Six slices of wheat bread with Micvinny logo on a green plate. Is eating bread bad?

Why Eating Bread Isn’t As Evil As You Think

Are you a bread lover like Oprah?

How many slices do you typically go through in one day?

Like all things in this world, people have strong opinions about eating bread. Instead of making smart decisions, food experts and the food industry have decided to go to the extreme when it comes to eating bread.

“White is bad and Wheat is good”

If you believe that, then take some time to learn the truth by viewing this video from MicVinny.

Video Highlights:

  • Update of MicVinny’s current No Sugar Challenge
  • Be smart when eating processed foods
  • Pay attention to your total eating picture not just one small slice of it
  • White bread and wheat bread are more alike than you think.