and sour chicken.

After coming home and eating the meal as a family, Larry and Amanda are dead tired. The weather is just dreadful outside! They tell themselves that they’ll get started tomorrow…..

And that my friends is the beginning of the end of another weight loss goal.

Does That Story Sound Familiar?

This story is typically what happens to people during their first two weeks of trying to incorporate a new healthy lifestyle. They have great intentions but somehow manage to fizzle out before making any real progress.

Larry and Amanda are not alone. Millions of people attempt to do a new workout plan every year. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or the weeks before a beach vacation. At some point, people decided that they wanted to look better.

If so many people want to look good, why do you think so many don’t make it to the end?

The Simple Answer Is Life!!

When coming up with a new exercise and diet plan, most people do not account for life getting in their way. In this story, Larry was a software developer who travels occasionally for his job. Larry only planned for working out when he was at home near his local gym. His mindset wasn’t prepared on how to survive when he traveled.

He was preprogrammed to think he could only get in shape at that new gym he joined. He had no plan for eating and training while traveling. Due to Larry only going to that gym for one day, he had not developed this new healthy habit yet.

When doing something new it takes between 21- 30 days before it becomes an actual habit. That’s why it’s critical for you to have an accountability partner.

That’s why it’s important to have a person that knows your busy lifestyle and can help you prepare for those unexpected moments. If Larry had know about MicVinny’s online coaching, he would have had someone who knows how to stay on shape while traveling as well as at his home.

He would have had someone besides Amanda to keep him on track. No offense to Amanda, but she also did not understand how to achieve the life they now wanted to obtained. Having an outsider to their household provide guidance and support would have keep both of them in check over the course of that brutal initial week.

Without help, Larry and Amanda most likely will be going another year of coulda woulda when looking at themselves in the mirror.

Does that sound like something you want for yourself?

To let another year pass by without you finally becoming something better than you are?

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